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Feline fanatics, you’ve come to the right place. Our fun facts, advice for cat owners, and adorable kitten pictures will have you purring with delight.

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100 Boy Cat Names That Are Simply Purr-Fect

Looking for something more original than Tiger or Felix? We've got your bewhiskered buddies covered with this list of the...

100 Girl Cat Names You’ll Paws-itively Love

These girl cat names are simply purr-fect

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50 Cute Kitten Photos That Will Make You Melt

Oodles of super cute kittens will brighten just about anyone's day. Scroll through these adorable pictures and see for yourself!

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50 Cat Pictures That Will Make Your Day Better

One look at these cute cats and you’ll feel better instantly. Don’t believe us? Give it a try!

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Why Do Cats Lick You? Experts Offer 6 Possible Reasons

Ever wondered why cats lick you? There are several possible explanations, but have no fear! They're mostly cute.

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50 Cat Facts That Are Purr-fectly Fascinating

Think you know everything there is to know about cats? Think again. We're about to blow your feline-loving mind with...

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Celebrate National Pet Day with a Sale on 15 Nearly Perfect Pet Products from Chewy

National Pet Day is coming! Reward your pet with a treat from Chewy. Save money and pick one of these...

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8 Hypoallergenic Cats for People with Allergies

If you love cats but can’t stop sneezing when you’re around them, don’t despair! These breeds may be the answer...

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Can Cats See in the Dark?

Get the cat's-eye view on how your kitty's unique pupils help them navigate in the dark.

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31 Ugly Cats That Are Still Super Cute

Not every kitty is an adorable ball of cuddly fur, but even ugly cats can make for some cute feline...

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43 Purrfect Instagram Captions for Your Cat Photos

Your cat pic is on point (Mr. Whiskers is a pawsome model), but writing cat Instagram captions is a furmidable...

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Can Cats See Color?

Cats' vision is not black and white. Here's the truth about whether cats can see color—and how their vision differs...

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25 Funny Cat Photos Everyone Needs in Their Life

We're paw-sitive you'll laugh out loud at these funny felines.

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20 Adorably Funny Cat and Dog Photos You’ll Instantly Love

Check out the silly side of our favorite pets!

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20 Adorable Animal Friendships That Will Fill Your Heart with Happiness

Get ready to say, “Awww!” These unlikely pairs make the best—and cutest—friends.

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Can Cats Catch Colds? How to Spot the Symptoms

Cold and flu season can wreak havoc on the human immune systems, but our four-legged friends are also at risk...

The Very Best Diet for Cats, According to Vets

A nutritious, balanced cat diet is essential to keeping your furry friend happy and healthy. Follow these vet-approved tips to...

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14 Best Small Cat Breeds for Every Family

The cute factor is out of control with these tiny cats. (Consider yourself warned.)

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Here’s How to Train a Cat to Do 5 Life-Changing Things

Yes! You can train a cat to come on command, use a toilet, and more—and it's all much easier than...

25 Best Personalized Pet Gifts for Dog and Cat Lovers

If you’re shopping for a hopelessly devoted pet parent, we’ve got the perfect personalized pet gifts for you.

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12 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

Not all cats want their space. These affectionate cat breeds are totally into you—and aren't afraid to show their love.

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CBD Helped My Cat’s Growth Disappear in Less Than 2 Months

When I noticed a lump on my newly-adopted cat, I started giving him a CBD tincture twice a day. In...

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CBD Oil for Cats: What Is It and Is It Safe?

CBD oil for cats can be used to alleviate problems like anxiety and chronic pain and may help them lead...

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How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Winter

Baby, it's cold outside—and your furry friends are depending on you to keep them warm and protected all season long.

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8 Signs It’s Time to Take Your Cat to the Vet

You may just think a hairball is normal—but if it starts happening regularly, it could signal a bigger problem.

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Do Cats Need Baths?

Cats love self-care so do they really need our help?

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Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

Did your kitty mean to hurt you? Or was it just a playful nip? Here's how to tell the difference.

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16 Pet Products Vets Never Buy—And Neither Should You

That chew toy may look like fun, or your dog may think antlers are delicious—but both could be hiding trouble...

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How to Pet-Proof Your Kitchen Space

Here's why your fur baby needs you to pet-proof your kitchen ASAP—and how to do it.