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You’ve got to read it to believe it! These true stories seem almost too good to be true, but we promise that we couldn’t make these up. From love to loss and from survival to unbelieavable coincidences—we’ve got the wildest stories to keep you informed, entertained, and inspired.

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Heroic Uber Driver Offers Ailing Passenger His Kidney

An Uber trip took a detour when the driver offered his ailing passenger one of his kidneys

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The Nicest Places in America 2023

The Nicest Places in America is a nationwide search for places where people are kind and do amazing things to...

This Passenger Got an Emergency Flying Lesson After His Pilot Passed Out at 10,000 Feet

The plane is careening toward the sea without a pilot. Air traffic control’s mission: Teach a passenger to land...

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Readers Share Their Heartwarming Real-Life Secret Santa Stories

Santa's best-kept secret? He's got elves everywhere—and these sweet stories of holiday kindness prove it.

Meet the Kind Strangers Who Became Real Christmas Elves to Kids in Need

When local kids needed more than toys, strangers started checking off Santa’s list

A Pair of Beagles Were Left to Wander in the Snow—Until a Kind Stranger Took Them In

The story of an expectant couple and a wise man (but not the ones you’re thinking of)

Meet the Couple Who Became Real-Life Versions of Santa After Receiving Mysterious Letters

A Christmas mystery turns an unassuming couple into Santa Claus

This 16-Year-Old Saved a Group of Teenage Girls After Their Car Plunged into a River

Sixteen-year-old Corion Evans made a daring rescue to save three teenage girls after their car sunk into the water

John Cena Breaks the Record for the Most Make-a-Wish Requests Granted

The wrestler and actor says he'll never stop fulfilling the wishes of critically-ill children who ask for a chance to...

Readers Share the Incredible True Stories of Their Hero Pets

We're pawsitive you'll love these stories of courageous animals

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This Pet Squirrel Nobly Protected His Home During a Robbery—and Even Helped Catch the Culprit

Joey the squirrel came out claws a blazing, protecting his beloved home from an intruder

Man’s Best Friend, Indeed: This Pit Bull Fought Off a Shark to Save His Owner

There's no way the shark would take a chunk out of his owner—not on Darby's watch

How This Man Used Kind Words—and Quick Actions—to Save a Stranger from Ending It All

His quick thinking—and compassion—helped convince a distraught woman not to end it all

Meet the Duo Who Spend Their Free Time Cleaning Up the Graves of Fallen Soldiers

A college student and a retiree pair up for a good deed—and develop a friendship along the way

How One Man’s Dream—and a Community’s Determination—Brought the Kingsport Carousel to Life

They may not have been carpenters or mechanics by trade, but residents of Kingsport, Tennessee, had just the thing to...

These Neighbors Helped Save Ranch Animals During a Wildfire—and Made Coulterville, California the Ni...

When a wildfire threatened their tight-knit community, residents of Coulterville, California stepped up to help neighbors in need

Solve a Math Problem, Get Free Food: How the Lucky Candy Bodega Uses Math—and Kindness—to Help the C...

The Bronx bodega's challenge aims to help those in need—and keep those math skills sharp too

I Was a Flight Attendant During the COVID-19 Pandemic—Here’s How It Changed the Job for Good

As a flight attendant during the COVID-19 pandemic, I got used to change. Now I'm navigating the new normal in...

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Meet the Man Who Fought a 350-Pound Black Bear to Save His Dog

He would do anything to save his pup—even square up with one of nature's biggest beasts

This Man Jumped Off a Bridge to Save a Child After a Car Accident

A car crashes on a bridge and a child is catapulted into the water below. Who will save her?

These Teens Serve on the Front Lines of Their Local Fire Department

In an unexpected turn of events, these teenagers went from math class to answering ambulance calls.

Instead of Going to College, I Read These Books

For a woman whose life took another path, a teacher’s reading list taught her everything she needed to know.

Readers Share the Tiny Changes They Made That Changed Their Lives

Readers share the tiny tweaks they made to their daily lives—and what happened for the better as a result.