Kirkwood, PA

"Neighbors helping neighbors"

Neighbors help each other make this beautiful landscape with the cycle of the crops. When someone is injured or sick and can’t farm, everyone helps out. (Credit: Connie Herr)

Located in Southern Lancaster County, PA, Kirkwood embraces the neighborhood feeling. For many years, this farming community has painted the landscape with lush green pastures and rows of crops that decorate the land like a post card. The people here are friendly and caring. Many Amish have settled in and around the village of Kirkwood so it is common to see horse drawn buggies carrying families to various gatherings in the neighborhood. The pace is slow and simple. Most anyone is willing to give a helping hand when needed. Roadside vegetable stands are around many corners where one can purchase food or trade goods. It is like a step back in time where people help each other out when hard times come their way or rejoice with their friends when they are blessed with good times as well.

Farming is a way of life for many who live in this town. In the spring, the fields are green and lush and in the fall the rows ready for harvest make the landscape look like a painting. My father-in-law always loved planting and taking the crops in. One year during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend he was taking out the corn picker to bring in the year’s harvest. However, tragedy struck when his legs became trapped in the machine. He cried for help but no one heard, until a young man who was out for a walk heard his faint cry over the hill. He ran to his aide and then contacted the fire company. Friends and neighbors came to help but it took several hours for them to release him from the equipment and then he was taken to the hospital where his legs were amputated in order to save his life.

Many men would have lamented over the fact that their life would never be the same, but my father-in-law had faith that passes all understanding. His testimony was known to all and the community was heart broken over this unfortunate accident. They wanted to help the family in any way they could. The Amish community decided to pick the corn by hand and so on a crisp, clear morning a few days later, they spent the day picking the corn and filling the silos until the job was complete.

This is an example of how this small rural family community sets an example of love and compassion like no other place I have ever known.