Worden, MT

"Welcome to Worden, and they mean it"

Tom Martin, a 90-year-old local, is surprised by the town on his birthday. (Credit: Cherie Freeman)

This rural community takes care of its own. Many of the residents are related to each other. When my family moved there over 40 years ago we had no family ties there. They also had no plans to stay long. Now the daily coffee groups on main street have become my 94 year old dad’s “family.”

I have never lived there but in recent years I have spent more time. The ladies always invite me to coffee and sewing club (where most don’t sew anymore). I am also included in any community gathering that happens to be going on when I am there. I am a member of their Srs. Group and hold a library card there.

No matter what I do in this quiet little town it always reminds me of the theme song from the Cheers sitcom, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.” It is a good feeling.

Worden, MT Veteran’s Day Parade. (Credit: Cherie Freeman)
A local group takes an elderly area resident to breakfast regularly. (Credit: Cherie Freeman)

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