Mobridge, SD

"The bridge city"

The ice-fishing tournament brings a crowd to Mobridge. (Credit: Dana Soto)

The views of Lake Oahe on the Missouri River are breathtaking, but the welcoming and helpful community can’t be beat.

Stories About Mobridge

I am originally from this area of the state of South Dakota, but I left for about eight years before returning back to take a new job opportunity. I am the youngest person to hold the position of executive director of the Mobridge Area Chamber of Commerce, and while I have friends from my past here, I was pretty unknown to anyone in the area. I was welcomed with open arms and help around every corner with the challenges of this (new to me) position.

We have so much going on as a community, which not only makes it exciting, but also challenging and their unending support has made me feel successful and welcome. We have the largest Ice Fishing Tournament in the state, which draws in over a thousand anglers, plus their families and friends from all over the area to fish on Lake Oahe. We’ve put a cap on the teams, and now its become a very competitive event to be a part of. The whole community comes together to make that weekend a success. From the hundreds of volunteers, the committee members (who also volunteer their time to make this a success), to the business owners that help the Chamber of Commerce support them when we have an unbelievable amount of tourists in our relatively tiny town of 3,500 people. Its really such an amazing event that I’m just beginning to really get my feet wet with!

You really won’t find another small town with a mix of pheasant and prairie dog hunting, walleye fishing, Lakota pride, and rodeo activities with an economy that thrives off livestock and tourism.