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50 Deliciously Easy St. Patrick’s Day Food Recipes Everyone Will Love

St. Patrick's Day food is tasty and perfect for a the family. Our round-up of St. Patrick's Day recipes will have everyone excited for this festive day!

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Clover leas for Green background with three-leaved shamrocks. St. Patrick's day holiday symbol.Hand Robot/Shutterstock

St. Patrick’s Day food we all know and love

We know that in America, anyway, St. Patrick’s Day has become synonymous with lots of green, Guinness beer, and a good time. And what’s that good time without some classic St. Patrick’s Day recipes? Read on to find out the best dishes you should be making in honor of St. Paddy’s Day.

St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-IrishSodaBreadTaste of Home

Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread is a St. Patrick’s Day food staple, and a no-fail quick bread recipe. “This St. Patrick’s Day recipe makes a beautiful high loaf of bread dotted with sweet raisins. It doesn’t last long at our house this time of year.” writes Gloria Warczak, of Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-IrishStewTaste of Home

Irish Stew

Beef stew is one of those essential recipes everyone should know before they turn 35, but this satisfying St. Patrick’s Day food from Lois G. of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, is chock-full of potatoes, turnips, carrots, and lamb.

St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-CornBeefNCabbageTaste of Home

Corned Beef ‘n’ Cabbage

This St. Patrick’s Day food is essential on this day! Have a celebration for two with this traditional recipe from Connie Lou Blommers of Pella, Iowa.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-GlazedCornedBeefDinnerTaste of Home

Glazed Corned Beef Dinner

“This St. Patrick’s Day recipe is so tasty that it’s the only way my family will eat corned beef. The glaze is the kicker!” writes Shannon Strate of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-IrishMintBrowniesTaste of Home

Irish Mint Brownies

This St. Patrick’s Day food is perfect for everyone with a sweet tooth. “I wanted something special to take to a church potluck, so I invented these layered treats,” writes Lori R. of Sioux City, Iowa. “They are great for St. Patrick’s Day as well. The brownies are topped with a mint-flavored mousse and bittersweet chocolate icing.”

Green Eggs and Ham

This take on the quintessential green favorite layers hard-boiled eggs, broccoli, and ham in a cheesy sauce. Fun for a St. Patrick’s Day food for brunch!

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Easy Irish Coffee Recipe

For a great ending to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, try this easy Irish coffee as an alternative to cookies or cake.

St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-IrishCreamChocolateTrifleTaste of Home

Irish Creme Chocolate Trifle

This St. Patrick’s Day food impresses guests and is perfect for Instagram foodies. “I created this yummy trifle when I was given a bottle of Irish Cream liqueur as a gift and had leftover peppermint candy,” says Margaret Wilson of Hemet, California. “It’s always rich and decadent.”

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-PeppermintHotChocolateTaste of Home

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

More than a hint of cool mint makes this delicious St. Patrick’s Day drink more special than traditional hot chocolate.

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Corned Beef and Cabbage Calzones

Add a little twist on traditional St. Patrick’s Day food with these calzones that can be served as part of your meal, or as smaller sized bites for snacks and appetizers. While you’re whipping up these recipes, try sharing some of these St. Patrick’s Day jokes that will get everyone laughing.

New Irish Stew

This classic celebratory dish for St. Patrick’s Day takes on modern proportions with more vegetables and less meat.

Irish Mashed Potatoes with Cabbage and Leeks

Try this unique take on traditional mashed potatoes with this pretty, pale green St. Patrick’s Day food. You’ll want to make this a St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-RyePartyPuffsTaste of Home

Rye Party Puffs

“I can’t go anywhere without taking along my puffs. A platterful of these will disappear even with a small group,” writes Kelly Williams, of La Porte, Indiana, about her corned beef-filled rolls.

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Reuben Casserole

This St. Patrick’s Day food is perfect for sauerkraut fans who will love this hearty, layered casserole with its traditional Reuben taste, as shared by Agnes Golian of Garfield Heights, Ohio. Learn the cooking tricks that are only taught in culinary schools.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-MiniReubenCasseroleTaste of Home

Mini Reuben Casseroles

Capture the classic flavor of a Reuben sandwich in these tiny casseroles. A perfect individual-sized portion to hand out to your guests at your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-WestVirginiaShepherdsPieTaste of Home

West Virginia Shepard’s Pie

This St. Patrick’s Day food is the perfect comfort food everyone loves. “Mashed parsnips and potatoes spread over a savory mixture of lamb and fresh herbs make this dish extra special,” said Tina Price of Deep Water, West Virginia. “The recipe comes from the Scotch-Irish who put down roots in this area long ago.”

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-StPatricksDayPopcornTaste of Home

St. Patrick’s Day Popcorn

Give this classic treat a green twist to put your guests in a festive mood. Make sure you also read up on these St. Patrick’s Day memes that are just too relatable.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-MashedPotatoSpinachBakeTaste of Home

Mashed Potato Spinach Bake

This St. Patrick’s Day food is perfect for family gatherings because you can make it ahead and stick it in the oven to cook when your guests arrive.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-ReubenStrataTaste of Home

Reuben Strata Recipe

“Sure, you could turn last night’s corned beef into a Reuben sandwich, but strata is more fun—and just as simple,” writes Patterson Watkins of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-MushroomAsparagusQuicheTaste of Home

Mushroom Asparagus Quiche

This St. Patrick’s Day food is the perfect dish for adding vegetables at the dinner table. “Loads of asparagus pieces add color and flavor to this hearty, creamy quiche. And its easy crescent roll crust means you’ll have dinner ready in a snap!” writes Sharon Fujita of Fontana, California.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-IrishSodaBreadMuffinsTaste of Home

Irish Soda Bread Muffins

Put a spin on the classic Irish soda bread (make sure you let the devil out of it first) and make muffins. They still have the same great flavor and are easy to pop in your mouth.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-BlarneyBreakfastBakeTaste of Home

Blarney Breakfast Bake

“I got this recipe from my mom, and I used it when I served an Irish brunch to my neighbors for St. Patrick’s Day,” says Kerry Barnett-Amundson of Ocean Park, Washington.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-EasyPotatoRollsTaste of Home

Potato Rolls

This easy to make recipe is a great way to use up your leftover potatoes.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-PistachioPuddingCakeTaste of Home

Pistachio Pudding Cake

Apparently, this cake got the memo about why we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. “The dessert is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day…and you won’t need the luck of the Irish to whip it up!” writes Suzanne Winkhart of Bolivar, Ohio.

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St.-Patrick’s-Day-Recipes-StoutShiitakePotRoastTaste of Home

Stout and Shiitake Pot Roast

“Mushrooms, onions and a bottle of Guinness add excellent flavor to my pot roast,” said Madeleine Bessette of Coeur d Alene, Idaho. “This one-dish wonder may taste even better the next day.”

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Colcannon-Irish-PotatoesTaste of Home

Colcannon Irish Potatoes

These come straight from the motherland, but here’s how the rest of the world celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. “My mother came from Ireland as a teen and brought the comforting recipe with her,” said Marie Pagel of Lena, Wisconsin, “I find that it’s a great way to get my family to eat cooked cabbage…hidden in Grandma’s potatoes!”

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Irish Spiced BeefTaste of Home

Irish Spiced Beef

“The story goes that my Irish ancestors brought this recipe along when they immigrated to the United States,” said Mary Shenk of Dekalb, Illinois, “Start it at least five days ahead to spice and tenderize the meat; the flavors are worth it.” See what shocked this woman the most about returning to the United States after eight years in Dublin.

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Hearty Beef and Potato StewTaste of Home

Hearty Beef and Potato Stew

“I have fond memories of growing up in an Irish-Italian family and learning to cook from my grandparents. Beefy stew reminds me of their precious contributions.” shares Renee Murphy of Smithtown, New York.

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Steamed Cranberry-Molasses PuddingTaste of Home

Steamed Cranberry-Molasses Pudding

“This old-fashioned dessert has been a family tradition during the holidays for years. My children say it’s just not Christmas without it!” said Millicent Tilly of Watertown, South Dakota.

Saucy Beef and Cabbage SupperTaste of Home

Saucy Beef and Cabbage Supper

“My beef and cabbage supper began as a Reuben sandwich idea without the gluten. We also make it with smoked sausage. It’s comforting on cooler days,” says Courtney Stultz of Weir, Kansas. Make sure you’re not making any of these kitchen mistakes when making these St. Patrick’s day food recipes!

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Irish Flag SaladTaste of Home

Irish Flag Salad

This one is one of our favorites. “Pleasing and patriotic, this salad features green spinach, orange fruit, and white cheese, mimicking the colors in the national flag of Ireland,” according to the Country Woman Test Kitchen in Greendale, Wisconsin.

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Lamb StewTaste of Home

Lamb Stew

Swap lore about the most mysterious sites in Ireland over this hearty and traditional dinner. “My grandmother used to make this stew as a special Sunday meal,” shares Vickie Desourdy of Washington, North Carolina, “It’s an unforgettable treat from Ireland.”

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Chocolate Guinness CakeTaste of Home

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Check out these fascinating facts about Guinness beer before you imbibe. “One bite and everyone will propose a toast to this silky-smooth chocolate Guinness cake,” writes Marjorie Hennig of Seymour, Indiana, “The cream cheese frosting reminds us of the foamy head on a perfectly poured pint.”

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Mini Pork PiesTaste of Home

Mini Pork Pies

“I discovered my love of pork pies as a child when I used to help my father deliver oil on Saturdays and we would stop at a local pork pie place for lunch,” said Renee Murby of Johnston, Rhode Island.

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Garlic-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Mustard SauceTaste of Home

Candied Bacon-Wrapped Figs

“I stuffed figs with cream cheese and wrapped them in bacon and spices for an addictive flavor combo that’s sweet, salty, and delicious,” writes Shelly Bevington of Hermiston, Ohio.

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Candied Bacon-Wrapped FigsTaste of Home

Garlic-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Mustard Sauce

“Don’t be afraid to bring out the Brussels sprouts,” said Becky Walch of Orland, California, “Mellowed by roasting and tossed with mustard sauce, they may just delight even the most skeptical folks.”

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Rosemary Roasted LambTaste of Home

Rosemary Roasted Lamb

“Who knew so few ingredients could result in such an elegant and savory entree? One bit will make this no-fuss main dish memorable,” notes Matthew Lawrence of Vashon, Washington.

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Comforting Beef StewTaste of Home

 Comforting Beef Stew

“This slow-cooked beef stew just screams comfort to me,” shared Courtney Percy of Brooksville, Florida, “It’s also family-friendly—my toddlers gobble it right up!”

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Guinness FloatTaste of Home

Guinness Float

This delicious recipe is one way to still get your drink on if you decide to stay home. “The rich, creamy foam that gathers on the top of a freshly poured draft made me think of vanilla ice cream,” said James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy Editor. “At that point, I knew I had to combine the two in a Guinness float.”

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Irish Stew PieTaste of Home

Irish Stew Pie

“The only thing more comforting than a hearty bowl of Irish lamb stew is when it’s baked into a pie! The flavors blend well with lamb, but you can use cuts of beef instead if you wish,” writes Nicolas Hortense of Perth, Australia.

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Corned Beef Baked PotatoesTaste of Home

Corned Beef Baked Potatoes

“This yummy dish is an easy way to use up any leftover corned beef, or you can buy a small amount at a deli,” said Kallee Krong-McCreery of Escondido, California.

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Mint Chocolate CheesecakeTaste of Home

Mint Chocolate Cheesecake

“If desired, the cookie pieces may be stirred into the batter instead of being added in a layer,” shared Sue Gronholz of Dam, Wisconsin, “Keep the pieces fairly small; otherwise they have a tendency to rise to the top.”

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Spicy Corned Beef TacosTaste of Home

Spicy Corned Beef Tacos

“Using leftovers in new and exciting ways is my personal cooking challenge,” said Fay Moreland of Wichita Falls, Texas, “These fun tacos take my favorite Reuben ingredients and turn them into something totally different—and completely delicious.”

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Homemade Corned BeefTaste of Home

Homemade Corned Beef

“Here’s a recipe you’ve gotta plan for, but you don’t need to do much work to get this deli-quality corned beef,” writes Nick Iverson of Denver, Colorado.

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Lucky Lime SaladTaste of Home

Lucky Lime Salad

There’s nothing more fun than green St. Patrick’s Day foods. “To start your St. Patrick’s Day feast off right, be sure to hand out lucky shamrocks—in the shape of those that top this sweet salad!” advises the Taste of Home Test Kitchen. “Making them is merely a matter of cutting gelatin with a cookie cutter.”

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Thin Mint Milk ShakeTaste of Home

Thin Mint Milk Shake

“Save a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies for this creamy milkshake that’s fun for kids and adults,” shared Shauna Sever of  San Francisco, California.

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Irish Creme DrinkTaste of Home

Irish Creme Drink

It’s hard to beat this classic. “We top off holiday celebrations with this creamy beverage,” said Fred Schneider of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, “With sweetened condensed milk and ice cream, it’s like a liquid dessert!”

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Mini-Reuben-CasserolesTaste of Home

Mini Reuben Casseroles

“These cute and creamy little casseroles have the classic flavors of a Reuben sandwich,” writes the Taste of Home Test Kitchen.

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Shamrock-Cutout-Pound-CakeTaste of Home

Shamrock Cutout Pound Cake

“My son Gabriel loves surprise inside cakes, like seeing a shamrock when this cake is sliced,” shares Angela Lively of Spring, Texas, “Everyone wants to know how it’s done.”

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clover crispiesTaste of Home

Clover Rice Crispy Bars

These adorable little sandwiches are so Irish you’d think a leprechaun prepared them. “These sweet snacks are like the pot of gold at the end of your family’s feast,” advises the Taste of Home Test Kitchen, “With their yummy peppermint and marshmallow flavor, they’ll make even those without Irish hearts happy.”

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