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12 Weirdest (and Coolest!) Gifts the Royal Family Has Ever Received

It's not all flowers and jewelry for the royals.

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Fabric gnomes

On a trip to Finland in November 2017, Prince William received not one but two fabric gnomes from a member of the public. You can find all the lists of gifts the family has received on royal visits since 2016 on the official royal website. Technically, the gifts belong to the United Kingdom and not the royals themselves, though they can eat any food gifts and donate perishable presents worth less than £150 ($212) can go to charity or staff. Next, check out how much the British royal family spends on travel every year.

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Totem pole

As if the totem pole William and Kate received from the Carcross/Tagish First Nation on their trip to Canada in 2016 weren’t cool enough, the Haida First Nation also gave the royal couple a T’aaGuu: “a symbol of power and provision, fashioned from a sheet of copper.” Find out the 14 etiquette rules the royal family must follow at home and abroad.

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Stuffed kookaburras

A member of the public gave Prince Harry three stuffed kookaburras, as well as a lidded coffee cup, during his tour of Singapore and Sydney in June 2017. The birds are native to Australia, so they’re a symbol of the visit. Don’t miss these surprising facts about the royal family’s travel habits.

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Fake sword

This might not be “weird” so much as “cool.” Polish President Andrezej Duda and his First Lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, gave Prince William a replica of a cavalry sabre during his July 2017 visit. Plus, the couple gave Kate Middleton a tea set. Learn the one surprising drink Kate Middleton won’t have at tea.

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Dream catcher

Prince George’s gift from the Polish president was equally cool: a dream catcher, wooden train, wooden sign with his name, two plush toys, and some clothes. Prince Charlotte got her own name sign and soft toys, along with a doll and toy baby carriage, a game, and a dress.

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Pet birds

During Prince Harry’s December 2016 trip to the Caribbean, an individual gave him two macaws, plus a clay model canoe.

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Stuffed owl

The Italian team included a padded felt owl with the T-shirt they gave Prince Harry during the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto—the same trip when he broke royal protocol in a big way.

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Above and beyond

One individual gave an impressive number of gifts to Prince Harry during the Invictus Games. Harry received two jackets, T-shirts, sports polo shirts, leather holdall bags, leather belt-bags, zipped pouches, baseball caps, hockey pucks, and leather passport holders, plus four leather wristbands. Not too shabby!

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Kangaroo keychain

Prince Harry received a “soft toy kangaroo keyring” along with a stuffed koala from a member of the public at the Invictus Games.

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Clown glasses

Prince George and Princess Charlotte received two pairs of clown glasses from a member of the public in Canada in September 2016, plus a doll, a bottle of bubbles, a puzzle, and candy. Check out these bizarre eating habits of the royal family their personal chef has revealed.

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Tintin figurines

Prince George must be a fan of The Adventures of Tintin. A member of the Belgian royal family offered five Tintin figurines and a book for the little prince in June 2017. Learn the common toy William and Kate banned their kids from owning.

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Rubber ducks

Bath time might have just become more fun for Princess Charlotte and Prince George in 2016, when an individual in the Netherlands gave them each a rubber duck and a book. Don’t miss these 20 cheeky gifts any fan of the royal family will appreciate.

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