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10 Products That Keep Bugs Away From Your Outdoor Eats

Whether you're looking for mosquito repellent or wasp traps, we found the best way to keep your outdoor gathering bug-free.

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Canopy chairs

These genius chairs are guaranteed to keep hungry mosquitoes away with weights holding down each corner of the net so no little critters can get through. You’ll also be guarded from the sun, as the net offers 50+ UPF protection. Canopy chairs are perfect for barbecues, or just reading and relaxing outside, and they come with drink holders so you can keep on sipping those summer cocktails.

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Mosquito Repellent Wristbandsvia

Mosquito repellent wristbands

Keep the bugs at bay without spraying a bunch of chemicals. These mosquito repellent wristbands from Para’Kito use essential oil pellets to naturally protect you from bites. Each pellet lasts for 15 days.

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Mesh Food Coversvia

Mesh food covers

Nothing kills the vibe at a picnic or outdoor potluck like bugs crawling on the food. These pop-up food covers help protect hamburger buns, potato salad, watermelon—whatever fare you’re dishing up!

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Umbrella Netsvia

Umbrella nets

Create a bug-free oasis around your patio table with this super-smart umbrella net. The see-through, mesh net creates an instant barrier between you and flying pests, making it possible for you to sip your fruity summer drinks in peace.

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Citronella Candlesvia

Citronella candles

Add a little ambiance to your outdoor space (while also keeping the bugs away!). These pretty candles are infused with citronella oil, a natural mosquito repellent. And if you need more tips, here are some great ways to add color to your outdoor space.

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Beverage Barricadevia

Beverage barricade

Oh, shoot! Did a wasp just fly into my can of soda? Never worry about drinking (eek!) a pest again with these beverage barricades

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Bug Zappervia

Bug zapper

This gadget is as fun to use as it is effective. Bugs don’t stand a chance against this zapping racket. Each swipe will send more pesky pests to their graves.

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Backyard Bug Controlvia

Backyard bug control

If you’re looking for a spray killer (but don’t want to drop thousands of dollars on professional treatment), consider these cans from Cutter. Apply the spray before whipping up these grill recipes and keep insects away.

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Patio Shieldvia

Patio shield

If you’re looking to protect a small area (like a patio or deck), try Thermacell’s patio shield. The colorful gadget repels mosquitos up to 15 feet without any sprays, scents, or flames.

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Wasp Trapvia

Wasp trap

Wasps and other stinging insects are more than annoying—they can be downright dangerous! Rid your patio of the pests with these clever traps. Simply fill each trap with a sugary bait (like fruit juice) then wait for the wasps to crawl inside and die. Next, see how to keep mosquitos away.

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