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Style Your Home for Spring: 12 Easy Decorating Tricks

Make your home bloom with these tiny spring décor hacks.

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Branch out

Vases aren’t just for flowers: Cut a branch or two from plants in your yard and place in a vase with water. “A sculptural branch off a bush or tree makes for an unexpected and delightful connection with the outdoors,” says Sarah Barnard, LEED AP, an interior designer in Los Angeles. “Whatever is growing at the moment gets to be on your foyer table, and it costs nothing.” A go-to choice is a cherry blossom branch, but virtually any branch will work—experiment with jade, eucalyptus, or any other plant in your yard.

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Showcase lemons

Brighten your kitchen with a pop of yellow. Fill a white bowl or glass vase with lemons for sunny functionality. Not only are lemons inexpensive décor—they’re convenient to have on hand for whipping up, say, a fresh spring salad. Yellow daffodils also illuminate a room.

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Press a flower

Display your favorite spring flora in a frame. “When the birds start chirping, I like to bring seasonal plants inside and brainstorm how to best appreciate them,” says Kara Butterfield, an interior stylist in Boston. “One way to do that is to place a pressed flower on colorful paper in a bright frame.” To press a flower, place parchment paper on a heavy book, followed by the flower and another piece of parchment paper. Stack another heavy book on top, and allow to sit for a week.

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Add color to an unexpected spot

If your laundry room or an often-used closet looks a bit drab, rejuvenate the space with a burst of color. Line dresser drawer shelves with colorful floral paper or hang a piece of lighthearted artwork in the laundry room. It can be as simple as framing a piece of bright, spare wallpaper or wrapping paper. Little, sunny surprises help you refresh your mindset and celebrate every inch of your house as the seasons shift.

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Lighten up your pillows

It’s not so much about color as it is about texture. “Put away the velvet pillows,” says Butterfield. “Use lighter textiles, such as cotton fabric, for a more carefree appeal.”

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Help the house bloom

Place greenery strategically throughout your home. “Psychologically, houseplants generally are going to give us a cheerier disposition,” says Barnard. “They also help clean up our indoor air since plants can act as a natural air filter.” Aim for two plants for each room with windows: One large plant for the ground, and one small one for a desk or table. Ferns and orchids are low-maintenance plants that are easy to upkeep in the home.

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Get creative with vases

Pretty much any container can serve as a vase, so have fun! Repurpose items such as colorful rain boots (place a cup inside each), pitchers, mason jars, hurricane candle holders, tin cans, beakers, teacups, or painted bottles.

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Mix up coffee table books

Incorporate new color into your living room and refresh the space by swapping out coffee table books that have been gathering dust. “Don’t have the same tired books that your friends looked at six parties ago,” says Barnard. “By shuffling and changing out your selection of coffee table books, it not only keeps the room interesting, it also makes you look interesting and smarter.”

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Mod Podge pots

Brighten old terra cotta pots with floral fabric. Cut a strip of fabric long enough to wrap around the pot, leaving extra fabric to fold over on the top and bottom. Cut slits into fabric on the top so it doesn’t pucker when glued down. Brush each section with Mod Podge, lay the fabric, and fold it over and under the pot. Coat the entire pot with Mod Podge. Allow to dry.

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Get a handle on knobs

Screw decorative door knobs—think antique, glass, or floral—into your entryway wall to serve as hooks. It’s an aesthetic yet functional way to keep umbrellas, raincoats, and other spring items orderly in the entryway.

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Showcase a special item

Have a beautiful flower brooch you haven’t worn for years? Or a small but sunny figurine sitting unnoticed on your bookshelf? Display it in an empty glass vase. “Anything becomes elevated and much more special when you put it behind glass,” says Butterfield. “Bring something out from the drawer and celebrate its color and unique style.” This trick showcases your item and provides a refreshing visual point in your room.

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Hang baskets

Repurpose baskets as hanging plant holders in the entryway. “Thread rope or twine through the handles of the basket and knot at the top,” says Butterfield. “The baskets really add impact to a space when hung clustered at different heights.” Place potted plants inside for refreshing greenery when guests first enter the house.

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