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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

7 Brilliantly Easy Ways to Protect Your Smartphone at the Beach

A beach day = countless photo ops for Instagram. But the same trip can also mean an untimely end for your expensive electronic friend...unless you follow these tricks.

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Shade your phone

After you’ve found the perfect spot on the beach and have had a chance to Snapchat your stunning ocean view, store your phone away. Letting your phone sunbathe next to you in direct sunlight can cause it to overheat—something that can damage the phone’s battery and internal circuits. Instead, store the phone away in a cool and dry place, like inside the oversized tote you’ve placed under the beach umbrella. Check out this list of awesome beach gear you didn’t know you needed.

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Watch out for sand

You might not even be aware of tiny bits of sand blowing in the wind (at least until you get home and try to wash them out of your hair). Those grains are small and pesky enough to lodge in the tiniest crevices of your phone—mucking up the electronics and sound quality. Slow them down with a headphone jack plug, which can reduce the chances of having to schedule an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar.

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Beware the selfie stick

Whether you’re trying one for the first time or you’re are a seasoned selfie-stick expert, you should always make sure you’re using the right one for your phone. (By the way, if you love the camera, check out these mind-blowing facts about selfies.) Before attempting that memorable group shot, take the time to inspect your phone and the clasp to make sure that your phone fits snugly. And if you’ve yet to invest in this popular photo-taking tool, take the time to research the best options and quality before you buy—and get plenty of practice using it prior to taking it anywhere near water.

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Grab a waterproof case

Even if you’re in love with your fashionable phone cover, you should also invest in a quality waterproof case (Otterbox and LifeProof have tons of great options) to shield your phone from any contact with water. You never know when one of the kids will rush past you with a water gun, so be prepared with a case that is designed to keep water away from your precious phone. A more affordable option includes waterproof pouches—sort of a drybag for your phone that still allows you to operate the touch screen. Dry Pak is one of many options available.

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Store it in a Ziploc bag

For the lowest cost, no -rills protection, tuck your phone away in a Ziploc bag. Just like it prevents you sandwich from getting soggy, a resealable plastic bag will guard your phone against a leaky bottle of Gatorade or sly bits of sand that could get trapped under your phone buttons. It’ll also be easier to grab anytime you want to make a call or Instagram that dreamy beach sunset.

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Protect your screen

You might already have a screen protector on your phone, but upgrading to a waterproof screen protector is an easy way to keep your phone safe while traveling to places with plenty of splashing water. You’ll have more time to enjoy the view by spending less time fussing over the water marks and drips on your screen. Waterproof screen protectors are often designed to be used with a waterproof phone case, so you’ll be covered from all angles.

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Wipe it down

After every beachside use, clean your phone and case with a wipe specially made for electronics. Leaving your phone covered in residue from sunscreen or bug spray will only leave it sticky and slippery and prone to damage. Cleaning the surface of your device before it gets too slick will prevent it from slipping from your fingers and shattering during your boardwalk adventures. Heading out for a family vacation? Here’s how to ditch the jet lag. 

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