Reno, NV

"Remarkable Reno"

Some of the nice people of Reno posing with its most-famous dog. (Credit: Veronica Peterson)

Reno is the nicest place in America because of the remarkable people who call this Biggest Little City home! I am learning this firsthand through my Be Remarkable Project. Inspired by my husband and my golden retriever and his very unique birthmark, I started a social media project where I ask people I meet in our community to share with me what makes them remarkable. I post their responses on his social media. Like my pup’s birthmark, we all have something within us that makes us remarkable. I have learned that our city is filled with kindness, compassion, resiliency, strength, advocacy, humor, and love. It truly is the people that make Reno such a special place to be, and it is my honor to give a voice to the many remarkable people who live here. My goal is to empower and remind us not to judge people too quickly!

Judge, the dog, connects more people than AT&T! (Credit: Veronica Peterson)

Stories About Reno

The Remarkable stories are too many to count. Here are a few:

Jonathan talks about his life after personal challenges, and how he has made Reno his new home and found how to reinvent himself in his 40s.

Paige works for Awaken Communities to find homes for women and children who have been sexually exploited in the Reno Tahoe area.

Daniel, a professor who held his student’s child during a lecture so she could come to class when she didn’t have child care.

Jessica, who works with the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Classic to raise funds for families suffering from a cancer diagnosis.

And Hannah, who has cutaneous T cell lymphoma but manages to stay positive all the time.

Trevor, a composer who is writing a 100 piece orchestra to raise money for victims of sexual assault.

Debby, who ran her first marathon at age 50.

Pierron, an attorney and community health masters who is dedicating her career to improving the public’s health, and while she says it can be so easy to doubt herself and her impact as a woman and millennial, truly believes she can make a difference through her work.

John, who spends his free time sleeping on the floor with pups at the local shelter. These are just a few members of the Reno community, who help make it the nicest place in America.

Judge with her owner, Veronica. (Credit: Veronica Peterson)