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20 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards That Show Just How Much You Care

Need a Valentine's Day card? We rounded up these free printable valentine cards that perfectly sum up how you feel. Happy printing!

printable valentine's day cards on a light pink background surrounded by pencils, scissors, a ruler, and conversation hearts candyTMB Studio

Sweet printable valentine cards for the ones you love

Valentine’s Day is a day to show your loved ones just how much you care about them. While you’re thinking of Valentine’s Day ideas, like where to go out to eat and which chocolates to get your sweetheart, remember to jot down a small but important task: Get a Valentine’s Day card.

The right Valentine’s Day card, paired with a sweet “Happy Valentine’s Day” message (or a funny Valentine’s Day quote), perfectly captures how you feel about someone, whether it’s romantic or platonic. Some people make their own Valentine’s Day cards, others search for the funniest Valentine’s Day cards to get and some search for the best printable valentine cards. If you’re among the latter, we’ve got you covered here. Below, you’ll find 20 free printable Valentine’s Day cards that are adorable, sentimental and even a bit lovey-dovey. Enjoy! And don’t forget to bookmark these love quotes and relationship quotes—they’re great to include in your Valentine’s Day message.

Space For Two Valentine's Day Cardvia

Space for Two Valentine’s Day card

Tell someone they’re the center of your universe with this sweet Space for Two card from Greetings Island. Bonus points if you write one of these cute space puns in the card.

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Donut Valentine's Day Cardvia

Donut Valentine’s Day card

Homemade Gifts Made Easy makes an adorable and sentimental donut card, complete with a fun donut pun for your sweetheart.

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Be Mine Valentine's Day Cardvia

Be Mine Valentine’s Day card

Xerox has several printable Valentine’s Day cards to choose from. This candy heart one is simple, sweet and gets the point across pretty clearly: Be mine! Who wouldn’t love getting this adorable card?

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This Hugs For You Ecomm Via 001via

This Hug’s for You Valentine’s Day card

Give this cute hug-inducing card from Blue Mountain to your favorite people this Valentine’s Day. Give it to them the morning of, or after watching a cute Valentine’s Day movie.

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Happy Valentine's Day Cardvia

Happy Valentine’s Day card

Need a card that’s cute but gets straight to the point? If so, this card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy is for you. Add a sweet Valentine’s Day message or a funny Valentine’s Day pun and you’re good to go.

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A Valentine Poem Just For You Ecom Via Greetingsisland.comvia

Rhyme Time Valentine’s Day card

This romantic printable card from Greetings Island is beautifully designed and gives the recipient a special love poem. It’s a great card to include with a Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone.

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Purple Hearts Valentine's Day Cardvia

Purple hearts Valentine’s Day card

This printable Valentine card from Xerox is perfect for anyone in your life. Print it out, craft the perfect message and voilà! By the way, if you’re in a pinch for a gift, these last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas are for you.

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Printable Valentine Cards My Cup Of Tea Ecomm Via Homemade Gifts Made Easy.comvia

Cup of Tea Valentine’s Day card

Homemade Gifts Made Easy has the perfect printable Valentine’s Day card for tea lovers. Write a witty tea pun in the card to really win over your love.

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Comic Style Valentine's Day Cardvia

Comic-style Valentine’s Day card

This card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy is perfect for the partner who loves comics. And if they love flowers, these Valentine’s Day flowers are sure to wow them.

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Sweetiepie Fullsize A Ecomm Via Xerox.comvia

Sweetie Pie Valentine’s Day card

Xerox provides the perfect card for your special sweetie pie. Pair it with some gorgeous roses for an extra special Valentine’s Day gift.

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Owl Valentine's Day Cardvia

Owl Valentine’s Day card

Think your sweetheart is a real hoot? If so, this Valentine’s Day owl card from Got Free Cards is for you. Write a cute Valentine’s Day pickup line in the card if you’re feeling flirtatious.

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Printable Valentine Cards Floral Love In Air 5x7via

Love Is in the Air Valentine’s Day card

Love is definitely in the air around Valentine’s Day! This lovely card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy will surely give your beloved butterflies.

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Take My Heart Valentine's Day Cardvia

Take My Heart Valentine’s Day card

This card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy will make your sweetheart smile. The heart struck by Cupid‘s arrow is a cute touch!

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Assorted Valentine's Day Cardsvia

Assorted Valentine’s Day cards

If you’re looking for assorted printable Valentine cards, Live Craft Eat has you covered. Some are punny, while others are nice messages wishing others a happy Valentine’s Day. (P.S. Don’t forget to browse through these best Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.)

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Leapfrog Fullsize A Ecomm Via Xerox.comvia

Making My Heart Leap Valentine’s Day card

This chuckle-worthy frog card from Xerox is perfect for your punny valentine. Let the laughs—and love—commence!

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Printable Card (1)via

Flower Valentine’s Day card

This beautiful flower card from Got Free Cards is great to give a friend on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to pick up a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your friend too.

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Berry Valentine's Day Cardvia

Berry Valentine’s Day card

Who doesn’t love a good fruit pun? Sweet and berry punny, this card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy is an easy Valentine’s Day win.

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Best Match Valentine's Day Cardvia

Best match Valentine’s Day card

Think someone is your perfect match? Give them this card from Greetings Island to show them how you feel.

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Printable Valentine Cards Follow Your Heart 5x7 Ecomm Via Homemade Gifts Made Easy.comvia

Follow Your Heart Valentine’s Day card

What a great message! This printable card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy works for everyone in your life. Print it out for Galentine’s Day, complete with an uplifting quote.

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My Moon And Stars Valentine Cardvia

My Moon and Stars card

Greetings Island provides a beautiful printable card that captures how much your love means to you. Print it out and give it to the one who lights up your night sky.

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