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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

10 Things Your Neighbor Will Never Tell You

Even if you consider your neighbors friends, there are some things they’ll simply never tell you.

Man hand holding mobile phone.Tanoy1412/Shutterstock

We’re stealing your Wi-Fi

You pay for your Wi-Fi service, and so should everyone else, right? Don’t let your cheapskate neighbors use your Wi-Fi for free by ensuring your service is password protected. And be sure to create a strong password; in other words, don’t use your name or address. Plus: Learn how to make Wi-Fi faster in your home.

Plastic Flamingo on lawnLisa Signori/Shutterstock

We have horrible taste

Whether it’s tacky lawn ornaments like this enormous Sasquatch or a loud exterior paint color, your neighbor’s taste can become aggravating over time. While you’ll still be annoyed every time you drive by their house, you can at least block the view from your house by installing a privacy screen or closing the blinds.

White Unmade Bedkpakook/Shutterstock

We have bed bugs

If there’s one thing no one wants to hear is that their neighbor has bed bugs! And it’s certainly not something your neighbors will divulge after a quick “hello” while taking out the trash. If you consider your neighbors your friends, there’s a chance they could spread bed bugs into your home when you invite them over, and there’s not much you can do to prevent it. We definitely don’t recommend never inviting your neighbors over again, but it couldn’t hurt to do bed bug checks in your home every now and again. Doing these 7 things to prevent bed bugs is a smart move, too.

An image of a house at nightCultura Motion/Shutterstock

We can see inside your house at night

Would you tell your neighbor you saw him or her in their birthday suit through their bedroom window the other day? That’s awkward! Be sure your neighbor can’t see into your house, especially at night when you have the lights on, by closing the blinds or non-see-through curtains.

Empty white birdbath in a garden with pine conesscrapitsideways/Shutterstock

Our birdbath is a breeding ground for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can lay eggs in even a thimble-size amount of standing water, so imagine the damage your neighbor’s stagnant birdbath can do! A mosquito problem can make lounging in the backyard miserable in some parts of the country, so it couldn’t hurt to ask your neighbor to refresh the water in their birdbath every couple of days—the whole neighborhood will thank you! Don’t forget these 9 other ways to create better relationships with your neighbors that will benefit the whole community.

 photo of the shedAlexey Smolyanyy/Shutterstock

Our shed is actually on your property

If your neighbor didn’t locate their property lines before building a shed or other outdoor structure along the edge of their yard, there’s a chance it’s at least partially on your property. If that’s the case, it’s up to you whether you want to have the structure moved. It will almost certainly create tension between you and your neighbors, but property line markers are there for a reason.

Overgrown GardenSimon Annable/Shutterstock

We don’t like yard maintenance

Your neighbor won’t need to come out and tell you that they don’t like yard maintenance, it’ll be pretty obvious to any passerby! If it’s absolutely maddening to you, offer to help your neighbor with lawn chores.

Cheerless young woman covering her faceDmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock

We fight loud

It can be downright uncomfortable to hear your neighbors screaming at each other, especially when you run into them outside shortly after. But you can prevent unintentional eavesdropping from inside your house by closing the windows and soundproofing your rooms.

Cheerless young woman covering her faceArianaPhotos/Shutterstock

Our dog pees in your yard

If your neighbor lets their dog relieve itself in your yard, your grass will eventually show signs of the faux pas. It takes time and money to fix those brown patches, so it’s worth asking your neighbor to stop allowing their dog to pee in your yard. If excessive barking is the problem, make sure you know these tips on how to deal with your neighbor’s loud dog.

Mud Tunnel or Tube of Subterranean TermitesYou Touch Pix of EuToch/Shutterstock

We have a termite problem

Termites can do serious damage to a home. Even if your neighbor has a termite problem, there are plenty of steps you can take to defend your home if the pests attempt relocating to your property.

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