Samaritans365 Foundation’s Kindness Headquarters in Boca Raton, FL

"Kindness headquarters"

A Kindness Club at a local elementary school can’t help but celebrate good deeds. (Credit: Laura Reiss)   

The Samaritans365 Foundation’s Kindness Headquarters is the place where all 90 Kindness Clubs are coordinated! Kindness Clubs are currently serving 4,200 participants in nine states, hundreds of nonprofits, and tens of thousands of our neighbors. It all starts at Kindness HQ! Through Samaritans365 programs participants learn what it means to be a “Samaritan.” They learn different ways to contribute, the experience of joy derived from giving, and the difference it can make in the lives of others in their community and beyond. Kindness Club participants get the opportunity to learn from representatives of local charities who provide hands-on projects that allow the children to give back while learning and having fun. Teaching children the power of kindness, serving our communities, and spreading the simple (yet critically-important) message that kindness matters. Samaritans is making great strides in the global kindness movement, one good deed at a time.

Samaritans sorting food and supplies to deliver to those in need of a few more resources. (Credit: Laura Reiss)

While still firmly rooted in school-based programming, either as an after-school club, course elective, or as part of standard school curriculum, Samaritans365 has grown to include programming for adults, seniors, summer camps, religious groups, as well as maintaining partnerships with local law enforcement agencies. Kindness programs are for everyone, everywhere! We are most proud to have graduated tens of thousands of students from our Kindness Clubs, trained more than 350 Ambassadors in Kindness, and impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of our neighbors through our service projects in conjunction with nearly 100 local charities in each community. Our growth is steady and strong. With our universal programming and ease of replication in any community across the country, we look forward to a day where Samaritans365 Kindness Clubs will be in every school and community around the globe.

Super Samaritans get their hands dirty to work on a gardening project with local kids. (Credit: Laura Reiss)

Each club is run by Ambassadors and overseen by a teacher. Kindness Clubs generally meet monthly to work through Samaritans Core Curriculum, which has been carefully developed by Samaritans365 in conjunction with top experts in child development, education, and gratitude. Kindness Clubs work together with a local nonprofit organization to coordinate direct service in the community via a service project. The monthly meetings are designed to be interactive and inspirational, with a speaker from different philanthropic organizations each month to share their stories. We engage in hands-on projects and school-wide drives to give back to the speakers’ organizations, donating dog toys for the Humane Society, thank you letters to our Forgotten Soldiers, get-well art for sick children in hospitals, kindness care packages for foster kids, and so much more. The intention is for all participants to learn, interact, and do something to give back at each meeting, all while being empowered to find their own individual ways to contribute to their communities today and in the future. Kindness Clubs include everyone from younger children to teenagers.

Stories About Samaritans365

A two-year-old girl who was spared from Hurricane Irma wanted to share with a child who wasn’t so lucky in the Florida keys, so she shared her most prized possession: Mr. Bunny.

A five-year-old girl went to school with her healthy lunch every day, when she noticed another girl with no lunch. She offered her food and the act of kindness was repeated daily. This young girl is always observant and willing to share part of her lunch daily to anyone who may not have enough for to eat.

A single mom worked for a non-profit that helps those who are less fortunate. She has two children and can’t always give them everything they need or want, until she finally got the courage to ask for some help. Receiving the help they need, they can focus on work and school. The eldest child was awarded a full college scholarship and is looking forward to giving back.

A local school didn’t have a library and many children never had a book of their own. The community came together gathered over 20,000 books, creating a school library as well as individual class libraries.