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Biscuits and More in Marietta, GA

The “More” in Biscuits and More might as well stand for “friendship.” The owner, Chuck Morris, knows many of hist

Williamsburg Christian Church in Williamsburg, VA

Congregants of Williamsburg Christian Church give special attention and care to the problem of homelessness. (Credit: Bre Soukup) Williamsburg Christian

Wauwatosa, WI

Family and friends visit their loved one at the senior living home, Lutheran Home & Harwood Place. (Credit: Eloise Schwarz)

Pensacola, FL

A resident’s garden helps beautify Pensacola. (Credit: Chet Stanhope) Pensacola truly is “where America began” since it was the first

Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, Patchogue, NY

Hipolito Torres Garcia, a former Brookhaven Memorial patient, relaxes on his front porch after a long hospital stay. (Credit: Migdalia

Village of Peoria Heights, IL

Villagers flaunt their patriotism at the annual Veteran’s Day Parade. (Credit: Thomas Horstmann) The people who reside here say, “Once

Troy, AL

The people of Troy are friendly and caring. (Credit: Lynn Baumgartner) The friendly and caring people of Troy will literally

Ludington, MI

Dozens of people gather on a main street to form a massive heart in downtown Ludington as a show of

Lake Havasu City, AZ

The community hosts many parades and festivals on the London Bridge each year to honor and pay their respects to

Summit View Place Apartments, Niagara Falls, NY

Apartment residents celebrate their neighbor and friend’s birthday. (Credit: Joyce Massey) I moved in three months ago and everyone welcomed

Sugar Land, TX

Locals hold a special place in their hearts for the closed down Imperial Sugar refinery, an integral part of their

Soulful Chicago Book Fair in Chicago, IL

Asadah Kirkland, founder of the Soulful Chicago Book Fair, happily basking in the positive energy the fair brings to the

Fallen Heroes Memorial in Sunbury, OH

A Sunbury resident places roses on the memorial crosses for Valentine’s Day to express his love and gratitude for all

Hixson, TN

A scenic hike through Coolidge Park. (Credit: Vicki Roginsky) After living out west most our lives we up and moved

Corinth, MS

A pancake fundraiser for kids at Waldron Street Christian Church. (Credit: Delores Topliff) Here, when you meet people for the

Lexington, TX

When kids come back to Lexington, they visit with everyone in town who made them who they are, not just

Charlie’s Place Activity and Respite Center, Baton Rouge, LA

A Charlie’s Place client gets a kiss from a therapy dog named Dala. (Credit: Dana Territo) Close your eyes and

Guntersville, AL

After the tornadoes hit, it took a huge effort to get the state park cleaned. Now that it’s clean, it’s

Southport, NC

"The friendliest seaside community"

Chester, CA

Randy Fossom’s annual Wheel Around Lake Almanor ride raises money for local charities. (Credit: Bill Mahaffey) I fell in love

The Orange Elks Lodge, Orange, CA

Orange Elks were there for Zack Collie when he sustained a life-changing injury. They supported him from his initial recovery

Franklin, NE

"1,000 heros"

Dalhart, TX

Dalhart is home to nice, caring people who aren’t too busy to help and pay it forward. On a trip

Ohio State University Medical Center, OH

The Ohio State University Medical Center has a laid back, polite and supportive culture. My family has said that I

Greenville, SC

Greenville is a friendly place where everyone is welcome. (Credit: William Hehmann) With lots of trails, restaurants, friendly people, broadway

The Villages, FL

The Villages bills itself as the “Florida’s friendliest hometown.” (Credit: Vincent DeSantis) This retirement community of over 100,000 residents lives

Texas A&M University, TX

A community spirit of helping and giving fuels the largest single-day of service at any university in the country. (Credit:

Fargo, ND

It’s easy to make new friends in a friendly place like Fargo. (Credit: Dinah Stephens) Just new to Fargo, I

Jim Oliver’s Smoke House Restaurant, Lodge and Cabins, TN

Jim Oliver’s Smoke House has been a safe haven for stranded travelers and folks down on their luck for 50