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50 Teen Halloween Costumes That Are Spooky and Super Cool

Finding teen Halloween costumes doesn't have to be a nightmare. From monsters to Marvel, we've got ideas for all types of adolescents.

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5 Teen Halloween Costumes That Are Super Spooky And Cool
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Top teen Halloween costumes

Teens aren’t always the easiest to please, and when it comes to the spookiest day of the year, it’s extra tricky to come up with the perfect Halloween costume ideas for teens. But here’s a treat: We’ve got so many teen Halloween costumes, your kid’s biggest problem will be choosing just one!

Whether your teenage monsters need an easy Halloween costume, want to go solo with one of the best Halloween costumes or opt for a coordinated costume with a best friend or a group, you’ll find something they love on this list. When you do, make sure to bookmark these Halloween Instagram captions, because they’ll definitely want to post pics of their getup—and so will you!

BTS Halloween costume

Channel mega-popular South Korean boy band BTS with this fun group costume for Halloween. With just a few hours of scouring thrift stores for pastel shirts, you and your crew can rock BTS’s classic look from their “Dynamite” music video. With a team like this, you’ll rock these Halloween party games too.

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Steampunk Halloween costume

Steampunk combines sci-fi futurism with Victorian styling—it’s basically an alternate reality where all modern technology is powered by steam. Think corsets, goggles, cogs, gloves and three-piece suits for a fantastically fashionable teen Halloween costume. It’s a serious look, but you can lighten things up with some old-school Halloween riddles.

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Olivia Rodrigo Halloween costume

If you’re stuck without good Halloween costume ideas for teens, look no further than Olivia Rodrigo’s 2021 album Sour—specifically, its iconic album art (tongue stickers optional!). Pair a furry pink tank top with a blue plaid skirt and attach some whimsical stickers to your face. Then treat yourself to a generous helping of on-theme sour candies. Teens will love these Halloween memes too.

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Hotel Transylvania Halloween costume

Vampires never go out of style, and Mavis’s outfit makes for a particularly cool teen Halloween costume. Go heavy on the eyeshadow, pop in some fangs and wear your favorite little black dress with some red-and-black striped tights for a vampiric evening.

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Minions Halloween costume

With Minions: The Rise of Gru sparking TikTok trends and plenty of hype, you don’t have to look far for great costume ideas for teens, especially for a group. Yellow T-shirts, blue jeans, black latex gloves, goofy goggles and a strong giggle will bring Minions costumes to life. Your grumpiest friend (with a heart of gold) just needs a black sweater and a striped scarf to become Gru. They’ll also need these corny Halloween jokes to complete the dad vibes.

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Halloween costume

There may be no better teen Halloween costumes than the spookiest teens on TV: Sabrina Spellman and the three Weird Sisters: Agatha, Prudence and Dorcas. Matching jewel-tone dresses, dark lipstick and lace collars bring the look together, but a true witch knows it’s all in the attitude. Telling some truly spooky Halloween stories doesn’t hurt either.

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Ariana Grande Halloween costume

Nothing says Halloween like recreating one of the most famous paparazzi photos of the past few years. You’ll need a lollipop, an oversized hoodie, a real or faux waist-length ponytail and some over-the-knee boots to become this dangerous woman. When you reach the party, break the ice with these Halloween quotes.

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Arthur Halloween costume

Whether you know Arthur the aardvark from the meme or the show, that iconic yellow sweater makes a perfect Halloween costume idea for teens. You’ll need a yellow V-neck sweater, some blue jeans, red sneakers and round glasses. To really go above and beyond, add an aardvark ears headband and, of course, a library card. As Arthur will tell you, having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card, and neither is finding the original stories of Halloween’s creepiest monsters.

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Luisa Madrigal Halloween costume

Halloween is the perfect time to show off your strength. This Encanto teen Halloween costume brings Luisa to life. All you need is a white shirt, blue skirt and silky red ribbon to tie in a bow around your hair. Donkeys are optional! Now that you’re in the movie mood, cap off the night with one of the best Halloween movies.

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Medusa Halloween costume

Overprotective parents will love this Halloween costume idea for teens—there’s no need to worry when you can turn anyone to stone with just a look. This sssuper serpentine look requires a bit of DIY: You’ll need to spray-paint some toy-store snakes gold and glue or zip-tie them to a headband, then add false eyelashes to make your scariest feature pop.

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Turning Red Halloween costume

Some of the best teen Halloween costumes are characters who are actual teens, like Meilin, Miriam, Abby and Priya of Disney’s Turning Red. Get your gang together and hand out Abby’s purple overalls, Miriam’s green flannel, Priya’s yellow shirt and Meilin’s red panda ears for a great group costume. Love to spook your friends? Check out these scary Halloween costumes for even more frights.

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The Rose family Halloween costume

You may not be a bébé anymore, but the teen years are the perfect time to portray the stuck-in-arrested-development Rose family. You’ll need a strong connection to your inner snob—and a wig worthy of Moira Rose, of course.

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Emily in Paris Halloween costume

Even if you haven’t made it to Paris yet, you can borrow a bit of Emily’s je ne sais quoi this October with this continental teen Halloween costume that would work well as a plus-size Halloween costume. Even better, you might be able to access this costume from your closet—just combine your most colorful clothes and top the look with a beret. Mais oui!

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Women of Marvel Halloween costume

Is this the ultimate girl gang or what? Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Black Widow, Maria Hill and Nebula are here to save the party and have fun doing it. Nobody will mess with you and your besties in these teen Halloween costumes.

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Mystery Inc. Halloween costume

They’re cute, classic and always on the case: It’s the Scooby gang! You don’t have to unmask any villains tonight (unless someone steals your Halloween candy), but you can still have fun bringing Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby to life. Just don’t forget Velma’s signature square glasses.

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The Breakfast Club Halloween costume

Misfits, unite! These classic disaffected ’80s teens make for the perfect Halloween costume. The Athlete, the red-haired Princess, the Brain, the Criminal and the Basket Case might not exactly describe you and your besties, but with looks (and dance moves) this strong, no one will forget about you.

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Doctor Strange Halloween costume

You might have to draw on the doc’s classic facial hair, but what really pulls this look together, in our opinion, are the yellow dishwashing gloves. Everything else you need for this men’s Halloween costume should be in your closet: gray hoodie, blue jacket and a red blanket, tablecloth or sheet standing in as the Cloak of Levitation.

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The Winx Club Halloween costume

Fairies, fashionistas, heroes? If that sounds like you and your besties, look no further than this Winx Club group teen Halloween costume. Flora, Stella, Bloom, Musa and Tecna each have their own color scheme (and you probably already have the right color dress in your closet), so just add some fairy wings and get ready to fly.

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Tadashi Hamada Halloween costume

This is a great big brother costume, but anyone can bring Big Hero 6 to life with Tadashi’s simple outfit: white tee, baseball cap, brown pants and an optional cardigan. Just add a cute Baymax plushie and watch the candy roll in. Keep the holiday fun coming by quizzing your pals on fascinating Halloween trivia.

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Glinda the Good Witch Halloween costume

“Are you a good Halloween costume for teen girls? Or a bad one?” The answer is pretty obvious with this retro costume inspired by Glinda the Good Witch. Sparkles, a crown, magic and mischief? Sign us up!

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Comic book character Halloween costume

Makeup-obsessed teens will love this take on dressing up as a comic book character. All you need is some Halloween face paint and creativity—your face is your canvas for this one. Use the face paint to turn yourself into artwork worthy of Roy Lichtenstein himself.

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Harley Quinn and the Joker Halloween Costume

You can’t go wrong recreating the ultimate baddie duo of Harley Quinn and the Joker from the DC Comics universe. This costume works well for couples, best friends and even solo—just choose the villain you prefer and go all in. You can buy a wig to transform your look or use temporary hair dye to recreate the characters.

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Zombie Prom Queen Halloween Costume
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Zombie prom queen Halloween costume

What’s better than a prom queen? A zombie one, of course. It’s time for the undead to take the stage with this cute and creepy costume.

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Queen of Hearts Halloween costume

Play your cards right with this Queen of Hearts Disney-inspired costume. A deck-of-cards collar, red dress and red wig will help you transform into the Alice in Wonderland villain.

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Casey Becker Halloween Costume

You’ll be screaming about how easy and cute this Halloween costume is. Drew Barrymore’s memorable character in the scary Halloween movie Scream has never looked better. Best of all, you can probably find the outfit in your closet, then just pick up a retro phone and blond wig.

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Princess Leia Halloween Costume
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Princess Leia Halloween costume

Star Wars-obsessed teens, take note! The Force will be with you when you don this iconic costume. Dressing up as your favorite intergalactic princess is easier than it looks. Remember: It’s all about the side buns.

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Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume

Fall down the rabbit hole with this Alice in Wonderland–inspired costume. You’ll love the fun take on the childhood classic. If you have a Cheshire Cat of your own, check out these purr-fect cat Halloween costumes and get your kitty in on the action!

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Shego Halloween costume

What’s the sitch with this teen Halloween costume idea? Arguably one of Disney Channel’s most fashion-forward villains, Shego from the hit animated series Kim Possible is sure to be a favorite costume among teen girls. Once your costume has been chosen and your makeup refined, you’ll need to make sure your decor is up to par by using these DIY Halloween decoration tips and tricks.

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Cruella de Vil Halloween costume

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will—and that’s certainly true for this picture-perfect teen Halloween costume. A black-and-white dress (and matching wig) will have your teen looking exactly like the Disney villainess from 101 Dalmatians.

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Powerpuff Girls Halloween costume

This Halloween costume is most certainly sugar, spice and everything nice—just like you. To transform into the Powerpuff Girls for this year’s trick-or-treating event, team up with two besties and wear a pink, green or blue dress cinched at the waist with a wide black belt.

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Wednesday Addams Halloween costume

Be afraid … be very afraid of the original Goth girl who loves the dark side of life. For this look, pair Wednesday’s iconic white collar and black dress with a pair of pigtails and/or black lipstick. This classic character is a completely work-appropriate costume to boot.

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Winnie the Pooh Halloween costume

Take a trip back to the Hundred Acre Wood with this un-bear-ably adorable Winnie the Pooh costume. All you need is a red tee, yellow skirt or pants, and a yellow hat with pom-poms that resemble bear ears.

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Cher and Dionne Halloween costume

The ’90s are back! You and your best friend will love dressing up like Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport from Clueless. You’ll just need a plaid skirt and a matching blazer. Did you doubt our ability to find one of the most perfect vintage teen Halloween costumes? Ugh, as if!

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Stranger Things Halloween costume

Netflix’s Stranger Things is still one of the most popular teen television shows out there, and lovebirds can’t go wrong dressing up as Mike and Eleven—circa season one, two, three or four. Don’t forget the pink dress, bloody nose and Eggos! If this puts you in the mood for, well, strange things, curl up on your couch with these Halloween movies on Netflix.

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Spice Girls Halloween costume

If what you want—what you really, really want—is a good teen Halloween costume idea for a group of besties, look no further. Grab your friends and deck yourselves out as the Spice Girls. It’s time for a world tour!

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Cat emoji Halloween costume

Turn your emoji obsession into a bona fide Halloween costume hit with some cat ears, faux whiskers and heart-shaped sunglasses. It’s purr-fect! More of a dog person? These dog Halloween costume ideas are for your four-legged BFF, but they might give you a few ideas too!

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Tina Belcher and Jimmy Jr. Halloween costume

Because who doesn’t love Bob’s Burgers? Here’s another teen Halloween costume idea that can be done as a couple, with a best friend or alone. If you’re flying solo, grab a dark wig, some knee-high socks, a light blue T-shirt and dark blue skirt for an easy Tina costume.

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Mermaid Halloween costume

Transform into a beautiful undersea creature with this dazzling costume idea. You can even use coffee filters and paint to make it yourself! If you get into the craft zone, take a look at these pumpkin-carving ideas you can create too.

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Cheerleader Halloween Costume Via Spirithalloween
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Cheerleader Halloween costume

Who has the most Halloween spirit? If you’re in this costume, you certainly will! Get ready to give goblins and ghouls the pep rally of their dreams … or, better yet, their nightmares.

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Elle Woods Halloween costume

What, like it’s hard to find cute teen Halloween costumes? Not if you dress as the heroine from Legally Blonde. All you need to do is think pink to dress up as Harvard Law’s most stylish student.

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Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones Halloween costume

The CW’s Riverdale is one of the most popular shows on TV, so you’ll love becoming these Archie comic characters on Halloween. The best thing is that nearly everything can be found in your own closet (though you may need to buy a cool Jughead beanie), which is perfect for those last-minute Halloween costumes.

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Dancing emojis Halloween costume

It’s time to show off your best moves with this dancing emojis costume. All you need is a black leotard, a hair bow and a bestie to dress up with.

Shop the Bows

Deviled egg Halloween costume

If you’re something of a comedienne (or comedian), you’ll appreciate this punny costume idea that relies on nothing but some devil horns, a red sweater and an egg tee you can create yourself. One deviled egg, coming right up!

Shop the Devil Horns

Miss Universe Halloween costume

This teen Halloween costume is perfect for all aspiring pageant contestants. Forget queen of the world—try queen of the universe with this cute and easy costume. Simply don a space-inspired outfit, then create your own Miss (or Mr.) Universe sash.

Shop the Sash

Stitch Halloween Costume
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Stitch Halloween costume

This one is a great idea for a couple of reasons. For starters, who doesn’t love the world’s most adorable extraterrestrial? (That’d be Stitch from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch.) And who would pass up the opportunity to wear a cozy onesie all night? The way we see it, this costume is a win-win. Turn it into a family Halloween costume by adding Lilo, Nani, Dr. Jumba Jookiba and Cobra Bubbles.

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Dorothy Halloween Costume
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Dorothy Halloween costume

Click your ruby heels together three times, and you’ll be magically transformed into Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz this Halloween. As everyone knows, the right shoes, dress and hairstyle can make all the difference!

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Wonder Woman Halloween costume

Become an Amazon warrior in an instant with this Wonder Woman costume. Who knows—maybe you’ll develop superhuman strength while you’re at it.

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Witch Halloween Costume
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Witch Halloween costume

Sometimes it’s best to stick with the basics. You can never go wrong dressing up as a witch on fright night. While we’re talking classics, this is why we carve pumpkins on Halloween.

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Miss Devil Halloween Costume
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Miss Devil Halloween costume

Whether you’re naughty or nice, you’ll enjoy dressing up in this red-hot (yet age-appropriate) Miss Devil costume. Pitchfork included!

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Dark Unicorn Jumpsuit Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes
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Unicorn Halloween costume

If you love all things fantasy, you’ll be obsessed with this super-comfy unicorn costume. (Yep, they make girl versions too.) It’s time to bring on the magic! Got a little brother or sister in need of something for Halloween? Turn your attention to these baby Halloween costume ideas.

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