Stoney Meadow in Avon, IN

"A wonderful senior community"

A light to guide all neighbors to a friendly doorstep. (Credit: Richard Mottor)

We live in a 55-and-older community where neighbors care about neighbors. Driving down the road feels like a parade of one, as everyone waves to you as you go by. Twice a year, we have a neighborhood picnic attended by almost everybody, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people. At Christmas, all the neighbors go out to a nice restaurant to spend time with each other for the holiday.

Stories About Stoney Meadow

There are three of us in our immediate neighborhood, and each year we enjoy a window washing get together. We start at one of our homes, washing all of the windows and screens, then move on to the next neighbor’s and so on. We have neighbors who play golf together. One resident is an author, and on occasion will have ladies in to review her books. When neighbors go on vacation, or “snow birds” leave for the winter, neighbors are extremely good about watching over the residence while the neighbor is gone. People do a lot of walking in the neighborhood, and no one ever goes by without stopping to speak for a few minutes.

The hummingbirds are so trusting of some residents they’ll drink out of their hands. (Credit: Richard Mottor)