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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

10 Silly Signs to Brighten Your Day

Sometimes you just need a good laugh at the end of a long day. If you're looking for a sign that now is the time—these signs are it.

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Keep your eyes peeled

In a perfect world, signs would be clear, informative, and concise. Thankfully, in our world, nothing is as it should be. Sometimes, the signs meant to guide us are downright rude, confusing, and hilarious. The signs will keep you on your toes and keep you reading because you never know what you’re going to find. That’s what makes the search, or accidentally discovery, all the more fun!

Sometimes signs are clearly messing with you, but sometimes you can’t quite tell if someone messed up or had a truly fantastic day at work. We’ll let you be the judge—take a look at these funny signs that are almost too good to be true.

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If only life could be this simple

We’ve all got a green-food hater in our lives. Someone who believes vegetarians are missing out and loving bacon is a personality trait. Whatever your personal stance may be, it’s truly difficult to disagree with this sign’s argument. If food is your forte, try these cheesy food jokes on for size.

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SOTP in the name of speed…

Stop signs are pretty standard. They’re a red octagon with four easy letters. Sometimes, it seems, even the easiest words can cause some trouble if you repeat them enough times. Next, check out some of these hilarious typos you won’t believe made it to print.

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The job market is tough nowadays

Job postings are notorious for strange requests and outlandish requirements, but this seems a bit harsh. Most potential employees have a clue going in or are at least willing to get one soon after. It’s a tough world out there, but maybe you can forget your resume at home after all!

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Specificity in marketing

It’s hard to tell what exactly these two simple words mean in conjunction. Could the toilet be from space or simply space-like in its function? Whatever the case, let’s hope the right buyer is in the area (or galaxy) for a quick sale. If you thought that was bad, try these out-of-this-world science jokes.

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The beauty of aging

As we age, some things definitely get better. We come into ourselves and find out the wonders of moderation. Humans age much like fine wine, yet sometimes, the very wine we take after is the wine that can hurt us. Maybe you’d prefer your hilarity in the news, perhaps in the form of newspaper typos that should never have been printed.

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Antisocial media

Social media is a beast onto itself. The number of likes, followers, friends, and subscribers one has can be a source of pride or shame depending on your age bracket. In a world of “influencers” and “brand ambassadors,” followers are as good as gold. As long as the #price is #right, maybe give it a #shot? Speaking of social media, take a look at these fun facts people learned when they were #TodayYearsOld.

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Watch your head

This sign is very concerning at first glance. Trees are trusted to be sturdy and almost inherently rooted in the ground. You might be watching out for a stray limb or dead branch, but a whole tree? It’s time to keep your wits about you! Check out these proven ways to brighten your morning.

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Tasty and safety

No one is struggling to understand what this was supposed to mean, but there is something funny about this typo. At what point did the painter realize? On the other hand, drivers rarely actually look anyway—maybe it’s some sort of a road test? But maybe you’re more into literary typos (because some of the classics could definitely use a proofread).

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Directions unclear

Let’s face it—parking is incredibly stressful. You’re always risking a ticket anytime you leave your driveway. Signs like this don’t make it any easier. It’s a guessing game with no winners—either way, you’ll be fine[d]! Here are a few more funny pictures that will crack you up.

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It’s good to be acknowledged

This sign brings a new meaning to acknowledgment. Someone seeing you, and you see them seeing you, can help everyone feel seen. But this sign is truly confusing–let’s hope there are not any important notices any time soon. Next, check out these autocorrect fails that will make you laugh.

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