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32 Cool Tech Gifts You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

Once you get your hands on these tech gifts, you won't want to let them go.

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32 Cool Tech Gifts You'll Want To Keep For Yourself Via Merchant 3RD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (3)

Surely we’re not the only ones who start to go all starry-eyed at just the thought of the newest tech gadget. When holiday shopping, it may seem like a no-brainer to choose tech gifts for your boyfriend, husband or brother. However, from the practical and useful to the day-to-day internet of things you might not even realize are tech-based, the incredible advances in technology have resulted in options for everyone. Tech gifts for men, women and kids might be a bit of an investment, but they stand the test of time and are certainly coveted … maybe even by you!

From lightweight computers and gaming accessories to digital frames and video doorbells, this list of tech gifts ideas covers loads of ideas and price points. So whether you want to splurge or save, you’ll find some cool picks for everyone on your list when shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, a birthday, graduation or any other special occasion. Tech gifts are useful year round!

Larq Self Cleaning Water Bottlevia merchant

Best for runners: Larq Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water

It doesn’t get more futuristic than a water bottle that neutralizes bacteria, sanitizes water and cleans the interior surface of the bottle—and it gets better. Simply push a button and the bottle self-cleans every two hours to keep your water fresh and funk- (and gunk-!) free.

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Trusens Air Purifiervia merchant

Best for allergy suffers: TruSens Air Purifier

We’re all too aware of airborne viruses, allergens and bacteria. Fortunately, this air purifier with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system kills the germs and bacteria trapped in the filter. Gross to think about, but also so, so satisfying.

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Shark Flexstyle Systemvia merchant

Best for beauty tech gifts: Shark FlexStyle Air Drying & Styling System

This isn’t just a blow dryer—it’s like having a hair glam squad at your beck and call. Shark’s design is intuitive. Need a styler? Choose among the attachments and get to work. Prefer a blast of air? Swivel the neck for a sleek-looking blow dryer. The styling system was created to dry, smooth, volumize and curl—what else could they possibly need? Talk about a fitting gift for teens!

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Jackery Generator Stationvia merchant

Best for prepared homeowners: Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300

When an intense storm hits that compromises electricity, anyone would be thankful that they have a source to power up their devices. With Jackery’s portable power station, all they have to do is plug the cord into the wall outlet, USB-C port or other provided ports. It can charge up to six devices, including smartphones, medical equipment and appliances, at a time.

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Mini Fridgevia merchant

Best for skincare routines: Personal Chiller Mini Fridge

Forget Barbiecore, what about pink fridgecore? This fairy-sized refrigerator keeps beauty products cool and germ-free. Store nail polish inside to protect the bottles from the heat, or stow face masks or skin tools inside for a cooling effect. And yes, the mini-fridge can be used to sneak in a couple beverages too.

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Cell Phone Stand For Desk Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for anyone avoiding tech neck: Lookstand Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

For those of us on our smartphones too much (guilty!), the Lookstand phone stand is here to save the day. To prevent tech neck, it easily attaches to the back of a phone, slides into an easel-type position and extends to full length for a lightweight stand on the go. Zoom meetings, cooking and FaceTime just got comfier.

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Netgear Orbi Whole Home Tri Band Mesh Wifi 6 System Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for anyone who needs speedy wifi: Netgear Orbi Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System

Know someone who has all the latest tech gadgets? Well, they’re going to need fast-paced internet access to work. Sluggish WiFi means movies stream slowly and emails might never download. Think of this mesh router as a home upgrade, especially since it offers up to 5,000 square feet of coverage. More than 100 devices can connect at the same time.

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Thermopro Wireless Meat Thermometer Of 500ft Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for grillers: ThermoPro Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

This completely wireless smart thermometer has a remote range via Bluetooth, so the grill master in your life can control their cooking from up to 500 feet away. There’s a connected smartphone app along with built-in timers and alarms to guarantee perfectly seared meat. In addition to being one of the best tech gifts, it makes a lovely hostess gift.

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The Social Media Detox Tracker Ecomm Walmart.comvia merchant

Best for doomscrollers: The Social Media Detox Tracker Journal

Sometimes we need a break from technology—or, at least, accountability. This extremely simple journal allows them to track mindless scrolling and set up healthier habits. No one is suggesting giving up the smartphone altogether, but a little management can lead to big changes.

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Galaxy Z Flip4 Ecomm Samsung.comvia merchant

Best smartphone tech gift: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Oh, this foldable smartphone is a beauty. Samsung’s new generation flip phone lets them take high-quality selfies right from the cover screen. There’s also extra flex (literally) in the form of high-quality video recording in Quick Shot mode, which can be switched to Flex mode to continue recording hands-free. Perfet for capturing TikTok masterpieces! While you’re at it, check out these unique features only a Samsung Galaxy has, too.

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Jlab Epic Air Sport Anc True Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbuds Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best tech gift for fitness: JLab Epic Air Sport ANC Wireless Earbuds

If they hit the gym religiously or can’t go a day without listening to a podcast, these JLab wireless earbuds are their new best friend. They offer true wireless connectivity with active noise-canceling capability, a sport fit and up to 70 or more hours of play time. If you’re buying these for a woman and want to create a whole fitness package, combine with a pair of top-rated leggings or workout shorts.

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Aura Carver Hd Smart Digital Picture Frame Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for proud grandparents: Aura Digital Picture Frame

How could loving grandparents choose just one photo to display in a frame? Aura makes it so they don’t have to. The brand’s digital picture frames allow them to proudly display adorable kids, fluffy friends and other family memories. Simply sync a phone’s photo roll and they can view the highlight reel at any time. Grandma and grandpa will love it!

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Surface Laptop 4 Ecomm Microsoft.comvia merchant

Best tech gift for students: Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

It’s cute, it’s lightweight and it has a comfort keyboard. Even better, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 has a no-lag touchscreen, and this particular model comes in several cool colors, including ice blue and sandstone. Plus, its fast-charging feature brings the device up to 80% battery in about an hour. Now this is our kind of graduation gift!

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Canopy The Canopy Humidifier Starter Set Ecomm Sephora.comvia merchant

Best for beauty multitaskers: The Canopy Humidifier Starter Set

Canopy humidifiers already have legions of fans, and now you can get your friend in on the hype with the brand’s starter set. One of the coolest tech gifts, it includes a humidifier, paper filter, USB-C power cord and aroma sample kit. It targets dryness, sensitivity, redness and more. They’ll wake up with fresh, hydrated skin.

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Black & Decker Behb101 Bev Corded Cocktail Maker Ecomm Target.comvia merchant

Best for home entertainers: bev by Black+Decker

If they live for a good drink on a Friday night or host regularly, they’ll love the bev by Black+Decker cocktail maker. This boozy appliance works with Bartesian cocktail capsules, which means more than 40 different beverages are on the menu. There’s the option to select drink strength and mix in the spirit of their choice. Cheaper than hiring a bartender!

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Coin Piggy Bank Saving Jar Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for savers: Digital Coin Counter Jar

You never know when someone is (attempting) to save up for a vacation or special gift for themselves. This coin counter jar does the work for them and displays the amount on the digital screen. Add it as a kid’s stocking stuffer to teach the responsibility of money (even if they just find it in the sofa cushions) early.

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The Smart Topper Ecomm Perfectlysnug.comvia merchant

Best for hot sleepers: Perfectly Snug The Smart Topper

If they struggle with night sweats or chills (or the cold feet of their significant other), The Smart Topper by Perfectly Snug keeps their ideal temperature all night. It works by gently blowing air under and around them, and has a foot heater for a spa-like feel. We tested one out, so a tip from us to you: Don’t forget to check the app for temperature fluctuations.

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Sony Srs Xp500 X Series Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for premium sound: Sony SRS-XP500 Wireless Speaker

Being both wireless and portable makes this Sony speaker a must-have for gatherings. It features up to 20 hours of battery life and is splash- and spill-resistant—you know, in case the party gets a little too fun. If they plan to take it up a notch, the speaker has two microphone/guitar rear inputs.

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Ocushield Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for never-ending scrollers: OcuShield Anti-Blue Light iPhone Protector

This extremely practical gift is fitting for anyone who is tied to their phone—sound familiar? The OcuShield iPhone protector is a clear-appearing filter that eliminates most harmful blue light rays from hitting delicate eyes. Reducing blue light is said to improve the symptoms of eye strain and insomnia, so they’ll appreciate this daily-use gift. These blue light glasses do the trick too.

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Black+decker Powerseries Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner For Pets Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for pet parents: Black+Decker PowerSeries Cordless Stick Vacuum

Time to say goodbye to dust bunnies and pet hair! Black+Decker’s cordless stick vacuum has a battery with up to 55 minutes of runtime. It easily converts to a hand vacuum and can be used on carpet and hardwood. Messes have officially met their match.

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Arlo Essential 1080p Wire Free Video Doorbell Ecomm Target.comvia merchant

Best for the security-minded: Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell

This is one of those gifts that’s so useful that you’ll want to buy one for yourself. The Arlo video doorbell is relatively easy to set up, thanks to its wireless function that can be installed near an outside door or even an apartment building door. The smartphone-controlled app sends an alert when the doorbell rings, so they won’t miss that important delivery.

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Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum And Mop Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for people who hate to clean: Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum

Chores? Boo. There won’t be a need to think about the floors, thanks to the Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum. It’s one of the best robot vacuums around and can be controlled from a smartphone app. For those areas of the home with loads of foot traffic, this handy device even mops and scrubs for floors you would eat off of.

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Weboost Drive Truck Cell Phone Signal Booster Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best tech gifts for drivers: weBoost Drive X Cell Phone Signal Booster

Whether they’re driving on country roads with spotty reception or just have long daily commutes, this weBoost cell phone signal booster will be very much appreciated. It supports 5G technology and works with all American networks and carriers. It’s also made in the USA, which is a nice bonus.

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Aquasonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for beautiful smiles: AquaSonic Black Series Ultrasonic Whitening Toothbrush

Their smile will be brighter than ever after you give them a futuristic AquaSonic Black Series toothbrush. This American Dental Association (ADA)-accepted electric toothbrush comes with eight brush heads and a travel case. It features an ultrasonic motor, which provides 40,000 vibrations per minute, with wireless charging. Choose from four modes, use the smart timer and smile on! Tech gifts have entered the dental health chat!

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Hyperx Quadcast S Rgb Usb Condenser Microphone For Pc Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for podcasters: HyperX QuadCast S USB Condenser Microphone

Your, we mean their, love of podcasting and audio activities will be taken to the next level with this top-rated HyperX QuadCast microphone that works with USB ports. It is compatible with PCs and Macs, has a tap-to-mute feature and is customizable with red, green, blue (RGB) lighting and effects.

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The Learning App Kids Love Ecomm Learnwithhomer.comvia merchant

Best for young learners: Homer Learning App for Kids

This early-stage, personalized learning app for kids is downloaded directly to tablets and encourages brain-building screen time (unlike hours of mindless YouTube). It’s a genius way to turn a little one into a full-on prodigy while having fun. Looking for more gifts for toddlers? We’ve got tons of ideas that go beyond tech gifts.

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Brite Lite Neon Goals Calendar Ecomm Britelitetribe.comvia merchant

Best for the ultimate organizer: Brite Lite Neon Goals Calendar

Take their love of organization and scheduling to the next level with this tech gift, a Brite Lite goals calendar. It has real neon lights and a segmented acrylic dry erase board the entire family (or office) will love using. If you’re looking for a smart gift for your sister who’s always running from carpool to shopping to work events, this is it!

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Presidio Laptop Sleeve Ecomm Parkerclay.comvia merchant

Best tech gift for luxury enthusiasts: Parker Clay Presidio Laptop Sleeve

While this leather laptop sleeve may not be the technology itself, it’s one of the best add-on tech gifts and accessories for those who don’t leave home without their screen. Built for protection and designed for style, it fits 15-inch models perfectly. For more of an all-in-one bag, consider these laptop backpacks.

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Force Of Nature Multi Purpose Cleaner Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for neat freaks: Force of Nature Multipurpose Cleaner

This isn’t your mom’s cleaner, friends. Force of Nature uses advanced technology to kick all other cleaning products to the curb and make homes eco-friendly havens. With space-age-feeling electricity, it converts tap water and a capsule of salt and vinegar into an organic multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer. And did we mention that it’s a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered disinfectant and sanitizer? Well, it is!

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Wireless On Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones With Long Battery Life Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for music lovers: JBL Live 460NC Wireless Headphones

Whether the listener loves podcasts, audiobooks or an engaging Spotify playlist, elevate their listening experience with a pair of JBL wireless headphones. The lightweight, padded earphones deliver not only clear, rich, signature sound—with a whomping bass—but they can also be used for noise cancelling or smart ambient sound when it’s important to keep in touch with the environment. Enjoy 50 hours of streaming, plus stereo phone calls via Bluetooth.

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Pet Grooming Kit Ecomm Dyson H.assetsadobe2.comvia merchant

Best tech gift for animal lovers: Dyson Pet Grooming Kit

Owners of fluffy dog breeds who deal with heavy shedding will want to check out the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit. Just attach the retractable brush attachment to a Dyson vacuum (one of the V7, V8, Cyclone V10, V11, Digital Slim, Outsize, V12 Detect Slim or V15 Detect models) and power it on to whisk away the pup’s loose bits of fur, animal dander and microscopic skin flakes. The vacuum sucks up all the mess, so there’s almost no clean-up. BRB, adding these tech gifts to the best gift for dog lovers!

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Wacom One High Definition Creative Pen Display Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Best for artists of all ages: Wacom One Drawing Tablet

See their imagination come to life in full color on a 13.3-inch display. The natural-feeling surface friction makes intuitive drawing on a screen a breeze, and even feels like drawing on paper. Plus, there’s no need for batteries. The drawing tablet is easily one of the best tech gifts for budding artists and cutting down on messes.

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