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14 Secret Menu Items You Need to Order at Your Favorite Restaurants

Is the Big Mac getting boring? Does your latte leave you listless? Tired of the same old fast-food choices? Well, consider this: Many of your favorite quick stops offer secret (or slightly secret) choices.

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taco bellPhilip Lange/shutterstock

Taco Bell: The Incredible Hulk

If Taco Bell didn’t have enough mashups already (looking at you, Cheesy Gordita Crunch), try a new—but super secret—combo: the Incredible Hulk. This mashup takes one of Taco Bell’s five-layer burritos and swaps out the nacho cheese for guacamole. Then it’s covered in their signature lava sauce. This one is definitely for spice-lovers! These are the 9 foods nutritionists never order at fast food restaurants.

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Starbucks: Dirty Chai Latte

If caffeine is your jam, you probably already know you can ask the barista to spike your chai latte with an extra shot of espresso. This Starbucks hack has a name, though. Just ask for a Dirty Chai next time you stop in. Don’t miss these 12 fast food myths.

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chik fil aKen Wolter/shutterstock

Chick-fil-A: Chicken Quesadilla

Craving Mexican at your favorite chicken stop? Don’t worry—Chick-fil-A serves up quesadillas at select locations. You won’t find these European fast-food chains in America. 

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burger kingKen Wolter/shutterstock

Burger King: Quad Stacker

One thing’s for sure: This burger won’t leave you hungry. This Burger King secret has four beef patties stacked high with four slices of cheese, bacon and special sauce. Check out the first locations of these famous fast food joints.

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Chipotle: Quesarito

If you can’t get enough Mexican-inspired favorites in one meal, try Chipotle’s secret Quesarito: the burrito with not just any shell, but a quesadilla shell. Super cheesy and melty, this mega mashup is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a smaller version, ask for the Burritodilla—another secret menu standard. Here are some other secrets Chipotle employees won’t tell you.

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arby'sMatt Odom Photography/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Arby’s: Meat Mountain

When a regular Arby’s isn’t enough, plunk down $10 for this heaping sandwich. Piled high, you’ll find every meat Arby’s offers, along with Swiss and cheddar cheeses. Here are 10 insane fast food scandals that rocked the industry.

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KFCTY Lim/shutterstock

KFC: Triple Down

You might have thought the KFC Double Down was crazy—that’s the bacon and cheese sandwich where crispy chicken serves as the bun. Well, the Triple Down is even crazier. It takes the classic and adds a third layer of chicken, cheese and bacon.

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McDonald’s: Land, Sea & Air Burger

Think of this one as a surf-and-turf on the go. This monster McDonald’s sandwich starts with your basic Big Mac (the land portion) and marries it with a Filet-O-Fish (a layer of sea) and a McChicken (the air—chickens don’t fly, but we’ll let this one go). These are the bizarre failed McDonald’s items you’ve never heard of.

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Wendy’s: Meat Cube

Also known as the Grand Slam, this meat-lover’s dream steps up when Wendy’s hefty 3/4-pounder just isn’t enough. Add another square burger—or two or three—to create the geometrically accurate and hunger-destroying cube.

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shake shackSean Pavone/shutterstock

Shake Shack: Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger

For a truly adventurous meal, ask your server to take an original Shackburger and add peanut butter sauce and bacon. These are the 33 things fast food workers won’t tell you.

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five guysKen Wolter/shutterstock

Five Guys: Grilled Cheese and Burger

Sure, Five Guys made its name with burgers and fries. But their other offerings are equally tasty. If you can’t give up your burger fix, ask the server to add a beef patty to a grilled cheese sandwich. Then share that secret with your fellow carnivores.

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subwayJames W Copeland/shutterstock

Subway: Pizza Sub

This secret specialty is only available at certain U.S. stores, but if you’re lucky enough to find a Subway shop that can take your secret order, you’re in for a real treat. Sandwich slingers pile pepperoni, marinara, and cheese high on classic sub bread. It’s a pizza, it’s a sandwich, it’s the best of both. These are the secret tricks menus use to influence your order.

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sonicKen Wolter/shutterstock

Sonic: Purple Sprite

Jazz up the classic soft drink at your nearest Sonic. When you ask for a Purple Sprite, you’ll get Sprite plus lemonade, Powerade, and cranberry juice.

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jamba juiceKristi Blokhin/shutterstock

Jamba Juice: Pink Star

The smoothie maker already has more options than you can drink, but there is a secret item you shouldn’t miss. It tastes like a Starburst candy and gets its pink color from lemonade, strawberries, raspberry sherbet, and soy milk. We’re interested. Some of these might sound crazy, and a few might sound crazy good. Give one a try next time you’re in the drive-through! Next, check out these other fast-food restaurants you never knew had secret menu items.

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