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50 Thanksgiving Puns That Will Make Your Dinner Guests Bust a Gut

Serve a side of humor this holiday by breaking out these hysterical Thanksgiving puns at the dinner table

Turkey Dressing Pun
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Leave your guests in stitches with these funny Thanksgiving puns

Psst! Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means it’s time to get the food prepared, the guest list finalized and the house in tip-top shape for loved ones. Food is the heart of Thanksgiving, but entertaining is the soul—and what’s more entertaining than humor? It helps us find common ground with one another as we share laughs over a scrumptious meal. If you need some chuckle-worthy material, these Thanksgiving puns will do the trick.

The food puns and funny Thanksgiving quotes below are a little bit of everything: clever, cheesy, hunger inducing… You get the picture. Use them in tandem with these Thanksgiving memes and riddles to tickle each person’s funny bone as they fill up their plates.

Turkeys Phone Pun
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Turkey puns

1. We all have something in common with the turkey today: We’re stuffed.

2. Please raise your gobble gobble goblets for a Thanksgiving toast!

3. A good Thanksgiving meal is the tur-key to my heart.

4. This turkey is all carved up! Do you suspect fowl play?

5. Don’t make fun of the turkey—it’s been roasted enough today.

6. I love when you talk turkey to me.

7. We’re serving the turkey’s favorite dessert this year: peach gobbler!

8. Don’t let any Thanksgiving turkey go to baste.

9. Hey, that turkey wishbone is doing its best—give it a break.

10. Don’t stare at the turkey dressing. You’ll make him blush!

11. We’re trading in the Christmas tree for poul-tree this year.

12. We’re really plucky to have a great turkey this Thanksgiving.

13. Don’t let the turkey fool you. He’s got a Baste of Spades in his giblets.

14. This turkey will make you fowl with delight.

15. Can someone pick up the turkey’s phone? It’s winging.

16. Goodness gracious, great gobbles of fire!

Feel free to use these puns as funny Thanksgiving captions this year.

Apple Of My Pie Pun
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Pie puns

17. Pecan do it!

18. You’re the apple of my pie.

19. Slice, slice, baby.

20. Bye, bye, Miss Thanksgiving pie.

21. It’s the pie of the tiger. It’s the thrill of the bite.

22. Baking memories, one holiday at a time.

23. Wow, this pumpkin pie is gourdous!

24. I’ve got my pie set on you.

25. Pie oh pie does this taste good!

26. You want in on this pie? I’ll give you a cut.

27. For Pete’s bake—grab some pie while you can!

28. In pie we crust.

29. Hooked on a filling.

30. Pecan’t take my eyes off of you.

31. I’m pie-ning over this delicious slice!

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Potatoes Pun
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Thanksgiving food puns

32. This meal can’t get any butter.

33. Gravy, I love your way.

34. Roll out!

35. It’s all or stuffing with the Thanksgiving feast.

36. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a yam!

37. Not to get too corny, but this Thanksgiving food is amaizeing.

38. You could say I’m into fitness—as in, fitness scoop of mashed potatoes into my mouth.

39. I’m all corn up inside.

40. Bready for seconds!

41. We’re having a yam-good time.

42. Don’t forget to squash up for Thanksgiving dinner.

43. Squashing my hands of this.

44. I’m gravy for you!

45. I love you from my head to my potatoes.

46. Feeling saucy.

47. Let’s get basted this Thanksgiving!

48. Feast your eyes on this glorious Thanksgiving spread.

49. There’s just pumpkin about the way you look tonight.

50. You’ve foiled my plans for taking home leftovers.

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