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The Best Products for People Who Keep Losing Things

Between work, appointments, kids, volunteer activities, sporting events, etc. life can be a lot to juggle, so it's no wonder we lose things from time to time. But not anymore...

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Find anything, anywhere

“The average American spends 40 minutes a day searching for something they cannot find—and wallets, keys, and smartphones are top of the list,” says organizing coach Lisa Dooley of Your Organized Life. “If you could get back that time, how much more productive and less stressed would you be?” Invest in Tile and find out. Tile has a product for just about every item you might be afraid of losing. Just attach one to your keys, your wallet, your electronics, and anything in between, download the app, and boom—you can track it from anywhere. Dooley recommends it to all her clients. Follow these organizing strategies and you may never lose those keys in the first place.

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Eliminate your junk drawer

You know all those random cords, cables and gadgets you can’t ever seem to find? Gridit is a padded flat surface that comes in multiple sizes and is covered in stretchy bands to tuck these items into. This way, you can keep them organized and with you wherever you go. “I like this because everything you need is all in one place. You don’t need additional cord organizers or a bag for all those smaller gadgets,” says Megan Spears, certified professional organizer of Disorder2Order. “It’s a versatile system that allows you to adjust for whatever the circumstances with little effort.”

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Know your closet

“I am in love with apps that help me know what I have in my closet even when I am not standing in front of it,” says Jane Stoller, aka Organized Jane, professional organizer and author of Decluttering for Dummies. She’s been using the Closet+ app for years and says it’s especially handy because she has closets in three cities, “So this is very useful for knowing what items I have in what city.” All you have to do is take photos of the items in your closet. The app will even track the last date of wear and the average cost per wear. Then to help you find everything that’s in there easily, follow these solutions for the most common closet organizing mistakes.

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Wear your charger

You’ve probably heard by now about why you should stop charging your phone in your car. But you also likely know the frustration of needing to charge your phone and not having a charger on hand. The Auzev Bracelet aims to end that frustration for good, in a fun and stylish way. With this sleek piece of jewelry, you’ll always have a charger with you—and most people will never even realize it until you take it off your wrist and plug it into your phone.

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The short-range solution

For indoor items, TrackR works a lot like Tile—you attach it to anything you might typically lose, then if and when you can’t find it, ping it through the app. TrackR is smaller than Tile, weighs less, and offers free battery replacements. But it does have a quieter tone and a shorter range for lost items—which is why it’s better kept indoors. “A Trackr will keep track of anything you attach it to,” says Burton Kelso of Integral Computer Consultants. “We recommend these to our senior customers who frequently misplace stuff,” he explains.

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Say goodbye to all those cards

You know all those loyalty cards, club cards, and library cards you’re constantly stuffing into your wallet—and inevitably losing or forgetting you have as a result? CardStar is here to rid you of the clutter and help you keep track of every bar code card you’ve got. “You can scan the bar code into the app and all of your cards are stored in the card file,” Spears says. “Cards can be brought up and displayed through the app versus having to carry the card around.”

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Keep it shut

You left home 20 minutes ago, but suddenly you get a pit in your stomach as you realize you can’t remember if you closed the garage door behind you or not. Stop worrying and pull up your MyQ app, which allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere—saving your stuff and easing your forgetful mind in the process.

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Magnetize your life

“Hairclips, pins, and ties are always magically disappearing and this simple product gives them a dedicated spot and keeps them in one place,” says Organized Jane. She loves this product and says it’s magnetic properties have saved her from ever having to search for bobby pins again. “I recommend this for anyone who uses hair clips or anything magnetic that they are constantly misplacing. This device can even be used for keys!”

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Forever watching your four-legged friend

You love your pets and the idea of anything ever happening to them is unthinkable. So why not set them up with a Pawscout tag? This simple tag not only works as a Bluetooth tracker, but it also connects you to a community of Pawscout users. If your pet is lost and within 300 feet of any other Pawscouter, they’ll be alerted and will receive notifications and location data to help lead them to your furry friend—which means you’ll have a whole army of people helping you bring your buddy home.

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Know your boxes

There’s nothing worse than moving, or entering your storage unit, needing to find just one thing—and having no idea which box it’s in. That’s why Certified Professional Organizer Ann Zanon of A to Z Organizing Solutions recommends Duck Pack & Track Labels to her clients. “The premise is to put the label on the box, scan the pre-printed QR code with your phone, then either type in or speech-to-text the contents of the box,” Zanon says. “When you are looking for an item, you consult the app and it tells you which box the item is in.”

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No more chapped lips

Never lose your lip balm again! With Zip Stick, you can attach it to your keys, your ski jacket, your purse, your backpack and just about anywhere else. The point is, you’ll never have to worry about chapped lips, because your Zip Stick will keep your Chapstick in place and easily accessible—instead of floating around at the bottom of your purse, car, or wherever else it is these things usually get lost in. Bonus points: You will never again take a load of laundry out to find the Chapstick you left in your pocket has melted everywhere.

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The end of random paper trails

Say goodbye to that pile of important documents you keep on your desk—yes, that same pile you can’t ever seem to find what you need from. Instead, Spears recommends going paperless with the ScanSnap ix500. “The device is a standalone scanner that connects to your computer or mobile device wirelessly,” Spears explains. “As soon as you open it, your paired device is immediately connected. You simply place your paper items on the feeder tray and hit scan. A window pops up and asked you how or where you’d like to file the scanned items.”

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Hey Alexa, find my…everything

Jennifer Rodriguez, chief hygiene officer at Pro Housekeepers, recommends Pebblebee Finder to her clients. She says it’s somewhat similar to Tile, but has a lot of other cool features, including voice control and Alexa integration. “I use this specifically when I travel so I don’t lose important items,” Rodriguez says.

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All in one place

Imagine keeping your phone, your credit cards, your driver’s license, and your cash all in one place—so that none of them ever get lost. The ULAK Wallet Case makes it simple to do just that, with multiple pockets and compartments to accommodate all your daily needs and has a sleek design that’s easy to carry. A wristlet allows you to keep your phone and everything else in hand at all times, and cutouts on the case make sure you still have full access to both your phone’s speaker and camera. Next, read on for 26 secrets professional organizers would never tell you for free.

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