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The Boot Texan Kitchen in Houston, Texas

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut Houston down, Angeline Latchley and her fiancé found themselves unemployed and bored, like so many of us. Not ones for idle hands, they started cooking for their friends and family.

Manton, Michigan

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the town to shut down, Scott Chittle decided that the community needed a safe place...

The Quality Inn in Kodak, Tennessee

When icy temperatures this past winter froze Kodak, Tennessee, shutting power down and freezing pipes, Sean Patel, owner of the...

Renton, Washington

For most people, a free Christmas cheesecake would be a welcome surprise. But for Diane Dobson of Renton, Washington, it...

Nina and Doug’s House in Austin Hills, Texas

Chelsea Timmons was going through a year of transition: She quit her teaching career to deal with mental health issues...

The Sun and Moon Ranch in Lexington, North Carolina

In 1971, at just two years old, Shannan Hearne mounted a horse for the first time. She felt a deep...

Brooks, Georgia

When COVID-19 hit Brooks, Georgia, the first thing Angel Girard noticed in her neighborhood Facebook group, “Life in the Brooks...

Littleton, New Hampshire

The people of Littleton, New Hampshire can always find something to be glad about: their rich history, their beautiful countryside,...

Lake City, South Carolina

The quiet beauty of Lake City is typical for a South Carolina town: tidy small homes lining peaceful, leafy streets....

Sugar Land, Texas

When David Sebek and his business partner Tracie Whitacre opened Escape Again Rooms 20 years ago, they were glad to...

The Nicest Place in Connecticut: Bloomfield

A hate crime galvanizes the town to fight for justice at home and across America.

The Nicest Place in Florida: Pine Hills

A community welcomes all, even an unlikely transplant worried she won't fit in.

The Nicest Place in New Mexico: Bueno Para Todos Farm in Villanueva

When COVID-19 stranded foreign students in America, a local farm made sure they felt like they were home.

The Nicest Place in Colorado: Struggle of Love in Denver

Thanks to compassion from restaurants, charities, and the police, the Struggle of Love doesn’t struggle to feed the needy.

The Nicest Place in Alaska: Anchorage

A city known for its cold warms hearts by ensuring its homeless are safe during the pandemic.

The Nicest Place in Michigan: Buchanan

With Memorial Day parade cancelled, locals find another way to honor the troops.

The Nicest Place in Montana: Ronan

Teachers in this small village won’t let a little thing like a pandemic get in the way of their offbeat...

The Nicest Place in Utah: Backyards in Saratoga Springs

A casual backyard fitness class for friends sparks a movement that brings joy nationwide.

The Nicest Place in Nevada: Sparks

A neighborhood burglary turns to the good, all part of the giving ways in this town.

The Nicest Place in New Hampshire: Temple

Even COVID-19 couldn't stop this town from celebrating.

The Nicest Place in Louisiana: Red Handed Tattoo in Shreveport

A tattoo-artist turned his shop into a free market for needed supplies during the pandemic.

The Nicest Place in Mississippi: Florence Gardens in Gulfport

Neighbors become friends and friends take care of each other.

The Nicest Place in Georgia: The Dream Center in Augusta

A non-profit that gives blankets to those who need is emblematic of a town with giving ways.

The Nicest Place in Wisconsin: Sassy Cow Creamery in Columbus

At this dairy farm, if you need fresh milk and can't afford it, it's yours. Don't need? Adopt a cow...

The Nicest Place in Wyoming: Casper

A neighborhood rallies around a family who needs it when illness strikes. It's the Casper way.

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The Nicest Place in West Virginia: Huntington

A town with a PR problem finds the perfect solution: Make kindness grow.

The Nicest Place in Virginia: Virtual Tip Jar

A digital tip jar solves real-world problems.

The Nicest Place in Indiana: The Doorsteps of Central Indiana

Families are coaxed out of quarantine for socially distant portraits that capture this moment in our history.

The Nicest Place in Tennessee: Nashville

Teens lead the way in the fight for racial justice.

The Nicest Place in Vermont: Cyberspace

A cancelled internship turns into a big opportunty for one student to help her whole state.

The Nicest Place in Washington: Bellden Cafe in Bellevue

A café owner who had experienced extreme kindness, repays the act by keeping her doors open, her workers employed, and...