Summerville, SC

"Home of the largest sweet tea" and "Nicest place in the USA"

Guerin’s Pharmacy at the heart of Summerville. (Credit: Heather Taylor)

Flowertown, a.k.a. Summerville, is a quaint historical town, with a corner old-fashioned pharmacy established in the 1800’s that serves hot dogs and lemonade. The train runs right through it. Our town hall hosts an annual tree lighting ceremony, and in the central part of the downtown, called Hutchinson Square, all the old mossy oaks are lit during Christmas. In the Fall, they’re ghoulishly decorated at Halloween to walk the path, enjoying the beautiful Southern weather with that delightful hometown feel. Downtown has many delicious, locally owned restaurants and coffeeshops with open mics for local musicians. We have a few antique stores, and an adorable corner cottage house that serves healthy salads and homemade soups. We have Azalea garden with a gazebo and ponds that are ideal for wedding and prom photo shoots.

Showing off the very best in micro-fashion. (Credit: Lisa Horan)

After moving here from New Jersey, it was the first time I realized McDonald’s will bring the food to your car. When walking or driving anywhere, everybody waves to you. It’s so weird at first, until I noticed in my travels that nowhere else does anyone wave or smile. They it only takes a smile from a stranger to change your day, and that certainly applies in Summerville, the real-life Mayberry of the USA.

Summervilles Little Free Library box, where passersby can take and leave books as they choose. (Credit: Heather Taylor)
No such thing as road rage on Summerville streets. (Credit: Lisa Horan)

Stories About Summerville

I was pet sitting my daughter’s Corgi, Appa, while she was out at sea on a mission for her job with National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. My home is only a five minute drive to downtown Summerville, which is my favorite place to take walks in this delightful town of ours. The aura that exudes from my surroundings brings me at peace and happiness. On this particular walk with Appa, I walked up the front porch of The Little Cottage Community Cafe to glance at their menu posted on the covered porch wall. It turns out this place is owned by a husband and wife team, and to my surprise they came right onto the porch to greet Appa and I. They treated us like royalty and made us feel special, offering us tea and a homemade frozen pup treat. Giving me the time like that and simply just happily chatting with me made my day! This scenario reminded me how sweet it really is to live in the town also known as the Founder of Sweet Tea and for the lovely people that make our town the nicest town to live!

Appa goes sightseeing. (Credit: Heather Taylor)