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5 Trending Bedroom Paint Colors for 2024

A fresh coat of paint in the bedroom is the first step in creating your ideal sanctuary!

Paintbrush in from of a background of paint chips in a home improvement store

Bedroom paint colors to set the mood

Whether you’re looking to increase your resale value or just refresh your personal oasis, painting a bedroom makes a huge visual impact.

But how do you know which color to choose? While a basic white can go with everything, it may read a bit dated or boring. And while a bright color may seem fun and exciting, it’s also daunting to incorporate all your current furniture pieces.

Here are five of our favorite bedroom paint colors for 2024. They all strike a beautiful balance between aesthetic interest and practicality, making them ideal options for your next bedroom makeover.

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Sage green

Green is a classic bedroom backdrop for a reason. Both uplifting and soothing, sage green brings the beauty of nature inside for an especially rejuvenating rest.

As Alexandra Fox, home design stylist with John Lewis & Partners, told Homes & Gardens, “If you’re looking to create a calm and inviting home, green is definitely a great place to start. […] Sage green is gentle enough to mix in well with existing colors and works with materials such as waffle, rattan and boucle to really build a tactile and inviting space.”

Find your perfect paint color based on your zodiac sign.

Scandinavian Bedroom Interior Stock Photo with warm beige colors

Warm beige

Let’s be real: Neutrals are always on trend. But this season, look to a warm beige paint to create the ultimate background to layer on top of in your bedroom. (Just make sure you avoid these colors that make your house look dirty.) Bedrooms are all about getting cozy, so using lots of textures and tones in bedding, pillows and rugs is essential.

To really highlight all that visual depth, opt for a warmer beige tone paint against cooler-toned accessories. The resulting effect will be a calming, natural landscape reminiscent of the chicest coastal grandmas.

Horizontal Frame Mock Up In Modern Bedroom Interior Background With Empty Dark Blue Wall 3d Rendering

Midnight blue

Bring the expansive night sky into your bedroom with a velvety midnight blue shade. A little darker than 2023’s indigo hue, midnight blue is rich, dramatic and emotional. While the dark color may seem overwhelming at first, navy blue can act as a neutral, blending in with almost any decor style. But if you’re still intimidated by a full wash of dark blue, try it on an accent wall or in small doses via home decor like throw pillows or blankets.

rusty red Boho Style Interior With Armchair Dresser And Decor 3d Render Illustration Mockup

Rusty red

As we’ve seen this year, earthy reds in the bedroom can make a huge impact. As HGTV’s Gina Hannah points out, “The color is intense and sensuous. It raises the pulse rate and blood pressure and lends a sense of energy.” While primary red may be best suited to a child’s bedroom, a luxurious swath of rich scarlet is both mature and sophisticated in an adult bedroom. Let deep reds inspire conversation and love.

soft yellow Bedroom Interior

Soft yellow

Yellow is notoriously cheery and mood-boosting, plus it can make a small space look a lot bigger. Dunn-Edwards Paints just released their Color Trends for 2024, including numerous yellow shades, such as Vibrant Honey, Lemon Lime and Ochre Revival. To make the fun color bedroom-appropriate, opt for a soft, warm shade, like butter or primrose, then treat it like a neutral and offset it with cooler, calming tones like pale blues and slate grays. This combination will provide an excellent sense of balance and dynamism.


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