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20 of the Most Incredible Underwater Photos Ever Taken

These mesmerizing underwater photos are truly the stuff of dreams.

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Deep Blue VibesMitchell Pettigrew/Getty Images

A majestic turtle swimming away

The sunlight coming in from the above makes it look almost like a portrait. Check out the most gorgeous hot air balloon shots you’ve ever seen.

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Octopus DiveTammy616/Getty Images

A majestic octopus in the peaceful water

Imagine witnessing this in real life—it would be mesmerizing yet intimidating.

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ClownfishRAZVAN CIUCA/Getty Images

Beautiful clownfish hiding in the blue sea anemone

The colors and textures are so beautiful that it’s hard to remember it’s a picture and not a painting. Don’t miss these 20 arrestingly beautiful photos that stand the test of time

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Cuttlefishmoodboard/Getty Images

A majestic cuttlefish swimming in deep ocean water

Did you know that cuttlefish is one of the most intelligent invertebrates? These stunning photos will make you appreciate the beauty of life.

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Predatory Oceanic Whitetip SharkStephen Frink/Getty Images

A couple of striped fish swimming with a whitetip shark

Did you know that whitetip sharks exhibit dog-like behaviors? That’s why they’re sometimes called “sea dogs”, according to Shark Insider.

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Fish underwater illuminated by sunlight, Costa Brava, SpainDavid Antoja/Getty Images

Underwater fish illuminated by sunlight

It’s hard not to be mesmerized by this natural wonder.

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Mediterranean Tompot blenny fish - (Parablennius gattorugine)vojce/Getty Images

A purple Mediterranean Tompot blenny

Tompot blennies sometimes leave their homes to come and investigate divers, according to

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Clown fish-Amphiprion bicinctusVincent Pommeyrol/Getty Images

A colorful portrait of underwater life

All the colors and different kinds of fish make a truly wonderful sight.

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Scuba Divers and Light Rays in Eden CenoteBrent Durand/Getty Images

Two divers exploring an underwater cave

This could easily be a picture from a fairytale. Check out these 20 stunning wave photos you won’t believe are real.

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A diver explores sea fans growing on Lesleen M freighter wreck off Castries, St. Lucia.James + Courtney Forte/Getty Images

A diver exploring sea fans

Be honest, you definitely wish you could explore this too.

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Caribbean reef sharks and sun raysTodd Bretl Photography/Getty Images

Two Caribbean reef sharks swimming

Can you tell you’re looking at some of the world’s most dangerous predators?

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many colorful jellyfish on the dark seahakule/Getty Images

Multi-colored jellyfish

If it wasn’t for the fear of being stung, we’d dive right in! It’s hard to believe this picture is real but it is—sadly, these fake photos are not, yet they’re so incredible that you’ll wish they were real.

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Coral reef scenery with butterflyfishGeorgette Douwma/Getty Images

Colorful fish swimming around the coral reef

Sadly, in some breathtaking places around the world, coral reef and other natural wonders started dying due to pollution.

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Beautiful fish,fishkrisanapong detraphiphat/Getty Images

These pink-striped Indian glassy fish

It’s hard to believe that this fish is real.

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Seagrass and fish in water, Santa Cruz Island, California, USACameron D Smith/Getty Images

Seagrass and fish in the water

Who knew seagrass could look so pretty?

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A Baby Humpback Whale Plays Near the Surface in Blue WaterCraig Lambert/Getty Images

A baby humpback whale near the surface

Don’t be fooled by its mature look, it’s a baby whale. Some animals have confusing names, learn more about them here.

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Front on Goldfish with black backgroundAlastair Pollock Photography/Getty Images

A captivating goldfish

Whoa, those eyes are mesmerizing! Also, this question definitely needs an answer: Is the ocean really running out of fish?

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Luminous blue whale diving in calm, blue oceanxia yuan/Getty Images

This luminous blue whale

Just like this whale, here are other animals that look so strange you won’t believe they’re real.

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Close-Up Of Starfish In SeaMarta Szopiak / EyeEm/Getty Images

A colorful starfish

The colors could not contrast any better.

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Underwater Scene With Reef And Tropical Fishhudiemm/Getty Images

Tropical fish swimming near the coral reef

Next, have a laugh at these hilarious animal jokes.

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