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30 Thoughtful and Affordable Holiday Teacher Gifts

Your kids' teachers work so hard day after day after day. Why not show them your appreciation for all that they do? Here, 30 heartfelt holiday gifts for teachers—that will enable you to stay on budget, too.

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Fruit infuser water bottlevia

A refreshing way to keep hydrated

Teachers are on their feet all day and are often so busy they forget to take care of themselves. This insulated BPA-free water bottle offers a cool twist: It comes with an infuser tube that can be filled with fresh mint, lime, lemon, or berries. This is a simple teacher gift she or he will find super useful. Make the gift more personal by including one of these 34 inspirational quotes about teachers in your card.

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Pocket hand sanitizervia

A pretty way to fight germs

Let your child’s teacher know just have much her health means to you by picking up a bundle of five scented hand sanitizers. Just decorate this teacher gift with a bow and don’t forget to send in a box or two of Kleenex for the class.

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A dash of green

Plants are among the best teacher gifts. Not only do these add a little bit of the outdoors to any classroom but tiny succulents—and these come in a pack of five—require very little maintenance. A win-win for your child’s very busy teacher.

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Feather shaped book marksvia

Bookmarks aplenty

With any luck, your kids’ teachers will be spending their holidays curled up with a good book, instead of catching up on lesson plans or grading. These bookmarks come 30 to the pack so you can share with all of your child’s teachers (and even write a personal message on the back).

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Burt's Bees Multipackvia

A swipe of self-care

There are certain gifts that never go to waste. Give your child’s busy teacher a few inexpensive self-care items like Burt’s Bees lip balm—and this package comes with four tubes of Original Beeswax, Strawberry, Coconut & Pear, and Vanilla Bean—as a much-appreciated survival kit for busy school days. Read on for 60 of the best Amazon Prime gifts for everyone on your list.

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Knitted wool glovesvia

Warm hands

If your child’s teacher is usually the one who waits out front as the last yellow school bus leaves for the day, then why not gift her with warm and cozy gloves? These are even more ideal for lots of outdoor time thanks to their tech-friendly touchscreen fingertips.

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Bath gift setvia

Bath treats

When you’re a teacher there’s never enough time for downtime but, with this shea butter duo, which is just right for harsh winter temps, your child’s teacher will appreciate the gesture.

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Journals via

Jot it down

This three-pack of journals is a perfect teacher gift. Ideal for stowing in a backpack or on a desk, the covers are also water-resistant, just in case of potential (kiddie) spills. Don’t miss these $10 and under stocking stuffers.

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Shortbread cookiesvia

Cookie sampler

A simple cookie sampler is often the perfect teacher gift, especially when it’s delicious shortbread that happens to be shaped like a Christmas tree.

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Personalized pencilsvia

Personalized pencils

It’s one thing to give your child’s teacher a box of fun-colored pink pencils. It’s another to get them personalized, always a very thoughtful gift.

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Lavender and lemongrass soapvia

A better basic

There’s nothing sweeter than treating your child’s teacher to a bar of handmade, vegan lavender and lemongrass soap. This one’s perfect for the sink—or tub.

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Papermate felt tip pensvia

A rainbow of colors

School supplies are often in short supply and felt-tip pens are always a hit, whether your child’s teacher wants to use them in the classroom or to address her own holiday cards.

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3 wick candlevia

Scented jar candle

There’s nothing nicer than gifting a teacher with a scented jar candle. To make your child’s gift stand out, tie it with a bow or have your child decorate it with paint pens. Note: Try to find out what types of scents your child’s teacher likes best—before you buy—though this bamboo and eucalyptus candle, designed and poured in the United States, is mild enough for most.

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New words calendarvia

A word a day

This educational gift is not only a fun item for a teacher’s desk, it’s a way to boost learning in a fun way, too. Introduce a classroom full of kids to the 2019 365 New Words-a-Year Page-A-Day Calendar—and you’ll be a hero.

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Starbucks gift cardvia

Coffee, please

There are few teachers who won’t be pleased with a refillable Starbucks gift card. Get your child’s teacher started with this $25 card for a super-generous start to their morning coffee.

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Worlds Greatest Teacher signvia

Desk accessory

You know your kid has a fabulous teacher. Acknowledge it with a “World’s Greatest Teacher” desk nameplate featuring faux woodgrain design and a shiny gold-covered base and the best additional line: “Because Superhero Isn’t an Official Job Title.”

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Cook bookvia

Weeknight cookbook

It won’t be as difficult for that hardworking teacher in your child’s life to get motivated to cook on the weeknights with Milk Street: Tuesday Nights, a cookbook with over 200 weeknight supper recipes.

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Lunch box totevia

A new way to brown bag it

Why not look have your child’s teacher look chic when she’s brown-bagging it? Your child’s teacher will love toting this cafeteria goodie anytime she’s lunch monitor. These are the best gifts for fitness lovers.

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Hazelnut coffeevia

Coffee, part two

Deliciously fragrant hazelnut coffee will be a treat for your child’s hardworking teacher. This is a just-right gift for her or for the entire teacher’s lounge to use in the a.m. brew.

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Science tshirtvia

T-shirts a science teacher could love

If you’re stuck on what to get your child’s science teacher, these funny science joke tees that come in five colors and play a pun on the periodic table are sure to get a laugh.

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Basil plant pot setvia


Whether this ends up coming to life in your child’s classroom or in your teacher’s kitchen window, this basil plant is emblazoned with the sweet sentiment “Thank you for helping me grow.” Best of all, it’s gift-boxed and ready for gift-giving.
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Mouse padvia

A better mousepad

No need for a blah monochrome mousepad when you have this assortment of mousepads that feature flamingos or and other nature-inspired patterns and come with an anti-slip base—a perfect teacher gift to enhance any desktop.

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Teacher mugvia

Nutritional facts mug

Want to acknowledge your child’s teacher’s fabulousness? This mug will be one he or she will treasure.

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Tea gift setvia

Tea time

If you know your child’s teacher loves tea this gift set featuring blends that are just right for breakfast, afternoon energy boosts, and even chamomile for sleep will be a crowd pleaser either in the teacher’s lounge or for your child’s teacher alone to enjoy.

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Velvet plush throwvia

Cuddle time

There’s nothing like having a velvet plush throw blanket to have at the ready for cold nights. This polyester version is ultra-soft and comes in eight vibrant colors and will be a treat for your child’s hardworking teacher. Pair it with a bestselling book and you have a terrific present that will be very appreciated.

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Inspirational keychain

No need for your child’s teacher to have anything but a fashionable key chain. These are a perfect thank you, especially the one with the charm that reads “It Takes a Big Heart to Teach Little Minds.”

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Lavender eye pillowvia

A treat for the eyes

Grading is tough on the eyes so a super-soft lavender eye pillow will always be an A+. This one is filled with organic flax seed and pure aromatherapy herbs to relieve tension and stress.

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Desk calendarvia

Wooden block calendar

Help your child’s teacher keep track of the days with this stylish wooden block calendar that features the month, day and date. It’ll add a little vintage flair to his or her desktop!

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Lindt chocolate trufflesvia

Chocolate truffles

Who can say no to a delicious assortment of gourmet truffles? This Lindt package comes with a variety of flavors, from dark chocolate to hazelnut, and comes in a fancy gold gift box. Easy peasy! Check out our list of best food gifts (none are fruitcake!).

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School thank you cardsvia

Thank you cards

In the end, if you’re still stuck on what to give your child’s teacher, remember this: A handwritten (by your child) thank you note will always be appreciated by a hardworking teacher. This pack comes with 24 thank you cards all made from 100 percent recycled stock. More of a DIYer? These are the handmade gifts for everyone on your list.

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