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20 Comically Candid Cartoons About Politics and Money

Maybe they're not quite right for dinner table conversation, but these thoughtfully funny political cartoons and cartoons about money will be sure to make you smirk.

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Right to choose

Are there any other options? These political jokes will also give you a good laugh.

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Because they have a lot more where that came from. Try to hold in your laughter while reading through these hilarious political quotes and insults.

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If it ain’t broke

I could stay right here for the rest of my life. These funny work cartoons will help you get through the week.

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Work talk

It probably won’t end well. Animals might do a better job running our country.

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climate disaster wine
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The 2017

Ahh, what a smooth, delicious year. It goes great with a lemon chicken dish.

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Complaints all-day

When will we get back to regularly scheduled programming? Here are the answers to the political questions you’ve been too embarrassed to ask.

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kings playing chess
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Chess or war

Checkmate! If politics gives you anxiety, you’ll definitely be able to relate to these cartoons about anxiety.

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blind faith
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Blind faith

We use the word faith loosely around here.

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politically correct
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Always be correct

No chewing on anything. All technophobes will appreciate these cartoons.

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Fired OR Withdrawn from Political Race
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Dropped out

That looks like a deep hole.
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Conflict resolution

It always seems to go this way, though. These are the best presidential jokes and burns.

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Design center

Tax season makes so much more sense now.

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Pin the price on the cow

You never really know what you’re going to get. Do you know any of these presidential trivia questions that most people get wrong?

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presidential election recount
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What am I supposed to do with all the toys?! These love and marriage cartoons are hilariously accurate.

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Far from patriotism

Instead, let’s talk about how bad my opponent is.

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Tax equation

Really? My head is spinning.

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Voter betrayal

Who? Me? These old age cartoons make getting older a bit more bearable.

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Not over it

When will he come out of that cave?

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New regulations

Trust me, I’d much rather read a James Joyce novel.

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Questionable hygiene

A shower can fix that problem, but how are you going to fix the economy? For more laughs, read through these political cartoons that prove humor is a bipartisan issue.