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20 Pictures That Remind You of Being a Kid in Summer

School was out and the possibilities were endless.

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Some of the greatest memories of childhood occurred during the summer: no homework, tons of adventures, and traditions to hold onto forever. These photos will make you feel nostalgic for the carefree and magical summers of your childhood. Also, don’t miss these other photos that will get you excited about summer.

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Firecracker popsicles

Deciding if the blue ice or the red ice was the best part of the popsicle was probably one of the largest unsettled debates of your childhood. Let’s be real: nobody ever chose white. Find out about some fascinating ice cream traditions around the world.

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Sharing French fries with your siblings

In true sibling fashion, you may have even counted out the fries to make sure they were split exactly even and ensuring that the other didn’t double-dip in the ketchup. Which, by the way, have you ever wondered why we put ketchup on fries?

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Backyard inflatable pools

It was like your own little paradise in the backyard full of sharks, mermaids, and floaties, but no matter how long it sat in the sun, the water always seemed to be cold. Thinking of upgrading to a real pool? Here are the best backyard pools for your home.

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Water guns

Water gun fights with your friends claim their rightful spots as some of the best battles in history. Even more fun was sneaking up on one of your parents with your finger on the trigger. Take a look at these vintage photos of kids that prove childhood hasn’t changed all that much.

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Running through sprinklers

While most likely fully-clothed, the sprinkle of water in the scorching heat was the second-best relief to jumping into a pool.

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Sandcastles on the beach

Sandcastles and digging moats as close to the shoreline as possible made for some of the greatest beach days. Check out the most photogenic beaches in the world.

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Burying your little brother in the sand

And most likely asking your parents if you could leave him there. Check out the best family-friendly beaches on the Jersey Shore.

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Nature trips at summer camp

Group trips through the woods when you looked at bugs, trees, and plants, all while counting down the minutes until snack time. Laugh at 12 of the funniest letters parents received from their child at summer camp.

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Chalk drawings

You were a true artist, perfecting the lines for hopscotch and writing your name out in bubble letters. Take a look at these hilarious kid drawings.

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Arts and crafts

Summer camp art projects with popsicle sticks, sequins, and beads could be some of your greatest work to date. It may even still be hiding somewhere in your parent’s basement. Try some of these easy crafts with your kids today.

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Family loading luggage into car top box before road tripThomas Barwick/Getty Images

Packing the car for a summer road trip

The excitement of a long car ride only lasted for the first few minutes until the first child asked, “Are we there yet?”

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If you think hard enough, you could probably smell the firewood and feel the stickiness of the marshmallows between your fingers. Don’t miss this one ingredient you haven’t been added to your s’mores but should.

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Backyard barbeques with the neighbors

All of the best BBQ foods lined the picnic table, or maybe they were just the best after working up an appetite running around. Check out these delicious grill ideas for the best summer BBQ.

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Mosquito bites

It wouldn’t be summer without too many bug bites to scratch. Those fun summer nights have their consequences. See how to keep those pesky mosquitos away with these tips.

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Scraped knees

‘Tis the season of scabs running up and down your legs, but it was cool to show off fun BAND-AIDS to friends.

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Lemonade stands

Your lemonade stand consisted of selling sugar water with a little lemon that you were so proud of, alongside a shoebox for the quarters you collected. Even better? When you flashed a cute smile and the neighbors let you keep the change. Quarters are nothing after you see these toys from your childhood that are now worth thousands.

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Bike rides

Bike rides through the park never got old, but your dad making you wear a helmet each time sure did.

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The ultimate race to see who could swing the highest usually ended in tears or someone throwing up. Don’t miss these movies from your childhood that your kids will love, too.

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Jumping rope

This is probably where you got your scraped knees, but there was nothing more exciting than beating your previous record of jumps.

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Summer reading

There was always that one day in August when your mother began to remind you that the dreaded school year was just around the corner and you had to get your summer reading done. Next, check out these weird and amazing things that only happen in summer.

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