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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

5 Signs that You Talk About Your Relationship Too Much

A little intel is good, a lot is annoying. Here's how to make sure that you are not over-sharing.

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Your friends know every detail

It’s important for your friends to know that you couldn’t make the movie on Friday night because you were celebrating your one-year anniversary with your significant other; but if they know your S.O.’s favorite childhood book or how they take their coffee, chances are you’re sharing too much.

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You post every moment with him on social media

Close friends likely don’t mind seeing photos of the two of you all dressed up at a wedding or on a tropical vacation together. But it’s not necessary to make your boyfriend your “Man Crush Monday” every single week. In fact, consider it a social media mistake.

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You’re concerned about how others view your partner

If you constantly want to get other people’s advice on things that your partner does or doesn’t do, it could be a sign that you talk about your relationship too much. You should be dating your significant other because she makes you happy, not because of what someone else thinks. (Here are signs that you may be in a toxic relationship.)

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You’re trying to make people jealous

You talk about your relationship way too much if you’re always letting people know that you have a significant other or that your partner is taken. If people don’t ask, they typically don’t want to hear about it. (Are you making people jealous just because you’re secretly concerned about your relationship’s stability? If so, here are signs that you can totally trust your partner.)

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You don’t know details about your friend’s relationships

If you find that your friend knows a lot more details about your significant other than you do about theirs, try making the conversation more even. When you mention something about your partner, try asking a question about your friend’s S.O., too.

Morgan Cutolo
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