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9 Best Hangers for All Your Needs

The best hangers help save space, preserve your clothes, and organize all the clothes in your closet.

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Hangers are the unsung hero of closet organization

Closets have come a long way since the days of mothballs and wire hangers. With home shows dedicated to organizing them in rainbow sequence, and design experts titillating us with swoon-worthy glam shots on Instagram, there’s now a veritable treasure trove of space-saving hangers to choose from. “Not all hangers are created equal, and picking the right option can really impact the functionality of your closet,” says home expert, Rachel Rosenthal, owner of Rachel and Company, who delivers plenty of small closet and walk-in-closet organization ideas to clients who need to maximize and streamline their spaces.

Fortunately, aesthetics and convenience go hand in hand these days, with some of the best closet organizers now easy to find both online and in-store. “If you have a variety of clothing, it’s wise to mix and match hangers that work for each category, even if they are different, says Rosenthal. “But try to keep the color consistent so they look seamless across the closet.” Nailing down the best hangers for each type of clothing item can also be an investment that preserves the longevity of your wardrobe. “Clothes keep their shape better when stored on the proper hanger, explains Ann Lightfoot, founding partner of Done and Done Home. What to avoid? Plastic or wire dry-cleaner hangers—both of which are notorious for breaking, bending, and ruining the shoulders of shirts. Not ideal, especially when you’re learning how to organize a closet properly.

From pants to skirts, heavy coats to childrens’ clothes, these are the best hangers for clothes that get the job done.

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Black Premium Non Slip Velvet Suit Hangersvia

Best non-slip: The Container Store Black Premium Non-Slip Velvet Suit Hangers

Once you switch to these velvet hangers, you’ll likely have a where-have-you-been-all-my-life moment—short of investing in one of these best closet systems, they’re one of the most effective closet makeovers. The super-slim profile makes them one of the most space-saving hangers on the market; while their big claim to fame—a soft, velvety coating—locks down even the most silky, slippery, unbuttoned blouse. “These are my favorite go-to hangers,” says closet pro, Aly Finkelstein, who loves the streamlined look of black. “The quality is great, they don’t break, they save a ton of space, and they never fade!” Bonus: The chrome-plated swivel-neck makes it extra easy to put away clothing since there are no worries about which way the hook is facing.

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High Grade Wooden Suit Hangersvia

Best wooden: Zober High Grade Wooden Suit Hangers

Wooden hangers are like the workhorse of the closet: strong, long-lasting, elegant; and considered a wise (albeit sometimes pricey) investment. Fortunately, this version checks all the boxes at an unexpectedly affordable price. Constructed of durable lotus wood, these swivel-hook hangers are varnished for a smooth, snag-free finish, and boast a vinyl-covered pant bar so suit trousers don’t slip off into the depths of your closet floor. Notched shoulders—perfect for hanging strappy camisoles and dressers—are topped with the same vinyl grip for stay-put hanging. You’ll want to make sure you have the best closet lighting to go along with your new snazzy hangers.

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Whitmor Bone Satin Padded Clothes Hangersvia

Best cloth: Whitmor Bone Satin Padded Clothes Hangers

“I love to put pretty hangers in guest rooms,” raves Finkelstein of this ruched-satin-covered design that’s perfect for delicate or formal clothing (the padded fabric helps fill out the silhouette). The delicate style also makes them the ideal companion for bridal robes and bridesmaids’ dresses.

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Dotted Line Belle Metal Non Slip Hangersvia

Best metal: Belle Metal Non-Slip Hanger

The ultimate space-saver, metal hangers have the added benefit of lending a sleek, minimalist look to your closet. With U-shaped notches to help keep clothes from slipping, this lightweight option is a great choice. But don’t let the slim silhouette fool you: Despite its scaled-down specs, the hanger is still strong enough to shoulder coats and jackets and is one of our favorite clothing storage ideas.

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Elama Velvet Slim Profile Heavy Duty Felt Blue Hangersvia

Best slim: Home Depot’s Elama Velvet Slim Profile Heavy Duty Felt Blue Hangers

The more clothes you have, the slimmer your hardware needs to be; and this sturdy, space-saving hanger is skinny in all the right places: Not only does it have extra-slim dimensions, but you get 100 pieces for just $30, so you can stock every closet in the house, including your kid’s closet. “You can’t beat the price and strength of these hangers,” says Finkelstein. “The blue color is so pretty, too!”

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Linen Premium Non Slip Velvet Suit Hangersvia

Best pant: Container Store Linen Premium Non-Slip Velvet Suit Hangers

“In general, I like sticking with the same type of hanger for pants that you use for everything else, as long as it has a bar,” says Rosenthal, who loves these slender, space-saving hangers coated in velvet. “Pants tend not to fall off the hanger when you use these; and they’re slim, so they allow for more clothing to be inside a closet.” Make sure you know these best shoe storage ideas to further maximize your closet space.

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Rebrilliant Frates Euro Top Non Slip Hangersvia

Best shirt: Wayfair Frates Euro Top Non-Slip Hanger

If sleek and chic is your thing, you’ll love the look of these space-saving hangers for shirts. Manufactured in Germany, they’re super durable (each holds up to eight pounds), are covered with a non-slip, eco-friendly coating, and the unique curved design helps maintain the shape of your shirts. What’s more, you can choose from black, white, or silver—which lends a cool minimalist vibe to your closet.

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Huji Heavy Duty Open Ended Easy Slide Chrome Trouser Hangersvia

Best sweater: Huji Heavy Duty Open Ended Easy Slide Hanger

If you’re not going to stack sweaters on a shelf, it’s important that you hang your sweaters properly so you don’t end up with shapeless, extra-long knitwear. “I like to fold them over the bar so I don’t stretch out the material,” says Rosenthal, who favors a velvet-covered hanger for the job. While typically touted for trousers, these open-ended hangers make the task a bit easier, since you’re not trying to shove a clunky knit through the hole in the middle of the hanger.

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Basic Walnut Wooden Hangersvia

Best coat: The Container Store Basic Walnut Wooden Hanger

There’s nothing worse than seeing your double-breasted wool trench on the floor of the coat closet because the flimsy hanger has collapsed. And a high-quality wooden hanger will prevent that situation. Though it tends to take up a bit more space than the more popular slim, velvet options—and is often higher in price—wood gets the job done in a way that puts lightweight models to shame. (And, anyway, most people have fewer coats than clothes, so the outlay is less daunting than outfitting an entire closet.) The extra-durable walnut wood on these classic hangers will last you for years. This is just one of the coat closet organization ideas you’ll wish you knew sooner.

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