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Travel - Airport Security

We know that the long airport security line is stressful. There are so many rules and regulations to keep you safe, but we’ve got the rest covered to keep you sane from X-ray all the way to TSA.

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13 Things to Never Say to TSA Agents

Avoid these comments if you don't want to miss your next flight—or worse!

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12 Items That Can Be Over 3.4 Ounces and Still Go in Your Carry-On

Finally, some good aviation news! Find out about these little-known loopholes in the TSA’s liquids rule.

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TSA Agents Reveal the Weirdest Things They’ve Found in Luggage

You won’t believe the things that people have tried to pack.

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10 Things TSA Agents Aren’t Allowed to Do

Some of these are rules you probably have at your own job, but others are strictly TSA-specific!

13 Airport Mistakes TSA Agents Hate the Most

Trust us: You don't want to get on the TSA's bad side.

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The 13 Strangest Things Allowed Through Airport Security

The Transportation Security Administration's "What Can I Bring?" list has a few weird items on it that make you wonder...

10 Common Hand Gestures That Are Rude in Other Countries

Just as slang words, table manners, and other common customs vary greatly from nation to nation, so do rude gestures....

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I Was a TSA Agent for 2 Years—And This Is Why You’re Getting Stopped at Security

There are so many rumors swirling around the TSA: Did they flag me because they wanted to do the full-body...