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Can You Guess Which Item Is More Expensive?

Online shopping brings thousands of products right to your fingertips, from great deals to those that are ghastly expensive. Can you tell the difference between an item that cost $300 and one that cost $3,000? Take our quiz to find out.

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Bright ideas

One of these chandeliers is antique brass and costs over $2,200. The other you can buy online for $275.

Answer: The chandelier on the left will set you back $2,235 while the replica on the right can be purchased at Allmodern.com for $275—with free shipping! Here are 52 other ways to make your home look more expensive for less.

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Made in the shade

One pair of these groovy sunglasses are encrusted with crystals, made in Italy, and cost a cool $1,300+, the other pair cost less than your lunch salad.

Answer: The sunnies are the right are designer YSL and ring up at a cool $1,320. The lookalikes you can buy on Amazon for $15.29!

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Lay it on

Want to bring a beach chic-vibe into your home? One of the sophisticated sea-inspired rugs can be scored for $400, the other for a whopping $3,000!

Answer: The rug on the left is knotted by hand—no two are the same—commanding a price tag of $2,998, while the one on the right is washable and hypo-allergenic and available for $399. Whichever one you choose, you’ll want to know these 17 DIY carpet stain removers.

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Walk this way

One pair of these sexy stilettos will run you well over a $1000, the other not even a C-note.

Answer: The heels on the right are Gianvito Rossi Italian-made python pricing at $1,275, while the Steve Madden ones on the left are a steal at $80.

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Sitting pretty

One of these clubs chairs is Ralph Lauren Home and over $7,000, the other wooden-design is around $200.

Answer: The modern club chair on the left is made-to-order desert teak and costs $7,180, the other is solid oak and sells for $300.

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Make a splash

One of these black swimsuits is Italian made and comes with an $800 price tag, the other is from Tar-jay and available for $50.

Answer: The maillot on the left is from the luxury brand, ERES, and retails for a staggering $765, the other suit is available at Target for $50.

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Take a hike

These two pair of hiking sneakers may look alike, but one will cost you $80 and the other almost a grand!

Answer: The sneaks on the right are Gucci, baby, and are $980, the pair on the left from REI are only $81.

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Glam girl

How adorable are these kiddie jumpsuits? One is $300, and the other a 10th of the cost.

Answer: The playsuit on the left is posh label Marie Chantel and prices out at $296, the other floral jumper is from H&M and costs $30.

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Luxe linens

Towels are towels, right? Or are they? One of these organic towels is $40 a pop, the other is $7 for a set of two.

Answer: The towel on the left is plush, organic, fair trade and costs $40 per towel, the pair on the right are 100% cotton and a good deal at under $10 for two. Follow these tricks to make your new bath towels last for years.

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Wall art can be pricey, which of these pretty butterfly prints do you think is more expensive?

Answer: The print on the right is from an artist in Germany, made on bamboo paper and is worth $495, the other print is from a local artist and framed with reclaimed barn wood, coming in at just $99.

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Summer style

Two breezy blue sundresses, one costs $1,875, one only $41 bucks. Can you tell which is more expensive?

Answer: The one on the right is embroidered Stella McCartney, setting you back $1,875, the other tiered sundress is available on Amazon for $41.

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Beautiful bijoux

Jewelry always makes a statement! One of these pair of gorgeous turquoise earrings runs $9,000, the other cost less than a spin class.


The earrings on the right are 14K rose-gold beauties filled with rubies and turquoise, the pair on the left are turquoise and gold-plated and still stunning at $29.50.

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Beach bag

A beach tote is a summer wardrobe staple, can you tell which of these two will set you back $1,400? The other is under $200.

Answer: The tote on the left is leather and suede, from the high-end design house, Altuzarra, and sells for $1,395, the other bag is smartly made from recycled sails and costs $175.

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