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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

60 Hilarious Zodiac Memes That’ll Crack You Up

All of the signs are about to feel seen.

Virgos When Someone Tells Them That They Need A Hug meme text on image of surprised, Getty, Getty Images

Who doesn’t love checking out their horoscope each week? With everything from star signs, sun signs, and rising signs, there is a lot of astrological information to keep up with. Regardless of how much or how little you know, we rounded up the best memes that will speak to you no matter your sign. Even astrologers could use a laugh sometimes and these zodiac memes are just the thing that will get them giggling. If you’re looking more, don’t miss these wedding memes, happy anniversary memes, happy birthday memes, and thank you memes for endless laughs.

Sagittarius Being Told To Make Responsible Decisions meme text on image of girl with face tucked in puffer, Getty Images


Things always seem to be changing. Read up on zodiac sign compatibility and which signs are really meant to be.

Sagittarius When Something They Ordered Isn't Delivered Immediately meme text on image of dog staring out, Getty Images

What is patience?

Hello? I clicked “place order” five minutes ago? Why isn’t the package already at my door? Learn more about astrology and what mercury in retrograde really means.

Sagittarius Looking At Pre Planned Evenings Like meme text on top of child looking frightened of vegetables on, Getty Images

Too much structure

Spontaneity is key. If you’re ready to send these zodiac memes to your besties, you’ll want to seed these funny friend memes over with them.

Sagittarius When someone Tells Them To Slow Down And Take A Breath meme text on image of woman laying exasperated on, Getty Images

Be calm

Inhale and exhale. For more laughs, check out these funny Friday memes that will have you laughing through the weekend.

Sagittarius Watching You Getting Annoyed About Something They Said To Annoy You On Purpose meme, Getty Images

You’re cute when you’re angry

Feel my wrath. Learn which are the most trustworthy zodiac signs who will be there for you in a pinch.

Aquarius Hiding All Their Problems From The World And Never Being Vulnerable meme, Getty Images

Walls up

Let’s talk about your problems instead. Find out which are the most polite zodiac signs—and which could use a little lesson in manners.

Aquarius Voluntarily Hanging Out Alone meme text over image of woman looking calm and, Getty Images

Love me some me time

I’m the best company. Learn more about full moon astrology and how it may mess with your emotions.

Aquarius Drinking In All The Compliments meme text on image of woman drinking from a giant coffee, Getty Images

Tell me more

I’ll have a venti compliment coffee—with extra sugar. Find out your perfect pizza topping according to your zodiac sign.

Aquarius Showing The Door To People Who Ask Too Many Questions Right Away meme, Getty Images

Too much too soon

Lovely weather we’re having today, isn’t it? Don’t miss these hilarious good morning memes that will start your day off right.

Aquarius Needing Space But Also Wanting Attention meme text on image of cat hiding in, Getty Images

Talk to me…

…but from the across the room. Then, find out what the rarest zodiac sign is.

Capricorn Debating If They Should Be Friendly Or Overly Sarcastic meme, Getty Images

A balancing act

I can never decide. Next, find out if you are the funniest zodiac sign or not.

Capricorn Excitedly Checking Off Their To Do List meme, Getty Images


There is nothing quite as pleasurable as completing a task.

Capricorn planning Out A Five Year Relationship Plan After Dating The Person For A Week meme, Getty Images

Be prepared

It’s never too early to get all those ducks in a row.

Capricorns Being The Concerned Mom Friend Cool Dad And Emotional Support Aunt All At Once meme, Getty Images

Wearing many hats

It’s a juggling act. Find out what the blue moon means for your zodiac and how to take advantage of the lunar event.

Capricorns Randomly Remembering An Email They Forgot To Reply To At 2Am meme, Getty Images

No more sleep

Would it be weird to reply now?

Aries Defending Their Friends meme text on image of children, Getty Images

Don’t mess with the people I love

They aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

Aries When Someone Can Tolerate Their Temper meme text on image of person squeezing a giant heart shaped, Getty Images

True love

Love in its purest form.

Aried Buying Things They Dont Need As Soon As They Get Paid meme, Getty Images


But I actually do need that one thing.

When Someone Tells An Aries To Follow The Rules meme text on image of man looking, Getty Images


I thought those were just suggestions.

Aries Putting In Their Two Cents meme text on image of two pennies in, Getty Images

Lots of opinions

They just have to share. Read up on the best ways to relieve stress based on your zodiac sign.

The Big Taurus Dilemma: I'm Hungry. But I Don't Want To Get Up meme, Getty Images

Couch vs. food

What to do, what to do…

Taurus When Their Plans Are Cancelled So They Have Nothing To Do meme text on image of woman pouring glass of, Getty Images

Staying in

What a relief.

How Taurus Self Care: Taking A 14-Hour Nap meme, Getty Images


The gift that keeps on giving.

Taurus When The Say They Wont Buy Anything, But The See Those Beautiful Four Letters meme text on image of sale, Getty Images


It’s technically saving money in the long run.

When Taurus Realizes They Wont Win And Will Have To Compromise meme, Getty Images

Accepting defeat

It’s a tough world when you’re always right.

When A Stressed Virgo Tries To relax But Gets Even More Stressed Because They Aren't Working On What Is Making Them Stressed meme, Getty Images

Deep breaths

How am I supposed to relax when there are so many things to do?

Virgos When Someone Knows The Difference Between "You're And Your" meme, Getty Images

Good grammar

Anyone who is grammatically correct gets points in my book.

Virgos When Someone Tells Them That They Need A Hug meme text on image of surprised, Getty, Getty Images

Stay away

Looking sharp. Learn what is your Chinese zodiac sign and what it means for you.

When A Virgos Sarcasm Is So Good People Think They're Serious meme, Getty Images

Trying to make a joke

At least I think I’m funny.

Virgos Simultaneously Being Very Giving People, But Also Not Wanting Anyone To Touch Their Stuff meme, Getty Images


Just ask first.

When Someone Tells A Libra To Take Their Time Making A Decision meme text on image of happy, Getty Images

Straight to the heart

I’m in love.

Libras Giving Complimants Seeing The Good In People Being Confident And Impressing Others With Their Charm meme, Getty Images

An all-around great friend

Libras will pick up the phone for you at 2 a.m.

Libras Towards Rude People meme text on image of hand saying "no", Getty Images

Talk to the hand

No time for disrespect.

Libras Reading Romance Novels And Pretending Its Actually Them meme, Getty Images


True love exists, just like in the fairytales.

Libras When Their Friend Already Knows Where They Want To Go For Dinner meme text on image of person feeling, Getty Images

Sweet relief

Who doesn’t love decisive people?

Geminis Talking To themselves Because You Get You Best meme, Getty Images


Just need some advice from an expert. Check out which hobby is best for you, based on your zodiac sign.

Geminis Accepting The Award For Keeping A Conversation Going When No One Else Can meme, Getty Images


Someone has to do it.

Geminis Needing Approximately Four Hours Of Silence Before They Start Their Day meme, Getty Images


It’s too early and I need to prepare for what’s ahead.

Geminis Laughing At Their Own Jokes Because They Are Just Too Funny meme, Getty Images

A comedian

I make myself laugh most of all.

Geminis Waiting To Be Added Back Into The Grou Chat After Leaving Dramatically meme, Getty Images

Drama queen

Sometimes you just have to stand your ground…but you still want to be included.

Scorpios As The Sun Moves Into Scorpio meme text on image of girl entering a, Getty Images

Time to shine

We’re ready.

Yes I Am A Scorpio And Yes I Will Make Your Life Really Exciting meme, Getty Images

A stimulating friendship

It’ll be fun!

Scorpios When Someone Tells Them They Were Right All Along meme text on image of woman sipping, Getty Images

Told you

I’m not going to say I told you so, but…

Scorpios Explaining How They Dont Hold Grudges But Are Just Simply Making Memories For Next Time meme, Getty Images

There’s a difference

Making memories never hurt anybody.

Scorpios Balancing Between Being Selectively Trusting And Dropping Everything To Help Those In Need meme, Getty Images

A balancing act

The internal debate.

Pisces Explaining That They Are Acting Differently Because They Just Finished A New Show And Are Embodying The Main Character meme, Getty Images

Reasonable explanation

At least they’re honest. Don’t miss what your zodiac sign means for your health.

Pisces Remembering Something That Happened 20 Years Ago But Forgetting Something That Happened 10 Seconds Ago meme, Getty Images

There’s no in-between

The worst memory, but simultaneously the best memory.

Pisces Starting A New Show When They Have Other Important Tasks To Complete meme, Getty Images


Cleaning the kitchen can wait.

Pisces Running Away From Controlling People meme, Getty Images

A sprint

I can make my own decisions. Check out these book memes that will make all readers cackle.

Pisces Explaining To Their Therapist How They Feel Everything meme, Getty Images


Feeling everything can be a great thing.

Leos When Their Friends Want To Leave The Party But Theyre Not Done Dancing meme, Getty Images

Party’s over

Dance the night away.

Leos Trying On New Clothes To Wear In Their Living Room meme, Getty Images

New look

You always have to dress to impress.

Leos On The First Day Of Leo Season meme, Getty Images

It’s time

I’ve been waiting all year for this.

Leos Laughing When Other People Think Leo Season Has An End Day meme, Getty Images

The year of the Leo… every year

It’s my season all year long.

Leos Saying They Don't Need Help meme text of man carrying many suitcases at once up, Getty Images

I got this

Don’t lift a finger.

Cancers Ready To Go Home After Being At The Party For 5 Minutes meme, Getty Images

Home is more fun

My bed and a warm shower are both at home.

Cancers When The Plans Are Cancelled Last Minute meme text on image of man, Getty Images


Time to switch to sweatpants.

Cancers Refusing To Put Themselves First meme, Getty Images

No thanks

Everyone else before me.

Cancers Reading Up On How To Stop Being An Unpaid Therapist meme, Getty Images

A full-time job

They can’t help helping people.

If Cancers Got Paid For Being Loyal meme text on image of a pile of, Getty Images

The most dependable

Rolling in cash. Now that you’ve laughed through these zodiac memes, get inspired with the most inspirational quote for you based on your zodiac sign.

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