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15 Services You Didn’t Know You Could Get at Walmart

Walmart isn't just a place to stock up on detergent, socks, and notebooks. The retailer also provides dozens of services that you might not know about.

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Furniture assembly

Those who say that money can’t buy happiness have never attempted to put together a 16-drawer dresser. Luckily, you can take the hassle out of home upgrades by hiring a professional to do them for you. Walmart partners with the home installation company Handy to provide affordable assembly services. Prices range depending on what furniture you need assembled. Just add the Handy service to your cart and check out; a professional will get in touch to find a convenient time to stop by.

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Car shopping

We don’t blame you if Walmart is not the first place you’d think of to search for a new car. But believe it or not, Walmart customers can shop for cars through CarSaver, Walmart’s auto buying program. The service matches you with a personal auto advisor, who will work with you to compare brands of new and used vehicles, discuss financing and insurance, and protect the vehicle with CarSaver’s Lifetime Warranty. Plus, it’s all free of charge—until you purchase a car, of course. These are the strangest things you can buy at Walmart. 

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Money transfers

No bank account? No problem. Walmart provides quick money transfers across state and national borders. The Walmart2Walmart program allows you to send up to $2,500 to any Walmart in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico) for fees starting at $4. Through the Walmart2World and MoneyGram programs, you can send money to over 200 countries for the same rates. If you prefer to spend locally, find out the top-selling Walmart product in your state.

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Tax return advice

Prepping your income tax returns will be a piece of cake this year, thanks to Walmart’s tax tools. From introductory books to digital software, these products help you organize your information and keep you updated the latest laws and terminology. Tax software sold at Walmart will guide you through the tax return process and help you get the maximum return, all for as low as $14. Walmart also partners with Jackson Hewitt to offer tax preparation services at more than 3,000 Walmart locations—prices start at $48.

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Prescription eyeglasses

You should get your eyes checked every one to two years, according to the American Optometric Association. But instead of making an extra trip to the eye doctor, consider scheduling an appointment as you shop at your local Walmart. Many stores offer vision centers, where you can have your eyes examined by licensed optometrists and buy new prescription glasses or contacts between errands. Prices and accepted insurance plans vary between locations, so speak with your clinic to learn more.

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Electronic trade-in programs

Turn your old electronics into cash through Walmart’s trade-in programs. To get started, simply answer a few questions about the device, print a prepaid shipping label, and ship it off via FedEx Ground. Once the product is evaluated, you will receive a Walmart eGift Card for the device’s calculated value. The value depends on how old your gadget is.

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Wedding and baby registries

Registering for wedding and baby shower gifts is a breeze with Walmart’s online registry system. Just go to any Walmart.com page, choose the type of registry you want, add items to your list, and then share it through Facebook or email. Like registries through Target and Amazon, you won’t have to pay a dime to use the service. Bonus: If you have the Walmart app, you can scan items for your registry in person using your phone.

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Photo printing

If you still enjoy good, old-fashioned print photos, nothing beats Walmart’s one-hour photo printing service. They will even deliver your prints within three to five business days when you can’t make it to the store. And this service won’t break the bank, either: Walmart charges just $0.09 per 4×6 photo for home delivery and in-store pickup and $0.25 for one-hour pickup. Walgreens and CVS, on the other hand, both charge $0.35 per 4×6″ photo for same day pickup. These are the craziest things Walmart employees have seen at work.

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Mental and behavioral health services

According to Behavior Health Business, there are several Walmart Health centers open in Georgia that offer numerous medical, dental, and behavioral health services. Walmart customers can stop by the Health center and talk to a counselor for just $1 per minute. Walmart has partnered with Boston-based Beacon Care Services to get these behavioral health services going. There are also two Health centers open in Chicago and one open in Springdale, Arkansas.

Walmart has also partnered with a company called Resources for Living, which offers a number of mental health services. Resources for Living has a 24/7 confidential support line people can call and resources on topics such as mental health awareness and stress relief. They even offer a link to Talkspace, an online therapy platform where you can connect with a behavioral therapist.

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Smart home installation

From setting up a programmable thermostat to installing a video-linked doorbell, Walmart wants to lend a helping hand. The retailer has teamed up with tech support service HelloTech to provide their customers with competitively priced smart home installations. Fees range depending on what you want installed. Experts will come to your home, install your device, connect it to a Wi-Fi network, and even teach you how to use it. Learn more bizarre secrets from the world’s biggest businesses.

Oil change

Vehicle care

Walmart has more than 2,500 Auto Care Centers across the country, staffed with certified technicians ready to solve your most meddlesome car woes. They specialize in routine vehicle checkups, including tire replacement, battery installation, and oil changes. All you have to do is drop your car off at the Auto Care Center, and technicians will get to work while you run errands inside.

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Flu shots

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone over the age of six months receive a flu vaccine. But, here is the good news: At Walmart pharmacies, as well as competitors like CVS and Walgreens, you will pay no out-of-pocket costs for a flu shot through most insurance plans. All the more reason to give your immune system a boost this winter. Check out more health perks you didn’t know you could get for free.

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Credit cards

If you are a frequent Walmart.com shopper, a Walmart-branded credit card could save you a bundle. All cardholders receive five percent cash back on purchases from Walmart.com, two percent cash back in Walmart stores & fuel stations, as well as at restaurants and on travel, and one percent cash back on all other purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You can apply for a Walmart credit card for free online.

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Need a last-minute present for a loved one? Look no further. Walmart’s customized goods will be a hit at any baby shower, birthday, or holiday party. For starters, you can print favorite photos on mugs, calendars, keychains, and even pillows and blankets—and have the items shipped right to your front door for free. Walmart’s monogrammed jewelry and home decor also make for elegant gifts on the cheap. Here are more things you’re not buying from Walmart (but totally should!).


Prescription pick-ups and refills

Say goodbye to your days of panicking over late prescription refills. The next time you receive a prescription from your doctor, drop it off at a Walmart pharmacy and let them do the rest. Licensed pharmacists will fill your prescription in a matter of hours. And as soon as you get your meds, you can schedule refills online and have them delivered to your home. Same goes for pet medications. Don’t miss these 50 insider secrets will help you save at all your favorite stores.


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