A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World


Interpersonal relationships are a vital part of everyday life. We know relationships aren’t perfect, but we can help guide you through advice on how to fix common issues, things you should and shouldn’t say to the people in your life, and, of course, roundups of funny cartoons and quotes to remind you that laughter can be the best medicine.

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    How to Survive Mother’s Day Without Your Mother

    When your mom isn't around anymore, this day can be incredibly painful. Whether it's your first Mother's Day without mom or you've done it before, here's how to handle it.

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    14 Ways to Be Romantic and Sweep Your Partner Off Their Feet

    Prioritizing romance keeps your relationship hot and healthy. We've got the expert advice you need to learn how to be...

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    How to Set Boundaries and Build Better Relationships

    If you feel like you don't have any more to give, it might be time to learn how to set...

    Yes, You Should Reach Out to That Friend You’ve Been Thinking About

    New research shows that reaching out to friends and acquaintances can positively impact both parties.

    The Best Small Cities in America—What You Need To Know

    A ranking of the top ten small cities reveals ideal, safe communities to raise a family with great schools, thriving...

    This Is Why Southern Brides Bury a Bottle of Bourbon Before Their Wedding Day

    In the South, burying good whiskey could mean a bright, sunny wedding day—but only if you follow these exact steps.

    100 Wedding Wishes That Send the Perfect Message on the Big Day

    These sweet, thoughtful and funny wedding wishes will strike just the right note

    19 Books About Friendship to Share with Your Bestie

    You won't be able to put down these books about friendship that explore the unbreakable bond we all need in...

    51 Most Thoughtful Baby Gifts Every New Parent Will Adore

    The best new parents deserve the coolest baby gifts, don't they? Take a look at these adorable and useful items...

    40 Best Wedding Registries All Engaged Couples Should Know About in 2022

    With these wedding registries, you'll find the perfect match to help you celebrate the big day—and make things even easier...

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    100 Best Friend Captions for Instagram That Perfectly Sum Up Your Friendship

    From funny to sentimental to cute—pictures with your favorites deserve only the best.

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    100 Heartfelt Love Messages That Will Make Your Beloved Melt

    Love is in the air—and it will be on your screen when you send these love messages to that special...

    The Fascinating History Behind 15 Wedding Traditions

    Before your big day, learn where our most common wedding traditions come from.

    25 End-of-Year Teacher Gifts They’ll Actually Love and Use

    It can be tricky to find thoughtful and affordable end-of-year teacher gifts. Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect...

    80 Lovely Graduation Wishes to Write in a Grad’s Card

    For when you’re seeking something wise, encouraging, or funny to write in honor of your favorite grad.

    How to Talk to People Even If You Disagree

    With so much division in our world today, it can be hard to talk to others with opposing views, but...

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    81 Flirty Texts to Send to That Special Someone

    Crafting the perfect flirty text is an art form—but we’ve made it easy for you with these ideas guaranteed to...

    Our Readers Share Family Rules and Traditions That Shaped Their Parenting

    Genes aren’t the only things we inherit. Readers share the family traits and traditions that made them the parents they...

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    40 Father-Son Quotes Perfect for Sharing on Father’s Day

    These heartfelt father-son quotes will help you feel grateful for Dad this Father's Day.

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    Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: The Meaning Behind This Wedding Objection

    While it's uncommon to hear "speak now or forever hold your peace" nowadays, the phrase once served an important purpose...

    What Knee Do You Propose On, and Why?

    Turns out, the explanation for this engagement tradition may stem from an actual knight in shining armor.

    This Is Why We Wear Wedding Rings on the Fourth Finger

    Ancient cultures had a sweet reason behind which finger was the ring finger.

    This Is Where the Garter Belt Wedding Tradition Came From

    Find out the history of the garter belt wedding tradition, and why new husbands throw their wives' garters out to...

    30 Mother’s Day Songs That Will Tug at Her Heartstrings

    Sometimes the greatest Mother's Day gift is the gift of song. Crank up the volume and celebrate your mom with...

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    25 Father’s Day Activities Your Dad Will Appreciate

    For every kind of dad, there's a perfect Father's Day activity to enjoy and remember forever. From golf to Go-Karts,...

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    40 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Ideas That Will Make the Day Extra Special

    The best Mother's Day activities give moms (and mother figures) what they want most of all: time spent with you

    55 Brother Quotes That Celebrate Your Sibling Bond

    Show your number one guy just how much he means to you by sharing these brother quotes.

    55 Sister Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Your Relationship

    Celebrate your sister with these thoughtful, funny, and inspiring quotes.

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    20 Sweet Stories About Moms (That Will Make You Want to Call Yours)

    Mother's Day 2022 is coming up on May 8. These readers' stories offer much-needed mom love and inspiration.

    39 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts They’ll Cherish Forever

    Shop the best creative (and useful) wedding gifts to celebrate their new lives together.

    25 Fun Easter Games to Play with the Whole Family

    After all the eggs have been found, keep the festivities going with these fun Easter activities for all ages.