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13 Classic Jackets Every Woman Should Own

These timeless pieces will keep you warm and dry through any weather and occasion.

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Versatile denim jacket

Put a denim jacket among your go-to cover-ups, especially if you’re dressing down a fancy outfit. It avoids the potential dowdiness of a cardigan without going too edgy with a leather jacket. Like your favorite jeans, a denim jacket pairs well with virtually any color, material, and pattern. Just don’t make any of these denim mistakes.

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Black leather jacket

A leather jacket is one of those rare pieces that can transition straight from the office to the club to the farmer’s market. Pair a dark one with all-black for a chic nighttime look, or throw one over a lace dress for a feminine-not-dainty outfit. Here’s how the right jacket and more can make your outfit look expensive.

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Timeless trench coat

The iconic trench coat hasn’t changed its form much in the last 100 years, making it a worthy investment to your wardrobe. You’ll be thankful you have one during seasons with unpredictable weather. It’ll keep you looking polished, even in a downpour. Don’t miss these other style secrets of women who always look put together.

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Practical rain jacket

If you’re spending extended time in the fresh air, you’ll want a weatherproof jacket you’re not afraid to rough it in. Cue the hooded rain jacket. While your friends are soaked through their hoodies, you’ll barely notice the downpour.

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Polished blazer

Turn any outfit into a sharp, professional getup by throwing on a blazer. Pick a classic black or navy, or opt for a funky bright color. Either way, everyone will know you mean business. Check out these interview outfit mistakes that could cost you the job.

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Cozy fleece

When the weather is transitioning between seasons, a cozy fleece is a great option to throw over an outfit. It will keep you comfy and warm in brisk temperatures, but can be easily stuffed into a bag if the weather warms up. Check out these other tricks to transition summer clothes to fall.

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Warm parka

During the most brutally cold days, you’ll be thankful to have a heavy coat keeping you warm. A puffy parka with a furry hood is especially cozy, and still looks chic when you’re running around on the weekends.

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Sophisticated peacoat

A peacoat keeps you warm without sacrificing your style. It’s classy enough to wear to an upscale restaurant or religious service, but not too fancy to wear to work. Pair it with one of these classic handbags you should have in your collection.

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Rugged ski jacket

When you’re braving the harshest weather, you need something winter-proof. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or taking a walk through the woods, a sporty ski jacket will keep your core warm. Get one in a bright, standout color, and you’ll be sure to rack up compliments. Don’t make these mistakes when winter-proofing your home and car.

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Comfy puffer vest

During those between-season days when you want to block out the chill without a full jacket, a puffer vest is a great transition piece. It layers easily over just about any outfit—even another jacket if you just need that one extra layer of warmth.

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Feminine tweed jacket

No need to worry about how to stay warm during brunch with grandma. Tweed has earned its position as a timelessly posh piece for a reason. It’s more structured than a cardigan, less corporate than a blazer, dressier than denim, and more ladylike than leather. Jackie-O would be proud—find out more of Jackie Kennedy’s timeless style tips here.

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Cool bomber jacket

A short jacket gives a cool, laidback vibe to your wardrobe while you’re out and about. It’s casual enough to look good over workout clothes, but its edginess keeps you from looking sloppy.

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Relaxed utility jacket

Don’t let its name fool you—a utility jacket successfully toes the line between practical and fashionable. The military-inspired piece suits jeans and a flannel perfectly, but can also make a cool contrast with a frilly frock. Try it with one of these classic dresses you should own.

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