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11 Smart Wallets for People Who Always Seem to Lose Theirs

The smart wallet is the latest smart product you didn’t know you needed—and now won’t know how you ever lived without.

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Why do you need a “smart” wallet?

If you’ve got a smartphone that you do most of your banking from, you might not see a need for a smart wallet. What more could it offer you, after all? The answer is, well, a lot—especially when it comes to protection. “Overall, smart wallets are not actually all that smart, which is a good thing from a privacy and security perspective,” says John Gomez, a cybersecurity specialist and the CEO of Sensato, a top 500 healthcare and critical infrastructure cybersecurity solution provider. “The ‘smart’ in ‘smart wallet’ is more about how they smartly store your credit cards and cash, as opposed to doing anything that is truly digital.”

And while they seem like regular wallets at first glance, they come with a variety of supercharged features. For example, some notify you with a ding if you walk too far away from them, which is especially good for people who tend to misplace their wallets. Others can prevent scammers from ripping you off with smartcard readers. That’s important, explains Gomez, because your credit cards are always sending out their details. If someone with one of those readers gets close to you—on the street, in an elevator, or on a train—they could potentially steal your credit card information. “The smart wallets typically have an ability to protect you from that type of attack, and that alone makes them a great option for pretty much everyone,” Gomez says, speaking to the radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking that many provide.

Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up 12 of the best smart wallets on the market for you to consider.

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Ekster Parliament Slim Leather Wallet

Ekster is so slim, you could theoretically keep it in a wallet or, of course, your back pocket—whichever you prefer. Its design allows you to have quick access to your cards while still providing that all-important RFID protection. Ekster also sells a separate tracker card that can help to locate your wallet on a map if you ever misplace it. Smart technology or not, though, these are the 13 things you should never keep in your wallet.

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Cashew Smart Wallet

The Cashew smart wallet first came to public attention with a Kickstarter project in 2016. It promised to “protect what you treasure most,” and it is actually the first smart wallet to utilize fingerprint authentication and smartphone integration, keeping your phone secure and nearby at all times. The best part? Cashew’s battery lasts for up to nine months without charging.

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Skyborne iTravel Smart Wallet

Designed specifically for travel, the Skyborne smart wallet not only protects your cards and cash but also your passport and travel documents. With a slim design, USB rechargeable battery, and RFID protection, the only thing more you could ask for is a stainless steel pen for customs paperwork. Oh, wait—it’s got that, too! But if the unfathomable does occur, these are the 10 things you should do ASAP if your wallet is lost or stolen.

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Woolet RFID Blocking Wallet

Tech expert and self-described frazzled mom Becky Beach loves this Woolet smart wallet. She got hers after forgetting her purse in a movie theater and deciding that she would never allow that to happen again. “An alarm goes off to ensure that you won’t lose it,” she explains. “It also has tracking with an app, so you can see its last known location.” Beach likes the peace of mind Woolet offers and recommends it to other “frazzled moms” who might have a habit of losing things. Here are some other great RFID blocking wallets to check out.

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Titan Radar Bluetooth-Enabled Leather Wallet

If you want a smart wallet with smart style, the Titan Radar is a great option. It’s Bluetooth-enabled and has a built-in chip that ensures you’ll never lose your wallet again. The battery lasts up to six months and is easily replaceable, reducing any concerns about the charge running out. And the stylish design in dark brown leather makes this a wallet you’ll love showing off.

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Volterman Bifold Smart Wallet

If Gomez were to recommend one smart wallet, it would be the Volterman. “I like it because it is a great combination of simple and powerful,” he says. “It has a battery charger, hidden camera, GPS tracker, and alarm, and it is well constructed.” Plus, you have the option of engraving this waterproof, impact-resistant wallet, which makes it a terrific gift.

And the Volterman isn’t hard to figure out. “This is an all-around wallet for busy families,” Gomez adds. “It has enough power to be reliable, yet is so simple that busy family members can use the features and get up to speed quickly on the wallet’s use without complicated processes.”

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Fidelo Minimalist Wallet

Not everyone wants to lug around a thick billfold packed to the brim. For people who prefer to carry only a few things in their wallet, Fidelo offers a modern and minimalist design that will protect your cards from theft with RFID-blocking technology. It gets raves on Amazon not only for that but also for its durability and its quick-eject trigger, which gives you easy access to your credit cards. It also comes with a no-risk, one-year warranty.

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CIB Smart Wallet

What if you never had to carry a wallet again? Or that was at least an option in case you accidentally leave your wallet at home? This smart wallet by CIB isn’t actually a wallet at all. It’s a free mobile banking solution meant to keep your spending choices safe and always at your fingertips. You can transfer funds, pay bills, and shop online without carrying around a bunch of credit cards—and without worrying you might lose them. Plus, with this option, you won’t have to worry about (or touch) all of the germs hiding on your wallet.

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Ogon Stockholm V2 Card Case Wallet

Ogon Designs has created a smart wallet that has a metal lock, tear-proof PVC pocket, and space for up to 10 cards. Users call the shell “beautifully made” and say the RFID protection “works like a charm.” If you’re looking for an easy-to-carry, compact, and sturdy wallet that will still provide top-level protection, this may be the choice for you.

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Voyager Anti-Theft Travel Smart Wallet

What if your smart wallet could not only be easily found—but could also help you easily find your phone? The Voyager Anti-Theft Travel Smart Wallet does just that. With a double click of your wallet, it will ring your phone wherever it’s at, creating an audible alert even when it’s on silent. You can also take a hands-free group photo by using the wallet’s selfie remote, an added benefit that not all smart wallets can offer.

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11_Everyday Smart Wallet by Walli Wearables
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Everyday Smart Wallet by Walli Wearables

Compatible with Android and iOS, the Walli app will send instant notifications anytime you walk too far away from this fashionable navy wallet with teal accents. It has a replaceable battery designed to last, so you’ll never have to worry about finding a place to charge. With six card slots, two cash slots, and a GPS locator, this wallet is sure to meet all your needs. Don’t miss these other smart devices that are worth every penny.

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