Sun City West, AZ

"Community of volunteers"

The Sun City West PRIDES make sure to keep local streets clean with their volunteer service. (Credit: Peggy Joynson)

There will never be another Sun City West, AZ. Our 110 clubs are more than recreation. They provide support in and out of the community. The sewing/knitting clubs donate thousands of articles to women’s shelters and Veterans groups. The Auto Restoration Club supports local high schools’ auto shops. Social clubs all have charitable groups that they support. The community cleanup group, the PRIDES go out every Saturday morning and cleanup the major roads in the community. The Posse is affiliated with the Sheriff’s department and consists solely of volunteers that patrol the community’s streets, provides wellness checks and general support of the residents. Volunteers make Sun City West great with help at the local food banks, hospital, library and with our Veterans. Neighbors watch out for neighbors. We may be retired but we are very active, making Sun City West a wonderful, vibrant, community-oriented place to live.

This community is full of random acts of kindness all year long. With 110 clubs, there is plenty of opportunity to volunteer. The Auto Restoration Club support local high schools’ auto shops. The sewing/knitting clubs send hundreds of items to veterans and women’s shelters. The Broadcast Club provides information and entertainment to our community through our radio station. Our cleanup group, the PRIDES sends 200 volunteers out every Saturday morning to clean, prune, sweep, plant and keep our major roads looking good and saving thousands of dollars in taxes and fees. Every holiday season, the PRIDES supports the military families at Luke Airforce Base with gifts and donations to the “Luke Library.” The Posse, affiliated with the Sheriff’s department patrols our streets, does wellness checks and give general support to the community. The Social Clubs raise funds to support American Cancer Society, Salvation Army and many other groups. The community supports the American Cancer Society Relay for Life each year, raising thousands of dollars for cancer research. The community Library provides information and entertainment to our residents with many programs, events such as the 36,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and a general meeting place. The local food banks and hospital benefit from the hundreds of volunteers from Sun City West.

Residents of Sun City West are always happy to contribute. (Credit: Peggy Joynson)
The Posse helps local law enforcement give this community the service and safety it deserves. (Credit: Peggy Joynson)

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