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Survival Stories

In times of struggle and strife, humanity always finds a way. When the the clock runs low and the chips are down, these unbelieavable stories of survival will remind you of the strength of the human spirit.

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6 People Who Froze to Death—and Came Back to Life

Once you freeze to death—that's it, right? Not always. With the right techniques, doctors may be able to bring a frozen person back to life.

13 People Who Faked Their Own Deaths

People often fake their own deaths to get out of trouble, whether they're escaping a threat, debt, or a prison...

The One Thing Natural Disaster Survivors Wish They’d Done Differently to Prepare

If you're in the path of a hurricane or another natural disaster, what's the one thing you should always do?...

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How a Man Survived a Plane Crash—and a 15-Hour Swim with Sharks

Adrift in the stormy waters, his only weapons a leaky life vest and a desperate resolve, the downed airman prepared...

Six Men Adventure Into a Very Dangerous Cave. Only Four Come Out.

With its narrow passages, flowing streams, 
and chambers studded with stalagmites and stalactites, Cascade is a caver’s dream. But for...

A Leisurely Hike Turned Into a 5-Day Nightmare After We Took a Wrong Turn

The author was looking forward to a day of hiking with her husband in a beautiful Texas state park. Four...

At 12,000 Feet, this Skydiver Had a Seizure. What His Instructor Did Next Saved His Life.

Christopher Jones is packed tightly into a Cessna 182 with a dozen or so other trainee skydivers as they fly

A Shark Attack Left Her for Dead, But This Brave Woman Fought to Get Her Life Back

On vacation in Cancún, Nicole Moore went for a dip after a game of beach volleyball. What she didn’t realize...

“This Is No Drill”: A Powerful Firsthand Account of What Really Happened at Pearl Harbor

One survivor’s unforgettable story of unfathomable courage at Pearl Harbor, told in full for the first time.

This Man Was Stranded at Sea for 438 Days. His Survival Story Will Amaze You.

A fishing trip turns into a terrifying test of survival after Salvador Alvarenga becomes one man against the sea.

That Time Ordering Domino’s Pizza Saved a Man’s Life

When Kirk Alexander went missing for 11 days, an unlikely savior came to his rescue: his neighborhood pizza store.

Mauled: One Man’s Harrowing Escape From the Jaws of a Deadly Polar Bear

A two-week trek through Canada's Arctic tundra turns into a desperate attempt to stay alive.

“I Was the Miracle Baby”: How Kerry Albright Survived a Deadly Flood at 9 Months Old

In 1972, Kerry Lee Albright was swept away in the Buffalo Creek flood. His mother saved his life, but lost...

My House Burned Down, and Here’s What It Taught Me: One Mother’s Heart-Pounding True Story

"My family and I survived the blaze, but we thought we’d lost everything else. We were wrong."

33 Miners, Buried Alive for 69 Days: This Is Their Remarkable Survival Story

Almost half a mile underground for 69 grueling days, a group of Chilean miners hangs on to hope. Here is...

Orphaned on the Ocean: The Unbelievable Story of Terry Jo Duperrault

A young girl alone on a raft. A mysterious yacht accident. A missing family. It's a strange and tragic tale.

Plane Crash Survivors in the Alaskan Wilderness

Dense clouds obscuring his way, a pilot flies into a mountain. How could this family survive?

The Stranger Who Changed My Life: My Enemy, My Friend

From the moment Serbian missile commander Zoltan Dani shot down U.S. fighter pilot Dale Zelko's plane, the two were tangled...

Robin McGraw Shines a Spotlight on Domestic Violence

One terrible night, her mother’s fierce protective instinct taught Robin McGraw to stand strong.

This 15-Year-Old Boy Saved a Little Girl From a Kidnapper

When the young Jocelyn Rojas was snatched outside of her home, a quick-thinking teen sprang into action and became an...

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Kidnapped by Terrorists: One Boy’s Story of Escape

What should have been a tranquil family vacation in the southern Philippines turned into an unending nightmare.

Survival Stories: The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

When she was 17, Juliane Koepcke dropped 10,000 feet into the Amazon rain forest. She describes how she survived—alone.

Survival Stories: Hot, Thirsty, and Lost in Death Valley

Three women took a drive to Death Valley for a day of exploring. Three days and 300 miles later, they...

Bear Attack: The Story of Seven Boys and One Grizzly

Seven high school students were near the end of their month-long survival course in the Alaskan wilderness, but the real...