Silver Spring Gardens, PA

"Come live in a friendly place -- we care about you"

Silver Spring Gardens is a community of good friends where everyone helps out. (Credit: Beverly Bortz)

This is a retirement community where newbies are welcomed and taken into the fold. The residents schedule dog walking if you are unable, take each other to appointments, shopping, whatever needs done. We have a community grapevine of who needs help and when. We have scheduled visits so as to not be too tiring for a friend in hospice in her apt. A complete apartment was furnished for a man who had nothing when he moved in. A woman with a broken shoulder was basically nursed by residents (including showers, meals, dog walking and cleaning). I have never lived in a more caring atmosphere and it is all managed by the residents and the welcoming committee. Our beauty shop, on site, is a weekly gathering place for news, social interface, and who needs help. It really is the nicest place that I ever resided.

When a dog owner hurt her back three people scheduled her dog walks. My next door neighbor takes my dog out if I must be away longer than I planned. I took my friend with Leukeima to the hospital for transfusions (a 7-hour stay) multiple times while two other residents switch off taking her to her appointments. Residents helped family clear the apartment after their loved one died (found by a resident checking on him). Once a week volunteers set up tables, check donated food from Weis market, and display it for residents to view and choose. Plastic grocery bags are provided for the residents use. Then everything must be cleaned up and the room returned to order. We have a blind lady (helped originally by the lady with leukemia) who myself and others will step in and help her now. We lobbied for and received an outdoor pet area, then held a celebration for everyone. They also hold a monthly birthday party for all residents celebrating the particular residents birthdays. The ladies bake the cakes and buy the ice cream. Then serve everyone.

Whenever or wherever there is a need, you can be assured that someone will step up to help.