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What Tiny Homes Are like Around the World

A tiny home is an awesome way to see the world at a reasonable rate.


Louve Barge: Paris

This tiny home is in a historic Dutch barge, moored on the left bank of Paris, between the picturesque Pont Neuf and Pont Des Arts bridges. Enjoy a glass of wine on the deck, or under the deck at the gorgeous reclaimed wood bar in your fully equipped kitchen. Here’s a list of the most popular Airbnb in each U.S. state.

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Glass House, Freetown Christiania, Denmark

Christiania, Denmark is an interesting place to begin with, so a glass house isn’t out of character for an area in Denmark that is self-proclaimed autonomous. It’s home to around 1,000 people and began in 1971 when people started squatting in what was a military area. Feel the freedom of the open road in a tiny home. Here’s how you can incorporate the Danish philosophy hygge into your everyday life.



The name might conjure ideas of space-themed rooms but really it’s just a rebranding of a repurposed container in the Netherlands. For $63 a night on Airbnb, it might be the perfect spot for someone who loves a handy hint for a frugal homeowner.

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Cube Houses

Architect Piet Blom designed a series of cube houses in the Netherlands set at an angle to optimize the space inside. These are located in Rotterdam and there are others in Helmond. The houses are around 1,000-square-feet and are meant to resemble an abstract forest. The homes are three stories tall and have an open kitchen and living room on the first floor, a bathroom and two bedrooms on the second floor and some have rooftop gardens. This is the real reason why splitting the bill is called “Going Dutch.”

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Futuro #001 Espoo, Finland

The Futuros, as seen in this photo, have airplane doors that fold down. This is the first Futuro manufactured after the prototype and is on display in Espoo, Finland at the WeeGee Exhibition Center as part of the 50th birthday of the Futuro. Finland is also one of the most peaceful countries in the world.


The Gnome Home, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

The gnome village with the mushroom houses in the fairytale forest in the theme park Efteling in the Netherlands. The Fairytale Forest opened in 1952 with 10 fairytales in it and it has expanded through the years. Here are 14 places that look straight out of a fairy tale.


Terre et Toi

A yurt is an excellent way to experience nature and this yurt in France comes designed with a number of organic materials. From straw to earthen plasters to lime and hemp plasters, this little getaway in southern France that overlooks a lake on 20 acres is quite the retreat to nature. It’s also available on Airbnb.



An upside-down boat has provided a dry place onshore for centuries but who knew it’d be such an attractive lodging option. The Boatel in Wales sits on the southern end of the Snowdonia National Park and provides a beautiful view. The Boatel is actually a few facilities. A boat turned right side up serves as a bedroom, the upside-down boat is more of a living room complete with nautical knickknacks.


The Container

If smaller living is a notion you’ve entertained for a while, get acquainted with it by checking out this recycled container home in Australia. Set in the country, the container home has sheep nearby on the farm, along with a wide variety of flowers.

House built with recycled bricksvia

The Daisy House, Subiaco, Australia

Located just outside of Perth, Australia, The Daisy House used recycled bricks and old steel railway lines for joists and lintels.


Mayen Val d’Herens en Valais – Sion

In Switzerland, you can rent out this stable from the 1890s. The interior has been updated with modern amenities. But given the view that surrounds the building, chances are you’ll want to explore the mountainside. The royal family is known for its cottages but have you seen what Prince Harry and Meghan are living in?


The Rancho

At Cielo Vanilla, Atenas in Costa Rica, get the experience of tropical living in a house that uses black lava rocks for walls. The property includes 4 acres with loads of fruit trees and tons of birds, perfect for birders.



In Kuta Utara, Bali, Indonesia the JungleRoom is an oasis for guests. There are a number of small cabins for people to choose from but it’s a bit of a special place. There’s daily yoga, a nearby beach and you can stay in the 60-year-old traditional Sumatran eternal teak wood. Get a look at the most enchanting places in the world you can rent.


Container Coziness

Find a sense of contentment with this container home located in Palma de Mallorca in Spain. Lounge poolside or step inside to soak up the rays of natural light that permeate throughout the home.


Holmenkollen, Oslo

This Norwegian cottage is great all year because it’s close to skiing in the winter and plenty of hiking during the summer. The house dates to 1850 and formerly served as a stable. There’s also a small creek nearby and a spa. Who knows, maybe you could find one of these abandoned castles.


Cob Cottage, British Columbia

This cottage utilizes local, sustainable, natural materials in its construction for a unique look. On the inside, it features tremendous woodworking.


Amethyst Crystal Dome

Also in Bali is the Amethyst Crystal Dome, a place dedicated to sustainable living. Next, look into what your home décor reveals about you.

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