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40 Precious Photos of Baby Turtles

We need to protect these unbelievably adorable and tiny turtles at all costs.

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Baby sea turtles in GreeceVickyKornevall/Getty Images
There’s no shame in needing a little pick-me-up and we have you covered. You may normally turn to baby animal pictures or even puppy pictures when you’re in need of a smile, but these pictures of baby turtles will absolutely do the trick. If you’re anything like me, you may not have realized how tiny these little guys are, especially when many of them grow to be so large. Hold on tight, because you’re about to fall in love with these precious and heartwarming creatures.
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Hello world!

It’s bright out here.

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Sand is good for the skin

Plus, it keeps me warm.

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Come out, guys!

We hope you can hatch soon. It’s nice out here!

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Get my good angle

My flippers look best from this side.

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Hey, down there!

A beautiful day for a float.

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Race you to the water!

Last one in is a rotten tortoise!

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Have any pizza instead?

This salad isn’t filling enough.

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Follow the leader

I hope you know where you’re going.

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Do these spikes make me look intimidating?

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Baby and turtleJake Olson Studios/Getty Images

A baby and a baby

Staring contest!

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Young turtles in bucket on beach, Seminyak, Bali, IndonesiaKonstantin Trubavin/Getty Images

Are these even real?

They’re so tiny, I need my glasses to see them!

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Small turtle on a hand with leaves on the backgroundPablo Solís Fernández/Getty Images


Extremely photogenic.

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Rescue of green turtleChalabala/Getty Images

I can fly!

I can see for miles just like Superman!

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close up of a baby greek tortoise on a handTG23/Getty Images

Perched and poised 

She is beauty and she is grace.

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Newborn turtle in guys handbarsik/Getty Images


Soft hands make a great napping spot.

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Turtle on the palm. Little steppe tortoise in spring, Almaty, Kazakhstanallenkayaa/Getty Images

Is it safe to come out?

Are these pictures of baby turtles making you want one?

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Feeding cucumber to baby turtlePloychan/Getty Images

Yum, cucumber!

Does anyone have a little balsamic for this?

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Newborn Turtle is Entering the Sea Accompanied by Personitaliansight/Getty Images

Just going for a quick swim

Come on in, the water’s fine!

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Baby turtle swimming in the oceanMolly-Ann Basterfield/Getty Images

So refreshing

The water is so clear I can see myself.

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Close-Up Of Human Hand Holding A TurtleMargarita María Schilcher Gaitán/Getty Images

Who are you looking at?

Don’t make me go back in my shell.

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Pet baby turtles held in handDanielle Kiemel/Getty Images

Who’s that?

He’s kind of funny looking.

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Sea Turtle release at the BahamasDivepic/Getty Images

Watch me do a backflip!

I’ve had lots of practice.

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Image of young tame and friendly baby pet Russian Hartsfield diet / Hermann's tortoise being held in hand fingers to show size and scale, with head, face, eyes, shells, legs and claws, healthy pet tortoises diet food guide and caring for tortoiseshellmtreasure/Getty Images

Big smile

How do my scales look?

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WildlifeCyndi Monaghan/Getty Images


I can beat the hare, no question.

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Turtle in the palm of my handJBlanche/Getty Images

Hide and seek

Every turtle’s favorite game as you can tell by some of these pictures of baby turtles.

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Baby star turtle eating, cute baby turtle eating broccoli from handvoxgetty/Getty Images

Snack time!

I love cauliflower.

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Baby sea turtleshalamov/Getty Images

Love at first sight

Thanks for holding me up.

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Holding baby turtle in handI'm trying to catch the dust of time.../Getty Images

Just a pinch

Don’t squish!

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Image of young tame and friendly baby pet Russian Hartsfield diet / Hermann's tortoise being held in hand outdoors in garden sunshine for vitamins above green lawn grass, baby tortoise in fingers to show size and scale, with head, legs and claws hangingmtreasure/Getty Images

Just hanging

Don’t look down.

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A small turtle crawling on the sand near the sea.KVLADIMIRV/Getty Images

Golden hour

Nothing quite like a sunset on the beach.

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Image of a mud turtle head on water. Amphibians animals.yod67/Getty Images


I see you!

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New born baby turtles at Praia do Forte, Brazilfotoember/Getty Images

Righteous, dude!

Just like little Squirt in Finding Nemo.

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New born baby turtles at Praia do Forte, Brazilfotoember/Getty Images

Rough day

I’m just going to rest my head for a few minutes.

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Newly hatched turtle entering the surf in Costa RicaFertnig/Getty Images

I’m coming for you!

I’ll be at the ocean soon.

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A Baby Of Turtle Lost At Sea When The Swimming, High Angle View Of Turtle Swimming In SeaRiyan Syah Putra Pratama / EyeEm/Getty Images

Perfecting the breaststroke

Nailed it.

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baby sea turtle hatching. One day old sea turtles in Hikkaduwa in the turtle farm.,Sri Lanka . Loggerhead baby sea turtleShakeel Sha/Getty Images

Have you seen anything cuter?

A perfect headshot for LinkedIn.

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Small Sea Turtle On Hand In Kosgoda, Sri LankaSamanWeeratunga/Getty Images


Working on the perfect tan for summer.

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Hands of a child holding ‘Red eared slider turtles’Mayur Kakade/Getty Images


We’re close.

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Baby turtle standing next to coinDanielle Kiemel/Getty Images

Anyone have a quarter?

Yes, I’m small. So what?

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An endangered loggerhead hatchling at the beachToni Faint/Getty Images

Watch your step!

Baby turtle coming through. Now that these pictures of baby turtles have made their way into your heart, make room for these possum pictures for even more cuteness.

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