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35 Summer Memes That Capture the Spirit of the Season

Add a little laughter to your summer.

Meme text: Check it out // Summer memes on, Getty Images

The summer solstice is fast approaching, ushering in the season of beach visits and barbecues. Summer is such a highly anticipated season that there are tons of jokes to make at its (OK, our) expense. If you like to chuckle over the best memes (like these vacation memes) or crack a few travel jokes on the plane, you’ll certainly love these summer memes, which will help you get through (and make the most of) the hottest time of the year.

Meme text: This summer is going to be, Getty Images

Summer of naps

Thanks for the invite, but I’d rather sleep.

Dog on pool float MEME TEXT: Me on summer, Getty Images

Out of office

If you need anything, please ask someone else. But if you need some beach captions for your Instagram photos, we have you covered.

Meme text: When you get home from the beach and the kids take off their bathing suits and, Getty Images

Brace yourselves

Is there any sand left at the beach? Check out these good morning memes, which will help you start your day off right.

Woman bundled up in scarves MEME TEXT: Me after I crank up the AC inside the, Getty Images

It’s freezing

The most relatable of summer memes. Also relatable: these hilarious zodiac memes.

Three bored kids sitting on a couch MEME TEXT: The kids 20 minutes into summer, Getty Images

You’re bored?

Would you prefer some homework instead? By the way, these back-to-school memes will absolutely crack you up.

Meme text: When you’re at the pool thinking you have beachy, Getty Images

It’s natural

Have you ever seen so much frizz?

Close-up of woman sweating MEME TEXT: When your partner tells you to turn off the AC because it's not that, Getty Images

Excuse me?

I could shower in my own sweat. Check out these summer quotes, which will get you excited for beach weather.

Meme text: My chafing thighs over the, Getty Images

Oh, it’s you again

There’s no relief till fall.

Child talking to parent at table MEME TEXT: Summer is just a series of bedtime negotiations with the, Getty Images

Go to sleep

No, you can’t stay up until 11.

Meme text: Bringing my favorite dish to all the summer, Getty Images

The most important part

You can never have enough ice at a summer cookout.

Woman lying on pool float MEME TEXT: I have a tough job, but someone has to do, Getty Images

Roughing it

Someone has to use the pool, right?

Meme text: When they ask you about your beach, Getty Images

Don’t listen to the haters

You mean the healthy body that allows me to eat barbecue and ice cream all summer? That one?

Two plastic chairs MEME TEXT: 'Tis the season to unstick your thighs from plastic, Getty Images

It’s time

I can already feel the sweat.

Meme text: When your friends ask you how you avoid sunburns so, Getty Images

Just don’t go outside

The sun is no match for window shades.

Meme text: The dog days of, Getty Images

A mood

Nothing beats a summer nap. If you thought this was funny, just wait until you see these other dog memes.

A tomato MEME TEXT: Me after going outside for five, Getty Images

More SPF, please

What is a tan? I only burn.

Meme text: Beach is open! Time to steal the food!, Getty Images

Seagulls, assemble!

Hold those fries close, and don’t let them go.

Woman holding head in bed MEME TEXT: When it's too hot to sleep with a blanket but you can't fall asleep without, Getty Images

It’s too hot

It’s impossible to fall asleep unless you are wrapped like a burrito.

Meme text: When it’s too hot to sleep with a blanket, but you can’t fall asleep without, Getty Images

To the water!

Happiness in its purest form.

Meme text: This is the, Getty Images

Anyone have a juice box?

Do you think anyone would notice if I peed in the pool?

Three kids running on the beach MEME TEXT: The entire office leaving work on a summer, Getty Images

Please don’t contact me

Talk to you Monday, not earlier.

Meme text: The best skin, Getty Images

Call it skin care

If you know, you know! Make sure you check out these beach puns—they’re “shore” to make you laugh.

Horse in water MEME TEXT: Hey, I'm a seahorse!, Getty Images

See, he’s a horse in the sea

The water temperature feels pretty stable.

Dog with long wind blown fur MEME TEXT: When you finally walk into the, Getty Images

Cherish it

There is nothing quite like that first blast of cold air.

Woman peeking through window MEME TEXT: Did somebody say barbecue?, Getty Images

It’s hot dog time

The true scent of summer.

Man fainting on chair in front of fan MEME TEXT: Time to start complaining about the heat instead of the, Getty Images

Switching gears

First it was too cold to go outside, and now it’s too hot.

Dog playing with lawn sprinkler MEME TEXT: The best summer activity from, Getty Images


Who needs a pool when the sprinkler is on?

Man crying with sunburn MEME TEXT: It's sunburn season!, Getty Images

SPF 100

It’s that time of year again. Squirt on some Coppertone.

Girl holding two ice cream cones MEME TEXT: My summer, Getty Images

Cold and delicious

It’s all about balance.

Excited woman inside a house MEME TEXT: When it's the first day of summer, Getty Images

School’s out, and camp’s in session

Summer means a quiet household.

Child relaxing on a hammock MEME TEXT: When tomorrow is Monday but you're on summer, Getty Images

Vacation mode

See ya, alarm.

Man with head in fridge MEME TEXT: When you keep the fridge open for an extra few seconds because it's just so hot in the, Getty Images

Who needs AC?

It feels nice in there.

Woman spraying bug spray into face MEME TEXT: Watch out! The mosquitos are, Getty Images


Prepare for bug bites.

Hot coals on fire MEME TEXT: The inside of your car in the, Getty Images

Hello, air conditioning

We’re all familiar with that burst of heat.

Woman throwing head back MEME TEXT: Turning your pillow to the cold side on a hot summer, Getty Images

Pure bliss

It’s the most beautiful feeling. Speaking of hot summer nights, get ready for the summer holiday with hilarious Fourth of July memes that perfectly complement these summer memes.

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