Lafayette, LA

"Happiest city in the USA"

Accordion makers jam out at the Festivals Acadiens’ Louisiana Crafts Fair. (Credit: Lafayette Travel)

Lafayette is a small city with a vibe all its own. It’s a college town that combines business and technology with an arts community that has spawned GRAMMY winners, novelists, painters, filmmakers, songwriters, and many other creative types. The Cajun and Creole cultures are palpable and best experienced through the food, music, and people of the area. People here work as hard as they play, and love to show visitors the best their hometown has to offer. If locals encounter visitors, they first thing they ask is, “Where have you eaten?” Then, they will proceed to give them a list of where they must go while they are in Lafayette. It’s not unheard of for visitors to be invited to private parties, crawfish boils, or backyard barbecues if the mood is right.

Musician Terrance Simien specializes in Zydeco, a bluesy-type of music indigenous to Louisiana. (Credit: Lafayette Travel)

Stories About Lafayette

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