Lake Sinclair, Eatonton, GA

"Almost heaven"

The Hens and the Roosters enjoy each other’s company. (Credit: Elaine Hatcher)

Our community consists of blue-collar and professional retirees and soon-to-be retirees. They move here to flee the rat-race and live in peace and quiet on a beautiful lake with a great climate. However, they still want to be involved and active. We have solved that problem.

About ten years ago, several of us invited ladies in the community to a casual get-together to get to know one another. We named ourselves “The Hens.” We still get together monthly for lunch and to plan events. We tour local places of interest, play bingo, have art shows, fashion shows, etc., and several times a year we host parties to include husbands (“The Roosters”). These include trivia, taco parties, and dinner by the lake which we call “Sinclair Under The Stars”.

I could write a book about the amazing events we have hosted over the years, and the camaraderie that we share.

The Georgia War Veterans Home is in our area, so we adopted them. Our neighbors, who own a cafeteria, host the vets for a free meal once a month. The Hens and Roosters meet with them to help them through the line with their wheelchairs and walkers. We sit and visit with them during lunch. It’s always a heartwarming event for all. We also throw then a Christmas party including singing and gifts.

Besides a great social system, we are always there for one another. For instance, during a thunderstorm, a tree limb fell through a skylight next to a computer where one of our ladies was seated. One phone call and immediately several of the ladies were there to comfort her and help clean up, and the men were removing debris and covering the roof with tarps.

We know we live in the nicest place in America!

The Hens do good works together. (Credit: Elaine Hatcher)