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77 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

From spooky to sweet, these pumpkin carving ideas are sure to turn heads this Halloween!

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Illuminated carved Jack O Lantern At Night for halloweenTanja Streuber/Getty Images

Halloween pumpkin carving ideas that are a scream

Nothing says Halloween like a jack-o’-lantern lighting up the night from your porch. Whether you prefer the characteristic toothy grin, spooky Halloween monsters or a totally different picture, you’ll love the endless possibilities in these pumpkin carving ideas. And while some of them require a little extra skill, others are surprisingly simple but absolutely showstopping.

Gather your supplies

Some people use pumpkin carving templates to design their pumpkins, while others decide to free-hand it and draw their own designs. You can even use your pumpkins as building blocks to create elaborate works of art. Whatever your style, start by gathering your pumpkin-carving supplies:

Pro tip: Don’t throw out the “guts” of the pumpkin! You can cook the seeds to snack on, or bake with the pulp if you don’t want to buy canned pumpkin for those delicious seasonal recipes. Want to skip the carving this year? We also have loads of fun and easy no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas you’ll love. But first, take a look at these unique pumpkin carving ideas that will totally level up your Halloween.

Halloween Spider Pumpkin: Fresh Carved Jack-o-Lantern Decoration; House Front PorchFunwithfood/Getty Images

Spider pumpkin

Clever, cute and a little bit creepy? We’re in! Grab a pumpkin and some black pipe cleaners to get started on this pumpkin carving idea that doubles as a Halloween craft for kids.

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Scary Jack-O-Lantern in the NightCiara Houghton/Getty Images

Grim reaper pumpkin

Not sure what to do with a slightly misshapen pumpkin? Use it for this grim reaper design for an unsettling, extra spooky feel. It can also provide some inspiration if you’re looking for a scary Halloween costume.

Pumpkin carved as FrankensteinKate Kunath/Getty Images


This Frankenstein pumpkin (yes, yes, Frankenstein was the scientist, not the monster—we know) uses a combination of painting and carving techniques to bring out the beast. If you already knew that monster fact, see if you can answer these Halloween trivia questions next.

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Artistically carved glowing jack-o'-lantern on tabletop display with leaves for Hallowe'enAmy Mitchell/Getty Images

Sugar skull pumpkin

Patient carvers will love this Day of the Dead design. The gorgeous pumpkin is an homage to the sugar skull, but it’s one of those pumpkin carving ideas that’s a work of art in its own right.

Illuminated Jack O Lanterns At NightTalenthia Akana/Getty Images

Mommy, daddy and baby pumpkin

For your little one’s first Halloween, you’ll want to pick up an adorable baby costume, of course. You can also celebrate the milestone with this cute jack-o’-lantern carved with a loving ghost family.

Close-Up Of Illuminated Jack-O-Lantern On StreetMichael Perrucci/Getty Images

Fright night pumpkin

People who enjoy the spookiness of the holiday will love this scary-fun reminder of the dark side of Halloween. Passersby might speed up when they see those hands reaching out for them! Here are more outdoor Halloween decorations that will terrify the neighbors.

Row of carved pumpkins, spooky atmosphereOsakaWayne Studios/Getty Images

Dead rising pumpkin

Pumpkins aren’t just for porches! Use three pumpkins (one for the head and each hand) to decorate your lawn with a bit of flair—er, scare. Add some assorted graveyard decor to take the spookiness up another notch. These creepy photos will also give you the chills.

Carved pumpkin with haunted houseBrandon Goldman/Getty Images

Haunted house pumpkin

Here’s a boo-tiful and creative pumpkin carving idea that will make an excellent impression on the neighbors. Bonus points if you incorporate the haunted house theme into your other Halloween decorations.

decorated pumpkin. carvings in a decorative pumpkin. Harvest festival. CraftsmanshipMartin Koebsch/Getty Images

Art Deco pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a seriously underestimated art form. This jack-o’-lantern would look gorgeous any time of year, but it’s especially festive in the fall. It would also make a great centerpiece at an upscale Halloween party.

scary tree carved into a pumpkinKristine T Pham/Getty Images

Scary tree pumpkin

Carve a couple of pumpkins with this design, and you’ll have a whole scary jack-o’-lantern forest to display.

Pumpkins for Halloweenpicture alliance/Getty Images

Bats and witches pumpkin

Can’t decide whether to carve bats or witches? Do both! This cute Halloween scene tells a whole story with just a few simple figures.

Cat and the fishbowlEmily Cecelia/Getty Images

Cat in the fishbowl pumpkin

Why shouldn’t kitties have a little fun on Halloween too? This clever pumpkin shows a grinning cat getting ready to play a fishy trick … or, rather, get a fishy treat. If you’re a pet owner, you won’t want to miss these cat Halloween costumes (even if your cat wishes you did).

Carved and Painted Pumpkin with Votive CandlesMichelle Garrett/Getty Images

Folksy painted pumpkin

Arts-and-crafts lovers will get a kick out of this combination pumpkin. It’s carved with a fun design and then tole-painted in a folksy style for a whimsical Halloween look.

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Side Eye Carving Pattern Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Side-eye pumpkin

We don’t know what you did, but this cleverly carved pumpkin is totally judging you.

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Orange pumpkin with carved ornaments laying on dry leavesOsakaWayne Studios/Getty Images

Celtic knot pumpkin

Early pagan people, including the Celts, played a big part in the origin of Halloween and many of our favorite traditions. Honor that heritage with this beautiful, artistic pumpkin carving design. By the way, here’s how Halloween is celebrated around the world.

bat carved into a pumpkinvia merchant

Cute bat pumpkin

This little guy will look amazing hanging out upside down on your porch or stairs. And don’t be intimidated: Even though this looks amazing, pumpkin carving ideas that require bigger chunks of carvings are actually pretty simple.

Halloween pumpkin face lantern decorationsevilak/Getty Images

Mustache pumpkin

I mustache you a question: Can you answer these Halloween riddles? While you’re pondering them, carve up this cute gentleman … or just stick on an adhesive mustache if you want to forgo the carving.

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Mouse and natural orange pumpkin house for Halloween decor in blossoming garden with camomiles. Fall holiday decoration. Food art, creative ornament. Autumn fairy tale postcard. Halloween and fun animal, cute petБезгодов/Getty Images

Mouse house pumpkin

Carve a pumpkin into a tiny cottage home perfect for pint-size woodland creatures. Add a door, windows and some flowers on top for an adorable abode.

Wizard of Oz characters carved into halloween pumpkinsROBYN BECK/Getty Images

The Wizard of Oz pumpkin

If you’re a pumpkin carving all-star, this will be your magnum opus. Pay tribute to the classic film with Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and more, and impress those trick-or-treaters! While The Wizard of Oz isn’t a Halloween movie per se, we’re always up for a viewing.

Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins illuminated outside a house at night, one with flower cutouts and the other with the words Be Kind, Halloween decorationsEyeWolf/Getty Images

Be kind pumpkin

Use your jack-o’-lantern to spread kindness instead of chaos this year with this sweet reminder for more treats than tricks. Letter stencils make this pumpkin carving idea easy.

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Illuminated Jack O Lantern On TableDino Dilabio/Getty Images

Wi-Fi pumpkin

Honestly, what’s scarier than your internet being slow or your Wi-Fi going down altogether? Ahhhhh! Show your sense of humor with this hilariously terrifying pumpkin.

Carved Pumpkin for HalloweenPhilippe Gerber/Getty Images

Spooky spider pumpkin

I spy with my little eye … something with eight legs that loves Halloween! Advanced pumpkin carvers will enjoy putting a picture inside a picture with this tricky design.

Jack 'O Lantern With Hattntemerson/Getty Images

Howling animal pumpkin

This ferocious pumpkin will inspire trick-or-treaters to do some howling of their own on Halloween night. Top your creation with a witch’s hat and stretch some fake cobwebs over it to add an extra spooky flair.

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star gazing Cat Pumpkinvia merchant

Stargazing cat pumpkin

This is a purr-fect pumpkin carving idea for cat lovers. If you’re really a cat person and you’re looking for a simple costume, draw some whiskers and a black nose on yourself for a super easy Halloween makeup idea. And don’t forget the ears, of course!

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Artsy witch pumpkin

I’ll get you, my pretty … and your little pumpkin too! This simple yet artsy witch will make a statement (and not only the one we just mentioned).

Skeleton made of halloween pumpkinsTIMOTHY A. CLARY/Getty Images

Skeleton pumpkin

This creative design will make the neighbors do a double take when walking past your yard. Hidden wooden dowels will hold all your pumpkins together to create this spooky skeleton.

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Carved pumpkins in line spelling out "happy Halloween" on front lawnSAUL LOEB/Getty Images

“Happy Halloween” pumpkins

This easy jack-o’-lantern idea offers an elevated look, especially when you place some of the pumpkins on bales of hay. Use stencils or free-hand your letters—just make sure you get enough pumpkins to spell out the whole message! These Halloween quotes will also put you in the spooky spirit.

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scary mummy pumpkin decoration for halloweenROBYN BECK/Getty Images

Mummy pumpkin

A floating mummy head in a box? Super creepy!

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pug carved into a halloween pumpkinvia merchant

Pug pumpkin

Honor your fur baby with this paws-itively adorable stencil design. You can also customize your pumpkin to match your pooch or other pet. And don’t forget to get your pup a Halloween dog costume!

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Close-Up Of Jack O Lantern On Window Sill During HalloweenT L/Getty Images

Chomping pumpkin

Pumpkin cannibals? Why not! Take a walk on the scary side with this toothy design. All you need is a normal-size pumpkin, a small pumpkin (carve your own or use a premade tiny gourd), some toothpicks and a little creativity.

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pirate carved pumpkin for halloweenMediaNews Group/Getty Images

Pirate pumpkin

Pirates are a perennially popular DIY Halloween costume, and they work equally well on pumpkins! This pumpkin carving idea is sure to shiver a few timbers. You can even add a pirate hat and an eye patch for a little extra fun.

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Dobby face carved pumpkinSOPA/Getty Images

Dobby pumpkin

Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you! Pay tribute to everyone’s favorite house elf with this pumpkin.

Baby Yoda Carved Pumpkinvia merchant

Baby Yoda pumpkin

Looking for a pumpkin that’s out of this world? This is the way. Everyone will say “Awww” when they see the standout star of The Mandalorian on your pumpkin. And even though it looks complicated, it’s actually super easy to carve with this Etsy stencil.

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a unicorn carved into a pumpkin with a candle insideSOPA/Getty Images

Unicorn pumpkin

Have little ones who prefer sweet and whimsical to scary? Much like the unicorn itself, this pumpkin carving idea is a rare beauty. For other age-appropriate fun, bookmark this list of Halloween movies for kids.

Spotted and painted halloween pumpkin decorationsNatasha Breen/Getty Images

Spotted and painted pumpkin

Want to try something different? This stunning pumpkin carving idea is pretty simple but super effective. Simply paint your pumpkin with white or black acrylic paint, drill or carve some holes in a cool pattern, and add candles. Voila! You have a centerpiece that looks like it came from a pricey store.

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halloween pumpkin decorated with flowersIuliia Bondar/Getty Images

Flower pumpkin

We love decor that multitasks! That hollowed-out pumpkin makes an excellent vase for seasonal flowers like mums. Put it on your porch, your mantel or your table for the perfect autumnal accent.

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Halloween Set Up on a Wooden Dining TableStefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography/Getty Images

Pilgrim pumpkin

This adorable pumpkin works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. Carve it into a wee pilgrim house or church, and decorate with figurines and fall foliage. (Pro tip: Spray your jack-o’-lantern with bleach and keep it in cool temps to make it last longer. Here’s how long carved pumpkins typically last.)

Illuminated Jack-O-Lantern Against WallChristopher Murray/Getty Images

Skinned pumpkin

A naked sun? A magic ball? This skinned jack-o’-lantern is a creative and easy way to carve a pumpkin everyone will be enchanted by. The key is to light it brightly from within.

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Jack O' LanternDiana Haronis/Getty Images

Creeping witch pumpkin

Tiny witches will love seeing this pumpkin when they come to the door to trick-or-treat! Wondering what time trick-or-treating starts? We have the answer.

Halloween carved pumpkin glowing in the darkKristyna Vagnerova/Getty Images

Cuteness overload pumpkin

This anime-style kitty will give trick-or-treaters warm and fuzzy vibes.

Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations, white handcrafted carved ceramic pumpkin standing on orange stone table with autumn leaves and acorns, Halloween holiday interior home decor, Copy spaceREDA&CO/Getty Images

Prettily patterned pumpkin

Some of us only want to decorate once per season, and this beautifully crafted pumpkin is another one that works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Carve a simple leaf design all over your pumpkin, then paint it a rustic white.

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Political PumpkinsBoston Globe/Getty Images

Notorious RBG pumpkin

This Ruth Bader Ginsberg gourd is an homage to the woman herself but also a way to make a somewhat subtle political statement. Her black robe, lace collar and bun also make an easily recognizable Halloween costume for women.

Happy HalloweenThomas Damgaard Sabo, Damgaard Photography/Getty Images

Cat-o’-lantern pumpkin

This pumpkin combines a traditional jack-o’-lantern face with cat ears and whiskers for a spooky combo. Place it on top of a stone statue for a full-body effect.

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Boston Holds Pumpkin FestivalJoe Raedle/Getty Images

Where the Wild Things Are pumpkin

Let the wild rumpus start! This fun pumpkin carving idea based on everyone’s favorite children’s book is sure to get some smiles from kids and nostalgic adults alike.

Star and moon carved pumpkin litnicksmith156/Getty Images

Moon and stars pumpkin

There’s something magical about a fall evening, with a big harvest moon and stars filling the sky. Bring that magic to your porch with this celestial pumpkin carving idea.

a cheese burger pumpkin for halloweenSarsmis/Getty Images

Burger pumpkin

This pumpkin looks good enough to eat … and it is, because it’s not actually a pumpkin! For this design, you’ll be carving up a hamburger bun to make jack-o’-lantern eyes, adding a stem, and then cleverly layering cheese on the burger to look like teeth. Add all the fixings, and you have the perfect Halloween meal!

ghost carved pumpkin for halloweengdrayson/Getty Images

Ghost pumpkin

Simple and ghastly? Check and check. Bonus: It’s one of the simpler designs to carve, making it perfect for kids. Sing these Halloween songs while you work together for a memorable family moment.

The shining themed halloween pumpkinGeoff Kirby/Getty Images

The Shining pumpkin

Inspired by one of our favorite Stephen King horror movies, this pumpkin will have the adults in the neighborhood saying “Heeeere’s Johnny!” in their best Jack Nicholson impression every time they pass by.

Jack O' Lanterns Halloween Pumpkin that says trick or treat exopixel/Getty Images

Trick-or-treat pumpkin

The right ambiance goes a long way. This simple message written in a spooky font will welcome trick-or-treaters of all ages without spooking them too much.

fall leaves carved into pumpkinsBrandon Goldman/Getty Images

Fall leaves pumpkin

This stunning pumpkin carving idea requires a little extra work, but it’s so worth it. In the end, you’ll have a lovely jack-o’-lantern that depicts beautiful fall foliage.

goofy face carved into a halloween pumpkinpicture alliance/Getty Images

Goofy pumpkin

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary and serious. Get a little goofy with this silly pumpkin design, and challenge kids to a funny-face contest. These Halloween party games will set the perfect mood too.

cresent moon carved into a pumpkinAnadolu Agency/Getty Images

Skeleton moon pumpkin

Halloween is one of those times when nothing is quite as it seems. Trick-or-treaters will do a double take at this crescent and realize that the man on the moon is actually a skeleton!

Smiling Carved pumpkinCathy Scola/Getty Images

Smiling pumpkin

Say cheese! This is one of those pumpkin carving designs that’s sure to make trick-or-treaters grin from ear to ear—and make them want to snap a selfie with this guy. For your own social media posts, try these clever Halloween captions.

Witch carved into halloween costumeSean Duan/Getty Images

Witch’s brew pumpkin

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. How’s that for a perfect Halloween quote to go with a perfect pumpkin? We don’t know what this witch is whipping up in her cauldron, but it gives us ideas for some scary-good Halloween drinks.

carved pumpkins impaled on a scary fenceBernie DeChant/Getty Images

Impaled pumpkins

If you’re looking for a unique and ultra-creepy idea, try these impaled shrunken pumpkin heads. Don’t have a fence? Stick them on an inexpensive graveyard gate decoration.

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Close-Up Of Scary Halloween PumpkinHalilcan Atik/Getty Images

Toothpick teeth pumpkin

This pumpkin is truly the stuff of nightmares. In addition to some spookily carved eyes and a menacing mouth, all you need is a bunch of toothpicks to pull this together. Add a leftover “snack” on one of the teeth, covered in fake blood. Bonus: Toothpicks in the eyes will help the pumpkin hold its shape longer.

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Halloween PumpkinMajd Forrest/Getty Images

Simple sugar skull pumpkin

Sugar skull designs can be incredibly elaborate—and may be easier to paint on your pumpkin. But if you want to try your hand at carving, this simple design gives you all the fun without the hand cramps.

Lighted Halloween Pumpkin Jack o Lantern Wearing Covid PPE Mask On Stepscglade/Getty Images

Mask up pumpkin

What’s scarier than another year of pandemic life? This of-the-moment pumpkin comes together easily with a disposable mask and some surprised eyes.

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Halloween pumpkinsVictoria J Baxter/Getty Images

Heads will roll pumpkin

An off-kilter pumpkin puts a fun spin on a traditionally carved pumpkin, and it makes this skeleton jack-o’-lantern look even spookier. You’ll roll with laughter, on the other hand, after reading these skeleton puns.

LUKE nameHannahWade/Getty Images

Name that pumpkin

Using letter stencils, carve your names into a pumpkin so everyone knows whose pumpkin that is … or carve your honey’s name for a Valentine in October.

Jack-O'-Lanterns!Diana Haronis/Getty Images

Colorfully lit pumpkins

This is one of the simplest pumpkin carving ideas. Do your regular thing with a few pumpkins, then add some extra pizzazz by lighting them up with colorful tea lights that actually change color throughout the night!

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Halloween pumpkin carved in a heart shapeTetra Images/Getty Images

Lovestruck pumpkin

Show off your love for Halloween or your significant other with this easy heart-shaped carving. And check out these couples Halloween costumes to coordinate with your boo on the big night.

Cat Carved in Jack-O'-LanternCharles Smith/Getty Images

Spooky cat pumpkin

Black cats are a fixture in scary Halloween stories, and this pumpkin carving idea offers just the right eerie vibe.

Jack O' Lantern Rebecca Sue Laflam/Getty Images

Puppy love pumpkin

Dog lovers everywhere will get a kick out of this paw print on Halloween.

Carved pumpkin with math equationBrandon Goldman/Getty Images

Pumpkin pi

We love a good pun … and a good pumpkin pie. This pumpkin carving idea is for all you math wizards out there. Bonus points if you can actually solve the equation you carve!

starry eyed carved pumpkinOlga Yefimova/Getty Images

Starry-eyed pumpkin

We’ll be the first to say it: You’re a total star for attempting to get creative with your pumpkin carving!

Carved pumpkin at the annual Pumpkin FestivalFranz Marc Frei/Getty Images

Shadow puppet pumpkin

Have your child place their hands in front of a flashlight to make a shadow on a pumpkin. Trace the “shadow puppet,” then carve it into a design unique to your little one. It’s a fun, simple and affordable Halloween DIY decoration.

Close-up of jack o lantern on street,CanadaHarmanpreet Kaur/Getty Images

Sweet spider pumpkin

This cute lil’ spider wouldn’t scare a soul! But it definitely would hand out some yummy Halloween treats and might even inspire a fun costume to match.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee TitansWesley Hitt/Getty Images

Sports team pumpkin

Show your team spirit by carving your pumpkin with your favorite team’s initials or logo. This one has a Tennessee Titans design, but you can free-hand anything your sports-loving heart desires.

Mad Cat lantern shine on Halloween night.Csaba Tökölyi/Getty Images

Mad Catter pumpkin

The Cheshire Cat has nothing on this devilish feline.

Nightmare Before Halloween pumpkinRichard Newstead/Getty Images

Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin

Move over, Jack Skellington—there’s another creepy pumpkin in town! Even kids can create this easy jack-o’-lantern with its oversized round eyes and stitched-together mouth. And they can watch one of the best Disney Halloween movies after they do!

Dinosaur Pumpkin Carving Stencilvia merchant

Jurassic pumpkin

To make a dino-sized impact, carve a triceratops, T.rex or other favorite into the side of a pumpkin. Because why not? Anything goes on Halloween!

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Cat themed pumpkin jack o'lantern glowingCsaba Tökölyi/Getty Images

Reverse image cat pumpkin

Sometimes Halloween is more about what you don’t see than what you do. This is true for this clever pumpkin, where the design is created by the empty, carved-out spaces—making the cat and stars glow.

Witch Hat Carved Pumpkinvia merchant

Hats off pumpkin

Truly, (witches’) hats off to you for finding this creative pumpkin carving idea! If you love women who put a spell on you, curl up on your couch and watch these witch movies.

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Jack-o-lantern with a noseAntonio M. Rosario/Getty Images

Pumpkin “nose” best

Talk about easy! All you have to do for this clever design is turn a pumpkin on its side and use its stem for a nose. Then you can go cute or demonic, depending on how you carve the eyes and mouth.

Carved lit pumpkin for HalloweenGaelle Beller Studio/Getty Images

Boo! pumpkin

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes all it takes is three letters to let everyone know you’re ready to celebrate the spooky season.

Halloween pumpkin with surprised faceNancy Rose/Getty Images

Surprised pumpkin

Oh, no! Is it Halloween already? If you’re still undecided about what to dress up as, check out our mega list of the best Halloween costumes that will be hard to top.

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