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Wedding Flower Arrangements You Can Do Yourself

Home decor expert Baroness Monica von Neumann shares sophisticated flower arrangements that you can do yourself for an elegant wedding.

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Calla Lily Arrangement

Vase: Tall white glass cylinder
Flowers: Calla lilies and bear grass

1. Cut the calla lilies at an angle so that the flowers will rest dramatically in the vase and can more easily absorb water.
2. Spread the bear grass conservatively throughout the arrangement to add linear contrast to the leaning calla lilies.
3. Fill the vase with water and a few drops of bleach to prevent bacteria buildup and smelly water.
4. Lilies last quite awhile and will look freshly cut for longer than expected.

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White Pom, Cymbidium, and Freesia Arrangement

Vase: Small square black vase
Flowers: White pom, cymbidium, freesia

1. Do not cut the flowers too much; the pom should have enough length so the flower can rest on the outside perimeter of the vase.
2. Place the cymbidiums throughout the middle of the arrangement.
3. The white pom flower adds depth and fullness to the delicateness of the cymbidium while the arrangement provides contrast and luxury.

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Miniature Roses Arrangement

Vase: Tall glass white cylinder vase
Flower: Small miniature roses, dusty miller leaves


1. Finding simple small roses at a market is easy; find a bouquet where the buds appear to have just opened to add time to your arrangement.
2. Be creative with a foliage leaf to add; the dusty miller leaf is a wonderful choice as it will add to the white of the rose and collectively look chic and monochromatic.
3. Be sure to cut the roses to add multidimensional fullness to the arrangement.
4. Add plenty of water and a few drops of bleach.

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Lavender and Hyacinth Arrangement

Vase:  Small glass white cylinder vase
Flower:  Lavender, hyacinth

1. The lavender purple color scheme will add a sense of spring to any space.
2. Cut the hyacinth to be placed in 3 different lengths (very bottom of arrangement, mid arrangement and at the highest point of arrangement) to add fullness.
3. Sparsely add the lavender throughout.
4. Add plenty of water and a few drops of bleach.

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Cymbidium Arrangement

Vase: Small round side table vase
Flower: Cymbidium

1. Add this simple small arrangement to any side table or bedside table; the trick with this type of arrangement is less is more. The cymbidium is an elegant and very fragrant flower that will add aroma to your space.
2. Simply add three cymbidiums with plenty of water.

Source: Baroness Monica von Neumann

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