Big Canoe, GA

"A friendly mountain village"

Kids playing in Burt’s Pumpkin Patch. (Credit: Brian Rogers)

Big Canoe has over 100 clubs and several events per week to enjoy. Events range from Knitting clubs, hiking clubs, golf associations, wine clubs and many, many more. It is the quietest, friendliest golf and mountain community in the South. With long range views and a safe gated-secure location with it’s own fire department and multi-denomination Chapel.

You will never be bored living in Big Canoe!

Neighbor helping neighbor is such a common occurrence it’s hard to pick examples! You’ll see the typical meals for family with illness or a younger neighbor helping move items for an older neighbor. There is a volunteer group called the Wellness Collaborative that among other things helps residents who can’t drive get to appointments or will stay with an ill spouse so the caring spouse can run errands, etc. On the neighborhood Facebook page you will see a listing for a lost dog, and people will spend hours helping search. It’s not unusual to see a resident helping an older resident at the garbage facility empty the garbage bags from the car. When the weather is snowy it’s common for a neighbor with 4-Wheel drive to offer to run to the store for a neighbor who doesn’t have a good snow vehicle. My son saw a book on the side of the road and pulled over and tracked down its owner; he’s had good examples of people going out of their way to be helpful. Kindness and doing the right thing seems to come naturally to most residents, and people genuinely enjoy helping others.

We recently had a storm that toppled over 100 trees in our community. Our Public Safety was immediately clearing roads, checking on vehicles, providing rides for people who could not navigate the difficult higher elevations, and providing a safe place for the residents while the storm brewed outside. Big Canoe is old school, neighbors check on you, friends provide casseroles and dinners when it is difficult for a resident to cope.

It’s all about Neighbors Helping Neighbors, if you need a ride to a doctor’s appointment, a follow up appointment after knee surgery, a ride for cancer treatment we can provide it.

Friends that play together stay together!
New friends pass through all the time. They are treated with kindness.

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