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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

10 Things Your Waxer Secretly Wishes She Could Tell You

Your relationship with your waxer is an intimate one. And she likely knows your body better than your partner does. Find out what she's really thinking and what you can do to have a better appointment.

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Stop trimming and cutting your body hair

Waxing is a big deal. Just imagine if your aesthetician couldn’t see you the few days before a beach vacay. It might ruin your holiday. And we give a lot of power to the person pulling our hair out. To find out what she’s thinking, I asked Lexi Miles, founder and beauty entrepreneur of Waxon, what the experience is like on the other side of the strip.

“The ideal length of hair for a flawless wax is the length of a grain of rice,” says Miles. “Although with some of our waxes, we can remove hair as short as one millimetre, it is important to get your hair on a growth schedule.” That means getting a wax hair removal treatment about every four to six weeks. That will give you the least amount of pain, she adds. Don’t over trim! Before you get waxed, make sure you read up on the health risks of going bare down there.

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She wishes you’d do this one thing before your waxing appointment

“Exfoliate,” exclaims Miles. “Always prepare hair—and skin—for removal by sloughing away dead skin cells. We recommend exfoliating against the direction of hair growth with an all-natural exfoliant ideally containing sugar or salt 12-24 hours before your appointment. Try our On the Rocks body scrub.” Follow these tips before and after your appointment to get the most of your wax.

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Don’t cancel because you are on your period

You don’t need to cancel last minute because of an unexpected visit from Aunt Flo. “Absolutely not,” says Miles. Just let your waxologist know before she starts. “You may be a bit more sensitive depending on where you are at in your cycle so we recommend taking a pain killer if you’re super sensitive,” she says. “Wear a tampon with the string tucked in.” Waxing is fine, but make sure to avoid these other period mistakes during your time of the month.

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Do shower the day of your appointment

It’s not because you’re being judged or because you smell down there. It’s because you need to exfoliate, says Miles. But it’s not that big of a deal if you don’t shower before your appointment. “However, if in a pinch, don’t worry about it as we do supply a refreshing wipe for below the belt waxing.”

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Take a painkiller if you need to

If you wince even before the strip is pulled, then it’s a good idea to take an ibuprofen or acetaminophen about a half-hour before your appointment. Miles also adds that our hormones can make waxing more painful than usual. So, if you’re near or on your period, it might help to take an over-the-counter pain med. And pregnancy can make you sensitive too, so tell your waxer, and she might be able to find ways to ease the feeling.

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It’s not normal to bleed from a waxing

When asked if bleeding is to be expected, Miles responds: “Absolutely not.” But that said, there are some situations when skin can “thin,” including anti-aging and acne medications, she says. “Threading can be a good alternative for thin or sensitive skin.”

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07-harry-What Your Waxer Secretly Wishes She Could Tell You_585036937-Mariana-AabbMariana Aabb/Shutterstock

You are not too hairy

“Everybody thinks they are the hairiest, but in reality, no two people are alike,” says Miles. “But don’t worry—your waxologist will never judge [you], and it’s our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible.”

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Yes, she’s waxed that spot on someone else before

Toes? Yup. Back? Yup. Bum. Yup? “No surprises,” says Miles. “We’ve seen it all and wax it all.” A waxer’s job is to wax. That’s what she’s there for. That’s what she’s been trained to do. “Building relationships with clients and meeting new exciting people everyday [is] never a dull moment. Our business is about wellness and making people feel their best and most comfortable. We love being able to provide a superior service that leaves clients healthy and happy.”

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Tipping is always appreciated

You had a great experience, so a tip is appropriate. How much should you leave inside that teeny manila envelope at the spa reception desk? “Just like any service-based industry, 15 to 20 percent is normal.” Follow this tipping guide to always tip the right amount.

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Don’t have sex (and do a few other things) after your appointment

“After care is everything,” says Miles. And that means no sex, no working out and no super tight clothing for at least 12 hours after your waxing. You’ll get a better experience from your waxing and appreciate your waxer more.

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